Ramon Allones Specially Selected


Overview: Ramon Allones Specially Selected

The Ramon Allones Specially Selected are a Robusto vitola, measuring 124mm in length with a 50 ring gauge. They were released in 2011, and are available in boxes of 25 or cabinets of 50.

The aroma that floats off this cigar is a wonderful blend of sweet tobacco and touches of cedar, chocolate and leather, with the cold draw offering the same sweet notes. In the first third a medium bodied smoke billowed out, with a wonderful flavour blend of spice, nuts and chocolate.

The draw on these cigars are excellent, the second third offers deeper flavours of the same notes, with some additional notes of earth and chocolate to round out the bouquet. The final third offers some spice and the flavours reach a medium full strength, the finish is long and smooth.

You can expect to enjoy this cigar for around one hour. There is major aging potential here, 1-2 years would do wonders for the profile.

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22 reviews for Ramon Allones Specially Selected

  1. Michael D.

    This cigar is very young IMHO. Although the stick lite and burned evenly, some smoke but again it is still young. Hints of chocolate and spice lasted throughout. The construction and appearance are outstanding as you come to appreciate when getting your hands on a Habanos. I am a big fan of the RAG which seem to age very well. I beleive the little brother RASS will age just fine. I will be patient and try again in a couple of months, I have a whole box. WOW can’t wait to sample in a year or two. I am sure the flavors will begin bursting from the leaves.

  2. Joe S.

    Ramon Allones Specially Selected:
    Cuban. (Stored in cabinet humidor 70deg/65RH)

    Start: 11:05 PM Finnish: 12:01 PM

    Food: Lemon Chicken with fried rice and vegetable potstickers

    Drink: S. Pellegrino over ice

    Location: Front of my house. No breeze and 72 deg.

    Pre light aroma: This cigar was full of chocolate, spice, and the smell of sweet tobacco.

    Construction: This was in great condition. It had a beautiful light coco brown color and had no visible veins or discoloration.

    Pre Light: I made a clean cut with my Xikar cigar cutter and took a pre light draw. It was a perfect draw and promised to be a fine smoke even before my lighter ever came close to the foot.

    Light: As usual the Xikar cigar made an exemplary cut. Feeling very “Tim the Tool man” I used a food prep blow torch to ignite the stick. No burn correction touch up’s were ever necessary.

    Taste: The initial draw was cardamom, leather and allspice. It was as clean as the night I was smoking. There was no change ¼ ways through the cigar. After the first ¼ of the cigar dark coco became more pronounced and grew along with plenty of leather. It had a very tight grayish black ash the clung tight to the stick and was going nowhere. There was ample smoke upon each draw. The smoke started to build at the ½ way point and became a little peppery. This cigar looked like a work of art with its ash still in tact ½ way up the cigar. The ash was a light charcoal grey. Now coffee, leather and heavy spice permeated the air and my neighbor who does not enjoy cigars came out and asked what I was smoking. I replied a great stick and he commented on how wonderful the bouquet was. The spice clung to my palate and intensified through the rest of the stick. The ash finally gave way and fell off to reveal a clean edge that held straight the rest of the smoke. The last ¼ of the cigar picked up intense power. Were talking vitamin “N” here. Rich earthy tobacco, leather, and heavy spice. This mixed with the intoxicating aroma and a healthy dose of nicotine held me in place. I nubed this cigar and only as my fingers were singing did it get a tad harsh.

    Synopsis: Phenomenal! From the lovely bouquet to the complex taste I found this smoke a delight. Smoke this cigar on a full stomach. My only complaint would be that it was only an hour. I could have smoked this till I turned green. A must have for any serious cigar aficionado.

  3. Thomas D.

    just tried my first one out of the box,wow.creamy,ash held for 1.25inches.not white yet,this cigar will be something else in a couple of years.beautifull draw but burns fast.yes next one i smoke will be with a much smaller cut.i rate this just behind montecristo no4,although a completly different type of cigar.

  4. Tammi R.

    This is the cigar I most look forward to! If you like a full-bodied, reasonably-priced great cigar in the robusto size, this is it! Beautiful dark-red Colorado wrapper, white ash (and it actually holds it’s ash) despite a rough appearance. I would be interested to hear what others think about this stick!

  5. Steve L.

    This is an outstanding robusto. Deep, rich flavor, with excellent balance. With all the emphasis on other Cuban robustos, this one should be at the top of the class. A little age will even make these even better. An absolute bargain at these prices!

  6. Raul R.

    Just received. Took 6 days. Excellent service. Well, thisis it. As robustos go, yhis is the one for me. There are others, BUT, what flavour!Chocolate all the way.Smells great. The draw is hit and miss. Construction, I have seen better, but really nothing to worry about.Man is there flavour in this stick.Chocolate, some spice,unbelivable. Smooth and full, and no harshness to it. It is about a 60 min smoke.This is it. A definite MUST have.

  7. Esperanza B.

    I have smoked cigars on and off for many years and I am in no way an aficionado; however I do know what I like and I LOVE this cigar. I do not enjoy a cigar that is too bold or over-powering, the Ramon Allones Specially Selected suits my tastes perfectly. The draw on my first one was not great, but it was not bad either. My second cigar was perfect.

