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Overview: Fonseca Delicias

Fonseca Delicias is a Petit Corona vitola, with a 40 ring gauge and 122mm of length. FIlled with a luxurious tobacco blend, this hand rolled cigar is finished with a delicate white paper that carries the band, leaving this stick naked when smoked.

The Delicias brings a medium bodied flavour within a brand known for their light bodied creations. We found the flavours to be mellow generally, but hints of leather that mingled with nuttyness and a dash of sweetness kept us wanting more. You can expect this one to last between 30-45 minutes.

This cigar is slightly more intense than the rest of Fonseca’s offering, but still makes an excellent choice for the beginner or less experienced smoker while upping the bar on strength. The light to medium body of this cigar together with its smoking time makes it an excellent pairing to an afternoon coffee on a sunny afternoon.

Delicias offers an excellent price to quality ratio making it a more accessible choice to the world of cubans as you build up your humidor.


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Here is another unusual format, this time from Fonseca, a little shorter than the Mareva and the Londres and with the same gauge as the latter.

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5 reviews for Fonseca Delicias

  1. Mark T.

    This is a great cigar with a definite cuban flavor. It’s small but takes 45 min to an hour to finish. Flavor and aroma are exellent and the strenght is perfectly balanced. This cigar is under rated and under priced. An excellent deal!

  2. Jim H.

    This cigar was a little to mild for me I guess I am used to more of a medium bodied cigar, you can taste some flavors but its almost like a cigarette to me.

  3. Josh K.

    If you need a quick decent smoke, this is it!!! I found this to be creamy and pleasant and it lasted about 45 minutes. A few problems with the draw but once I loosened it up a bit it was fine. burn was even and smoke was abundant. It had a nice creamy and slight spicy flavor to it. I still have one in my Humi and will try to keep it there for a bit to evaluate it as an aged cigar.

    I hope I can wait that long.

  4. Bob B.

    Great quick cigar, creamy/ woody character. Has two different characters when young and aged. I like them both, but that tells me that blend is unable to be consistent. I like to rely on flavors being there. That would be my only detraction with this cigar.

  5. Damon W. (verified owner)

    This truly a great cigar, but it will need time to age. One year should do the trick. It’s creamy almost like and ice cream Carmel sandwich with honey notes, and cashews. This cigar is really decadent, but very young.
    Make sure you pick some up or you will be missing out
    Keep smoking people!

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