Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial


Overview: Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial

The Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial cigar is a Gordito vitola measuring 141mm in length with a 50 inch ring gauge. The Epicure Especial was inducted into the Epicure series in 2008, riding the success of its siblings they added girth to the Especial. 

These fine cigars are handmade, wrapped in a beautiful colorado leaf and carry a second band with the Especial inscription. The aromas that came off this cigar were a delightful blend of honey, vanilla and rich tobacco that carried into the cold draw but with the addition of citrus fruit. 

The smoke was light in body while being silky smooth with complex flavours. We tasted a herbaceous blend of dried french herbs mixed with roasted nuts and soft pitted fruit. The burn was razor sharp and gave us a smoke time of about 90 minutes which could have been drawn out much longer when time permits. 

Given the delicate flavours and light body of this cigar we would recommend smoking this cigar alongside a sparkling water or a glass of crisp Pinot Grigio. 

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4 reviews for Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial

  1. Michael W.

    This is a very young cigar having just been introduced this year as a regular item. Their youth should not hinder trying one, or more, and the experience will be rewarding. Think of cramming the flavor of a Hoyo DC into a smaller package and you will have a good starting point. Almost everything about this cigar is perfect: smooth medium body with complex flavors of cedar, fruit, vanilla and leather. Great draw. How lucky you will be to age a box or two over the long haul. The rewards are yet to be seen. My new go-to cigar for afternoon, evening, even after dinner. Smoked my first one a day after smoking a Cohiba Siglo VI and was still impressed.

  2. James L.

    I generallly have an aversion to summer box codes. In this case, don’t hold back. These are outSTANDing. The writer below refers to hoyo DC’s and as I smoked this cigar, I thought “If I were to compare this to a hoyo DC, it would have to be a ’98”. That should tell you everything. The finish is amazing — longest finish I have tasted in a hoyo for almost ten years. And it’s an amazingly complex finish as well. I’m glad I followed Kevin’s advice on this because I had a 10-box of hoyo epi especiales from somewhere else that were garbage. These cigars are nothing like that box at all. Man are these goood.

  3. Marco F.

    I have had several of these and have been very impreased with the ones I smoke. The burn has been dean on straight and the flavor of cream and vanilla shines through with these. You also get a hint of leather that makes up one fine Hoyo. They seem to smoke great even fresh.

  4. Denise D.

    Nice draw and construction- even burn. Mediocre aroma and
    one dimesional throughtout. Needs age.

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