  8. Yukiko H.

    This cigar in from a box from 2005. They are smoking absolutely phenomenally, with a perfect draw and perfect razor sharp burn. The flavors are full of fresh coffee bean intonations, which turns stronger as it is smoked. Flavors of rich coffee, leather, and spice come through on the second half. Excellent robusto.

  9. Marco F.

    This is a beautiful cigar that has so much to offer. When I think of a great robusto I can’t believe how good this cigar really is. I believe with some age it will round out the rough edges and make it quite a stick. Out of the box i still prefer this cigar to the Partagas. This cigar offers cream,spice and so much nice!

  10. Josh M.

    Smoked a few a couple of months ago and I must say that these cigars rival the montecristo 2’s. Reason being is the price is perfect for someone looking for a great cigar without emptying the bank. Not sure of all the tastes but it is a great cigar.

  11. Hernando O.

    A chocolate brown wrapper, coarse, and a few veins running down the length. The stick felt light in the hand, but offered very little give when lightly squeezed.

    Pre-light draw was a little on the loose side, with flavors of natural tobacco and sweet cocoa.

    Post-light, I was blown away from the full strength of the cigar. Very powerful full of black pepper spice. As I continued smoking, the flavor progressed to a dark chocolate, notes of worn leather, and continued black pepper at the back of my throat.

    The burn was excellent throughout, this cigar produced tons of smoke, and the ash held for almost teo inches before falling.

    I enjoyed this cigar, it was strong and dark-tasting. Not for the first time smokers.

  12. Faris H.

    This is unique in that it does seem to be 3 small smokes in one….
    Love the appearance and construction.
    Flavor is unlike any other, that can only be translated thur experience.
    Little trick,,, let them ‘season’ in your humidor for a couple weeks for a better experience!

  13. George A.

    Medium-dark brown wrapper and oily. full bodied, rich, leather and cedar, mellow coffey notes, damp earth, slightly nutty, great aroma, and that great cuban saltyness.

  14. Marlen G.

    These puppies look flawless. I just smoked one and it was delicious! Only took 7 days and packaged nicely. Great work! What a great deal these smoke were.

  15. Braden H.

    Great cigar ! On my vacation in Cuba I tried various cigars before purchasing a box or two, this one was smoked the first day and another the second day, from then on every cigar was a comparrison that never matched up. I would have even taken these over the siglo VI I had the first day, but not the siglo V. I would like to tell you I was very impressed but I guess buying 2 boxes is enough. I have had 13 in the last 3 months from the first box, and they have been spectacular, never waivering in construction, draw, or taste. I don’t think any robusto has the price/cigar value of these babies. I highly recommend at least trying as the price makes it easier to afford than say a trinidad T, but with great potential for aging in my opinion. Box code is Jun 09 on first and May 09 on second. Scored 9.2 for me.

  16. James R.

    the first Ramon Allones i’ve smoked, i must say i was quite surprised by the overall experince, aroma was better than i had expected, burns very evenly, nice dark looking cigar, there is just something about this robusto, i smoked it to the very end, wish it was longer, would recommened to give it a try

  17. George G.

    The cigar is a very smooth flavourful cigar. For being a cigar that is so young it is surprising to see such great smoking and flavour characteristics. I think that this would definitely be a cigar to buy a few boxes of and put down for long term aging. They are a good cigar right out of the box and young, but good for aging as well. 93 out of 100.

  18. Paul C.

    I had put off trying the RASS robustos for far to long, stock with my Partagas Series D No.4 and was afraid to change. Well, Cuban Lou’s had a combo pack that included a box of the RASS and I took the leap. Wow, I smoked one right out of the box on delivery, holy smoke what a great stick. Very grassy fragance and flavor, white pepper and during the last 3rd there were hints of dark chocolate. Great wrapper, no veins, smooth and beautiful, Draw as exceptional, burn was straight and perfect. The overall appearance and experience was a 10. Will keep some of these in my humidor from now on. Thanks Cuban Lou’s for a great deal, as usual!!!

  19. Robert J.

    This cigar took my breath away!
    Appearance is little rustic with some lumps but constructionwise it is superb. Medium in taste with some sweet and grassy undertones, generous smole volume and razor sharp burn; never harsh, despite its youth. I can imagine how it is going to be with some age.
    Definitely one in top three robustos ( i keep it in rotation with Partagas D4 and HdM No. 2.

  20. Bob V.

    This is one of my top 3 cigars. It’s all Cuban! Earthy, leathery…dark chocolate. Nice smoke that burns well and never gets too hot. I am a huge Ramon Allones fan. Great color, great aroma, great flavor and great construction.

  21. Paul M.

    This cigar is something else!
    Full body, generous smoke volume and good construction. No wonder that in Cigar Inspector’s list of the best cubans in 2012 it placed in the second place, just behind Cohiba Behike (7x cheaper) and ahead of Cohiba Robusto, Partagas D4, etc.
    A definitive must for any humidor!

  22. Mark P.

    This is a delicious medium bodied smoke. Creamy, almost a salty-buttery taste. Very nice on the palate. Starts a little spicy and mellows to pure creamy heaven. I will definitely purchase more.

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