Sancho Panza Belicosos


Overview: Sancho Panza Belicosos

The Sancho Panza Belicosos is a Campana vitola, also known as a Piramides format, measuring 140mm in length with a 52 ring gauge. They are presented in a uniquely decorated box of 25 cigars.

The Belicosos is hand rolled, wrapped in a gorgeous Colorado wrapper that gives off mild aromas of hay and cedar from the foot. Once lit warm flavours of cedar and caramel stream through, with a touch of baking spice.

In the second third we found soft flavours of coffee, chocolate and salt at a mild medium strength, and a touch of almond towards the finish.

These cigars have a mild profile, reaching a mild medium body by the second third and settling there for the duration of this smoke. They would be an excellent choice for novice smokers or anyone looking for a lighter profile smoke.

Pair these cigars with a glass of crisp white wine or aperitivo, they make an excellent pre dinner smoke. You can expect to enjoy it for around 75 minutes.

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7 reviews for Sancho Panza Belicosos

  1. Maria N.

    I was blown away by the great taste of this cigar. Did not want to put it down. Long finish and perfect construction have instantly made this cigar one of my favorites.

  2. Gabriël V.

    This is a fantastic cigar. Very bold and rich with excellent construction and a beautiful wrapper. So far, each one from this box I’ve smoked has had an excellent draw, not to tight, not to loose.

  3. Robert B.

    First of all excellent delivery time,ordered Oct 9th,delivered to my home on Oct 16th. I couldn’t wait to smoke one! Out of the box a great looking cigar,the construction and wrapper are very nice. A great tasting cigar with an excellent draw. I am sure they will be even better after a long hibernation in my humidor. Thank You Cuban Lou’s, I will be buying many cigars from you in the future. Jim I.

  4. James L.

    I had asked for the code reviewed eslewhere (GAS MAR08) but got instead TPJ JUN08 and noticed immediately the cigars were light as a feather — not a good sign. The papery tobacco was confirmed on lighting, and smoking, as the cigar sat for 5 minutes and never went out. Lack of oils, lack of richness, bland tobacco — a real disappointment. This is not the kind of problem aging will take care of — when the tobacco is light and papery like this, it does not improve over time.

  5. Hernando O.

    This is one aged-looking cigar. Pale brown wrapper, no oil, and the band a bit faded and yellowing. The foot is box shaped coming to a very pointy tapered cap and a prominent vein running the length. It’s very light in the hand and has a slight give when squeezed. Pre-light draw was spot on with a mature tobacco taste.

    A perfect spice is on the tongue from the mild, not quite medium bodied smoke. Delicious flavor of a dark, ripe fruit comes through with a nice woodiness that makes a nice balance of flavor. Hints of roasted nuts and cocoa come through as well. The finish is smooth and sits well on the palate, long and lasting.

    The burn was good right at the beginning, however within a couple of minutes it started going to one side quite badly. I started to not get very much smoke through and the fire went well beneath the wrapper. In no time a good inch had burned with barely any smoke coming through and the fire had gone completely awry. I did some serious touching up with mylighter, then purged and let it sit for a bit, and purging again. I knocked the ash off at a little over an inch and a serious cone was left. Some of the worse tunneling I’ve seen in a cigar. It was unfortunate that there was such burn issues as from what little bit of good smoking.

  6. Marco F.

    The one that I had the other day was a little rustic looking with heavy veins and a tad to get going. The draw was a tad tight and really didnt loosen up much until the end. They are one of those cigars that take a while to get the flavors going being the first half was kind of blah. The second half had some nuts, cream and coffee to it.

  7. Braden H.

    Continues to deliver the ultimate smoking experience. A fine smoke with a decent burn. One can taste the top quality tobacco which has gone into this stick. I may have been lucky with this batch. I would advise anyone who’s thinking of buying this to pay special attention to the construction and wrapper of the cigar before making a purchse. MAKE SURE you get only the best. They can disappoint if they’re not up to standard, but there boxes coming out of Cuba these days which are vastly improved. This cigar is being revived. Buy only from very trusted sources. My box is MAR 08 – see if you can find something with this date.

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