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  • Fonseca Cosacos (25) Fonseca Cosacos (25)
    Fonseca Cosacos (25)

    These cigars belong to a brand that is "forgotten" in many countries but that is worthy of attention. This 42 gauge is the brand's most popular. With a length that puts it between the Corona and the Mareva, it is a medium-quality Habano, with a smooth flavor and aroma and aneasy draw and combustion. An all-purpose Habano.

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  • Fonseca Delicias (25) Fonseca Delicias (25)
    Fonseca Delicias (25)

    Here is another unusual format, this time from Fonseca, a little shorter than the Mareva and the Londres and with the same gauge as the latter.

    $77.00 $85.00 -$8.00
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  • Fonseca KDT Cadetes (25) Fonseca KDT Cadetes (25)
    Fonseca KDT Cadetes (25)

    The smallest of the Fonseca family, with an unusual format. Like all those bearing its name, it seems to want to be recognized not only for its presentation, Fonsecas are wrapped in a thin layer of rice paper, but also for the strange balance derived from its measures. A small cigar with big boy characteristics.

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  • Fonseca No.1 (25) Fonseca No.1 (25)
    Fonseca No.1 (25)

    It seems as if the Fonseca did not want to respect the cigar range, since their relationship between gauge and length strays from the conventional. This Habano, the best of the brand and with a legion of good followers, presents a robustness superior to normal Cervantes Cigars. It is worth keeping in mind if you appreciate medium flavors and aromas. Very...

    (4,8/5) on 6 rating(s)

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