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Overview: Fonseca Cosacos

Fonseca Cosacos is named after its Vitola, measuring at 135mm with a 42 ring gauge.
Filled with an elite blend of tobacco, this hand rolled cigar is held together by a rich Colorado wrapper and finished with a delicate white paper that carries the band, leaving this stick naked when smoked.

Coscanos is a light to mild bodied cigar, with an herbaceous flavour that carries through from start to finish. We also noted flavours of green tea, rosemary and touches of nuttyness mixed with caramel. The aromas we found were faint hay mixed with earthiness, and found a lingering floral note on the lips at the finish. This cigar lasts around 60 minutes.

The straight forward flavours and simplicity make this smoke an excellent place to start for smokers that are just finding their way in the world of cubans, or novice smokers looking for a light afternoon smoke. The Coscanos are well enjoyed without a pairing, but if you prefer to smoke with an accompanying drink make sure it is something similarly light in body so you don’t overpower the flavours of the smoke.


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These cigars belong to a brand that is “forgotten” in many countries but that is worthy of attention. This 42 gauge is the brand’s most popular. With a length that puts it between the Corona and the Mareva, it is a medium-quality Habano, with a smooth flavor and aroma and aneasy draw and combustion. An all-purpose Habano.

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3 reviews for Fonseca Cosacos

  1. Joseph M.

    Authentic. Enough said!

  2. Billy P.

    This cigar is a total surprise to me, because some of the reviews i have read claim this cigar to be mild and not top shelve. Well i have a different experience with this cigar. It started off mild and became spicy and medium by the midway point. Surprise, the taste got fuller as it got closer to the band. This cigar just became one of my main stays.

  3. James R.

    when my friend told me he had purchased a box fo Fonseca, i had doubts whether cigars in this lower price range would be any good. boy was i wrong when i tried them first hand. these sticks came in a interesting white tissue like wrapper, upon removing the white wrapper, i was greeted with a dark, oily, shiny stick. lighting up the stick strong cuban flavor came through, burn was consistent, strength was medium, flavor carried a bit of cocoa taste for me, excellent contruction through the cigar, lasted me a good 1 hour smoke. very excellent smoke for such a good price, highly recommended!

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