Fonseca No.1


Overview: Fonseca No.1

Fonseca No. 1 is easily the most popular and best known of the Fonseca range. This Cazadores vitola measures at 162mm with a 43 ring gauge making it the largest of the family. This one is a must try for all aficionados and habanos lovers, as it holds its own next to the most famous cubanos, at a fraction of the price that you see from its competitors. 

Hand rolled with a Colorado wrapper and filled with a luxurious tobacco blend from the finest region in Cuba, it is finished with a delicate white paper that carries the band, leaving this stick uniquely naked when smoked.

We found the flavour of the No. 1 to be medium bodied but mellow, with large plumes of creamy white smoke that carried an aroma reminiscent of nuts that delighted the senses. 

Abundant flavours of cream introduced themselves immediately upon lighting and carried through to the finish, but notes of baked bread, light wood, touches of florals and a pinch of white pepper mingled in to balance out the bouquet. 

Given the variety of flavours this cigar would pair well with whatever you fancy most with a smoke, we enjoyed No. 1 next to a Pinot Noir and found it a delightful pair. Put your feet up and expect to enjoy this fine specimen for well over an hour.


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It seems as if the Fonseca did not want to respect the cigar range, since their relationship between gauge and length strays from the conventional. This Habano, the best of the brand and with a legion of good followers, presents a robustness superior to normal Cervantes Cigars. It is worth keeping in mind if you appreciate medium flavors and aromas. Very well manufactured, it is a small gem.

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6 reviews for Fonseca No.1

  1. Stanley S.

    Upon opening this box, I immediately noticed that these were incredibly well made habanos. Each cigar was of equal gauge, and length, individually wrapped in tissue, with a gentle crease and held in place by bands of equal position. The caps exhibited even Colorado maduro color in all 25. The foot of each cigar showed even spacial distribution in the bunch, and upon lighting yielded the expected result, of quality burn and front to back draw with minimal effort. The quality and taste of this cigar had strong semblance to that of more costly Partagas, and H. Upmann brands for a fraction of the price. The taste evolved from rich, almost nutty, to spice with a leather like finish. I highly recommend this cigar as a daily habano for men of decision, fortunate enough to call your time, your own, as the length is a bit long. This is also a very good transitionally smoke for beginners, or seasoned smokers looking for a crossover between medium bodied smokes, but not quite full bodied. Most certainly a winner in all areas.

  2. Marco F.

    This is a great cigar. I love this size and this one offers lots of light medium flavor with some spice. It puts off a good amount of smoke that leans towards a great first time smoke to get your feet wet.

  3. Bob B.

    This cigar was my first cuban. Enjoyed pool side on my honeymoon and still can remember the flavor. Amazing how the olfactorty nerves spark such lingering memories. They are slightly above average in flavor, very creamy in character, with volumes of smoke. They do not age well and are meant to smoke young.

  4. Robert J.

    Again, I set up to compare habana vs, dominican versions. Both were smoked accompanied by Tyrconnell single malt irish whiskey ( which is a better match for a light bodied smokes).
    The dominican was Habana Seleccion Corona Gorda size which is somewhat larger than the habana version. The first impression was that this was a very well made cigar, heavy in hand, perfectly constructed with a perfect wrapper without any veins. It smoked very cool and even with silver colored ash which lasted at least 11/2 inch before dropping down. The taste was very mild but somewhat flat with surprizingly low volume for this size cigar.
    The habana version was also mild, but provided more smoke volume with a taste and aroma that you can get only from cuban tobacco.
    If i could express the difference in musical terms, the dominican was like listening to CD of Brahms Hungarian Dances played by Berlin Filharmonic; all the notes were there,in a somewhat civilized, sanitazed manner.
    The habana was like listening to same tunes performed by a live Gypsy violinist playing at your table in a Balaton Lake restaurant; raw, full of passion.

  5. Braden H.

    I was going to give this cigar a great review, smoking one Saturday night from a box i bought 4 years ago and almost forgetting i had it, but after reading review 33 i think he has hit the nail on the head spot on. Well done. Bought another 2 boxes today to put into the humidor for the future. Great cigar with great balance in flavors, mild with a great draw and nice dense ash and plenty of smoke. Perfect for anytime of the day. Now up there as one of my favorites. As a matter of fact i might just light one up now.

  6. robert m.

    This is my favorite daily cigar. But the quality control in the factory is not consistent, one box all cigars will draw perfect, then the next will be rock hard. Taste I love them, but quality isn’t worth the aggravation.

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