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Cohiba Robustos SLB (25)

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This Cohiba Siglo Vitola has made the Robusto one of the most demanded Habanos in the market. This is a real gem that must not be confused with a simple thick cigar, one of the problems of defining a Robusto. There are only nine true Robusto and this is the most complete, because of its strength and excellent blend.



Box/Pack Size:
SLB of 25

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Length4.8 inches (124mm)
Packing CodeSLB-VW-GPSR-M-n-25
StrengthMedium - Full
Factory ShapeRobustos
Country of OriginCuba
Box/Pack SizeSLB of 25

Cohiba Robustos

Inch for inch, this is the smoothest cigar that money can buy.
Always a favorite at my parties with a really good glass of scotch


    I received a SLB 25 box of ABR 14 recently and tried the first stick last night. Even given the minimal rest this stick smoked very well. Even burn all the way to the nub, produced wonderful flavors with several transitions from start to finish. Somewhat creamy, nutty, sweet, and a nice integrated spice. I am a happy customer, worth every penny without a doubt.

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    To me, this cigar is one of the best. I'm a tad new to Cuban cigars having only smoked the partagas 2 and 4, monte 2,4,5,Petite Edmundo, and Romeo Short Churchill, Coronitas. The Cohiba is way ahead on my scorecard with the exception of price. Its so cost prohibitive that i find myself smoking all the others and only looking at this one. Its a great cigar. If you have the means, smoke one every day. If not, the other cigars listed above are ALL very good as well. I have yet to smoke a cuban cigar that wasnt good for that matter. I'm digging the Romeo's and Monte's just because i can get almost twice as many of them for the price of these and they're still very good smokes. Like i said, if price is no issue, smoke these.


      This is really an epic cigar from beginning to end. A medium flavoured cigar that's never overpowering with hints of pepper towards the end as well as a slight hint of cedar. Great looking cigar with an easy draw that produces plenty of smoke. Its only draw back is that it's a little expensive. It goes beautifully well with my favourite Glenmorangie 18yo single malt whisky. Smoked correctly it's a good 60-80 minutes of heaven. Along with the Montecristo No.2 it's a must have stick for any cigar aficionado.


        I picked up a box of these about 8 months ago. I was initially EXTREMELY disappointed in them. Fortunately, having bought a full box, I put them in the humidor to age and went back to smoking other cigars. About a week ago I decided to give them another go, and what a great decision it was. This cigar turned from a harsh bitter cigar into a full flavored, delicious smoke. While I did get it discounted (about $250), I would gladly buy another box at $350. The key is leaving the cigars untouched and allowing them to mellow and age to the flavor you are looking for.


          WOW! Yes they are expensive but if there is a better cigar out there I have not had it yet. But, I have only been into cigars for about 6 months so I'll keep looking. The Cohiba Robusto is the cigar that I compare all other cigars to. If you like a bold flavorful smoke that says, "This is why Cuban cigars are the best in the world" then look no farther. The flavors are just too complex to describe. Roasty, nutty, leathery comes to mind but there is so much more to it. The ones we get here in Iraq are pretty dry but a short time in the humidor does wonders for them. I cannot wait to have one after a year of sleeping. I think a dry red wine or brandy would go well with one. Enjoy!!!!


            eh guys, been aging those only for 6 months now and what an experience. i have been smoking cigars now for 2 years and this is my absolute fevorite. just finished one 5 minutes ago in front of the fireplace in the log home and its like a great wine. you need the ambiance the right cognac and your wife smoking one with you.

            try it out with the navan cognac made by grand marnier. the vanilla of the cognac and the milkiness of this robusto will get you a taste like never before.

            had taste others but allways coming back to them.

            merry christmas everybody and health to all.


              My first box was awesome, second was inconsistent (some rolled too tight), but this third box has been pure joy all the way through. So they can be frustrating because they're overpriced, but when this cigar is on, it is ON!! I can't get enough. Just the perfect blend gives them amazing, smooth flavor, and they burn so well. With a little age, they're even better. I'm into Robustos, and these are BY FAR my favorite. My buddies at the office agree.


                This cigar has great aroma, and burns smoothly. Worth every penny! My new favorite!


                  well constructed. smokes well but has a slightly bitter taste to me. might just be me. overpriced.


                    This is another Robusto that you need to have in the old humidor. When young they can be a little rough but some age and this vitola turns into a real beauty. Right now a medium cigar that's slightly sweet, with hint of nuts and spice with lots of the grassy taste. Is it worth the price it sure is but keep in mind you can get some others that are pretty darn good and much cheaper.


