H.Upmann Magnum 50


Overview: H.Upmann Magnum 50

H. Upmann Magnum 50, named after its ring gauge, is a generously sized Double Robusto Vitola, that measures at 160mm in length. Released in 2008, this cigar has become a favorite among aficionados across the globe for its classic flavours.

The Magnum 50 started out with a light medium profile, with aromas of graham cracker that carried through to mix with warm flavours of vanilla and cinnamon with a dash of rustic leather. We also detected fruity notes reminiscent of apricot and peaches, almonds came through with force while the strength and body increased to a full medium as we smoked.

The draw on this cigar is absolutely perfect, offering voluminous puffs of smoke full of complexity and clean transitions. A classic in the making, this cigar has tremendous aging ability.

Magnum 50 would make an excellent choice after a decadent meal of red meat paired with a full bodied red wine. You can expect this smoke to last around 90 minutes.


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10 reviews for H.Upmann Magnum 50

  1. Jonathan M.

    These babies are one powerful smoke, but they are suprising smooth and light on the palate. They have a slighly woody taste and when you get a 2005 box code they can be smoked right out of the box. My only complaint is you occassionally get one that doesn’t burn quite evenly but the taste makes you forgive the occassional run. This size is definately better than the Magnum 46’s and is almost as good as my personal Upmann favourite, The Sir Winston Churchill. Make sure you dedicate a good hour and a half to enjoy this cigar, one of Cuba’s finest.

  2. Josh K.

    A friend of mine had bought a box of these babies from a website who will remain nameless but he paid more than double than what they are offered for on here. And let me tell you they were excellent at the price that he paid which would make them absolutely astonishing at Cuban Lou’s price!!! I thought it quite odd and never before had I experienced a toast flavour in a cigar but it was quite enjoyable. It was followed by a vanilla flavor and a cuban tobacco flavor. A quite strong cigar but it was very enjoyable with a glass of JD. And just in case you did not read it from before the value from this website is unbelievable. if I could go higher than 10 on the rating I would!!!

  3. Joseph H.

    Yes they are very good cigars w very generous size proportions. The rave was that one must obtain this cigar if one is to be privy to all the great cubans etc… People compared it to the Sir Winston’s, so that’s what swayed me to make the box purchase and I am glad I did. Aside from the Sir Winston’s and these, I do not not care much for the brand. I find the #2 repelling and the rest not worth purchasing, but these do have that added element of sunshine found in the Sir Winston’s w/o all the nasty overbearing perfume… They are great, but a little green….They will be good to age, and nothing to whine about if I happen to smoke them presently.. I would rather wait and smoke a few more before I go ahead and give my generous ratings, but I do see the general appeal that is attracting many to this cigar. The smaller Magnums are not this at all ( maybe they were machine bunched the Magnum-46 that I smoked- short fill? swaggy in relation), these are premium cigars IMO.

  4. Denise D.

    Even with a Feb/09 box date it was
    excellent. Near perfert draw, good
    burn and above all a nice beefy cigar
    with loads of Cuban flavor. Great aroma
    and finish.

  5. Bob B.

    I taste Marlboro in these, also soft round tannins that scream age me. Must be a combined technique of drying the tobacco that makes them taste the way they do. They are good, but nothing like the EL from 2005 unless a little age will give them that missing link. I’ll give these a 90 with a potential of 94.

    SLB of 25 offers an intermediate introduction to good aging

  6. Jake M.

    I too was drawn to this cigar by some saying it was the closest to the Sir Winston. Since I didn’t want to pay the price of the Sir Winstons, I opted for these. I have to say, I’m a bit dissapointed at this time. I have had draw problems. Problems staying lit. Flavor is somewhat bland. Spongy feel. I’m sure they will improve and perhaps they need some time to rest as I think they feel young. I put the rest that I had in the back of the humidor and will come back to them in the fall time to see what changes have taken place.

  7. George A.

    Rich tobacco flavor and that great Upman tang, leather, cedar, cocoa, slightly salty and piquant.

  8. Anthony W.

    So here i am very rarely handing out 10’s on the rating system. I am torn between ruining my record by handing a 10 out or not… Guess every record is meant to fall!!!
    So guys and gals this cigar is incredible. I have smoked many cigars,MOST OF THEM you cant smoke fresh, especially a cuban. this cigar? YES YOU CAN. even fresh made (feb 09) it has a distinct taste. starts off with a spicy hint, and smooths out to almost chewing on leather. ITS INCREDIBLE, the size is a beefy cuban, the length is perfect perfect. cant tell you how impressed i am. the outter leaf has not 1 flaw! and the draw is incredible. cant believe out of all the cigars i have bought from you guys this one is the one that gets 10’s. IM SURPRISED! (please note only reason there is a 9 rating in the flavor is because the cigar is very freshly made, another 6 months and its a 10)

  9. Juziel P.

    The cigar was nice out of the box; however, they are aging wonderfully. The first few that I smoke were a bit tight. Aging has allowed them to loosen up and the flavors to meld and mellow. They are a nice Cuban. Leathery with tons of creamy smoke. All-in-all a nice smoke.

  10. Devin K.

    If aged right it’ll be a great cigar to smoke, other than that an enjoyable experience!!

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