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Overview: Partagas Lusitanias

The Partagas Lusitanias is a Prominente vitola, measuring an enormous 194mm in length with a 49 ring gauge.

In the world of Cuban cigars many smokers consider this to be the best cigar they have ever smoked, more so ever made. Changes have been made since its inception, becoming milder with earthy and peppery over time, but keeping its reputation of being one of the finest Habanos in the whole world.

The Lusitanias are a mild-medium in body but full of rich flavours like cedar, baked bread, cream and subtly sweet baking spices. To be expected from a cigar with such a reputation, the construction is flawless, and the draw razor sharp, creating a luxuriously smooth smoke that glades across the palette. As it progressed into the second third we found additional flavours of cocoa, almond and hints of honey and finished with classic Partagas flavour of black pepper and a dash of citrus.

You can expect this blissful cigar to last around the one hour mark, make sure you draw slowly to allow the flavours to unfold. These cigars will reach their peak after 2-3 years of aging.

An excellent choice for special occasions, this cigar would make an excellent pair with a glass of champagne.

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12 reviews for Partagas Lusitanias

  1. Juziel P.

    These babies get better and better with age. They smoke like a dream, and you don’t have to read the label to know it’s Partagas. Full flavor that never gets hot or harsh. However, being a double corona, they are a cigar that you need to divote some time to. Light one sit back and relax. I pair mine with strong coffee and a good book. There is no better way to spend a couple of hours.

  2. Vincent L.

    I give this cigar the highest rating. Unlike a lot of Cuban cigars of this size, the draw is exceptionally smooth and even. It maintains it’s flavor all the way to the end without getting bitter. The finish is oily and the wrapper stays put with no unraveling at all. As good or better than a Cohiba Esplendido.

  3. Jonathan M.

    While this cigar is one of the best Double Coronas on the market I cannot give it a perfect 10 because it is not even the best of the Partagas brand. That honor goes to the Partagas Salomon which is nearly the same size and has such a smooth taste that will have thought that you have gone to heaven. However the topic of this review is the Lusitania, which for a cigar this size pulls extremely well and has a mellow yet flavourful taste. Some of the the other cigars in this category tend to burn a bit unevenly but this is not the case with the Lusitania. While it is on the stronger side of medium in terms of strength, it is definately not a cigar for the novice smoker. My advice is buy a box or two of these from Cuban Lou’s, then go to the Partagas factory in Cuba and try to get yourself a box or two of the Salomons. Then compare the 2 after aging for a couple of years. Then you will understand why I say this is the number 2 Partagas on the market, for those that enjoy a true man’s cigar.

  4. Lance B.

    A wonderful smoke. Creamy and flavorful with just a bit of spice. Well constructed with a good draw — but I did have to touch up the burn a couple of times. This is a GREAT cigar for an evening with friends or after a good steak dinner. It’s got some strength to it so don’t have it with your orange juice and eggs on Saturday morning! I am looking forward to seeing how they age. I would definitely recommend this excellent Habano.

  5. Yukiko H.

    This cigar came from 1998. It was beautiful to behold. It had perfect appearance, construction, and smoked great. The flavors started with an intensely rich coffee bean and earthy flavor, then turned more spicy and leathery on the end. It was aged beautifully, and I can’t wait to have more. Great.

  6. Pini D.

    Ok, i found MY cigar. Give me one of these and pour me a drink and leave me alone for a couple of hours. Wish it was christmas!

  7. Marcus R.

    This is my second box of this cigar in 08 and I have to say that both were a little disappointing. The appearance couldn’t be any more perfect, the color and texture are truly beautiful. The flavor has that typical Partagas spice with a creamy balance, but the construction was off. I literally have to relight this stick about 10+ times and if I’m golfing even more. I keep a perfect humidor (67% always), and have let these baby’s sit for months before I smoke them and they just aren’t constructed well. The draw is fine and the taste is great, but I just can’t keep it lit, which makes for a bad experience.

  8. Anthony W.

    Ok so you look at the size of this cigar and you think there is no way i can enjoy this size. its too much cigar… But this cigar is seductive, you light it up and you can taste and smell the leather. Every step of the way down to the nub is a great enjoyment. Here is the kicker that you know its a great cigar. when you are done with this monster sized cigar, you cant wait for the next time you are going to sit down and enjoy another one.

  9. Joseph M.

    Authentic (enough said!)

    I have smoked well over 50 Lucitanias through the years, and the one I purchased from Lou’s lived up to them all. It has been one of my top 5 cigars, and it remains.

    Lou’s was, however, a box pressed Lucitania, which I had never seen before, but even then, the taste was the genuine article, and the draw was not tight – which you can get with some box presses. Also, Lou tells me many of the 2x coronas coming out of the Island now are box press shaped due to shipping conditions, and I believe him.

    Dave : )

  10. Konstantinos B.

    wow,what an oustanding cigar.A friend of mine gave me one as a belated christmas present.From the moment I lit the cigar all the way to the very end of the smoke,the burn was so complete with creamy smooth taste and aroama.I will definately be ordering this as my premier cigar.And what a great price.

  11. James R.

    i wasn’t impressed with the Lusitanias when i first bought a box, however, after 1 year in the humidor, the cigar turned into a whole different stick. after the stick became dark oily looking, the stick was flavorful with very very creamy smoke, the creamy smoke is what really stood out. really need to have patience on these large sticks to let it age for at least a year minimum.

  12. e.

    Overall, the best Double Corona that I have experienced. I have purchased several boxes of the Lusitanias traveling in Europe Duty Free and also ordered through Cuban Lou’s. All have been excellent and several friends have experienced these wonderful smokes. I have a box of 10 that Cuban Lou’s sent me in 2014. What’s that make these in age? Seven years from production. I have to finally break the box of 10 open!!

    Lou, I’ll let you know how your box of 10 tastes after all of these years!

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