                      This is a great looking robusto, however it does seem to have loose bunchings. The draw is not affected though. It burns and smokes evenly, producing clouds of smoke. It is medium to full bodied with coffee bean, cocao, vanilla bean, and spice. Some cedar also emerges as it is smoked. Very complex, delicious, rich cigar.


                        couldn't wait any longer. After sitting in my humidor a month, i just had to smoke one. what a great tasting cigar, smoked it to the nub. the experience of smoking this cigar is overwhelming. sat outside in 30 degree weather with a glass of el conde tequila and my cohiba. it doesn"t get any better than that.


                          Received this box last week, as always I have to try one on delivery. I now know why this is the King of The Robusto's. I had just finished a nice dinner, and it was snowing outside, so I warmed a nice Cognac and headed out to enjoy the first snowfall. This cigar looked perfect, so I lit it and it was fantastic from the start and just got better. Normally I would expect these to have to age some and thats what they will do now but I have to say this was perfect from day one!


                            This cigar is one reason why Cohiba is the king of Cubans. Superb construction, excellent, consistent draw, and a bold, full-bodied taste that makes you wish the cigar was a foot long. Many robustos tend to take a harsh turn as they progress, but this one, in my opinion, stays consistently good without those spiky twists and bumps that make you want to leave it in the ashtray before you've even smoked it halfway.
                            This is one of my favorites, so I save it for special occasions. Like weekdays. Or paydays. Or groundhog Day. What a smoke!


                              A beautiful well presented cigar with a great cap though the wrapper appeared a little overly stretched. This was another gifted smoke. The flavors were bold and meaty with a coffee tone. Though the cigar was very bold it was smooth. A true joy. I took it down til I burnt my fingers. Value ten for ten b/c this one was free.


                                This Robusto was a "must try" on my list for a while. Well, I did and this cigar tasted bitter and left a bad taste in my mouth, nothing like the other Cubans I love - the Partagas Series D. Can't say that I will be back for more of these, the contstruction was okay, appearance was okay, flavor was where it fell short - the wait for me perhaps led to to much anticipation thus the less than perfect experience.


                                  I picked a couple of these up at LCDH in Puerto Vallarta and had expected it to be tasty out of the box. The construction and appearance are top notch, as expected from the flagship brand. However, the taste was a bit harsh and bitter. Not overpowering, just not a smooth taste. I kept the other one for my humidor and will try it out in a year or two.


                                    cohiba robustos is what we call plessure and join.
                                    iam smoking once a day after work at my cofee time.
                                    excellent taste, excellent burning unbilivable experiense and excellent lou's price:)


                                      If you're going to get serious about robustos then this is one to try. It is not mild or medium by far but is strong and full bodied from beginning to end. A nice peppery-sprinkled wood-leather smell appears when you first light it, then it almost immediately is dominated by an espresso taste that gets peppery further down, with subtle hints of cedar and leather throughout. If you want a cigar that is in your face for all 45min of the smoke and then lingers on you for another few hours, this is for you. Definitely not one for beginners or those who prefer mild-to-medium cigars.


                                        Medium to full strength, very consistent from the beginning to the end, burns evenly.


                                          I agree with several of the other reviews. This cigar looks great burns fine and has a elegant white ash. But the flavor is bitter and harsh, a bit tangy and it got worse as it burnt down. Mine will sit in my humidor for at least another year....


                                            Earthy and strong harsh tobacco flavor and aroma. I would imagine
                                            its an aging issue as this box is less than a year old. I was very disappointed
                                            but hope the hands of time will improve this pricey disappointment.


                                              I was a little unhappy when I opened the box & noticed green spots & several split ends, construction overall was not close to what I expected from such a famous cigar! After a week long wait I smoked what turned out to be a truely awsome cigar that packs quite a punch. - Carlos


                                                Powerful smoke that burns well and ashes up very nice. I think mine need more time in the HUMI because I dont seem to agree with the other satisfied comments on the taste. This cigar so far is very over priced for the quality of smoke received. Very harsh with little to no taste. I love rubustos and a good strong cigar, but this box I have is just not doing it for me. Hopefully with a little age they will develop into something more then what I am getting now. Maybe I got bad box?


                                                  I just had the first one out of my new box and I can't find anything to complain about. I sure am glad I found you on the net.

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                                                    Cohiba Robustos SLB (25)

                                                    Cohiba Robustos SLB (25)


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