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  • Vegas Robaina Clasicos (25)

    The most representative of medium formats couldn't be omitted from this new brand. Excellent in all respects, it is distinguished for medium-to-strong flavor, the selection of its leaves and the magnificent wrapper. A Habano that is going to be included among the best.

  • Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro (25) Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro (25)
    Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro (25)

    A size coming to enrich this format so appreciated by great cigar smokers. The special selection of its leaves and the quality of its wrapper make the Doble Corona by Vegas Robaina one of the best surprises bequeathed us by Cuban tobacco experts. Of medium-to-strong flavor and excellently presented, its combustion and draw make this Habano a long-smoke,...

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  • Vegas Robaina Familiar (25)

    This size completes the five brand formats chosen for marketing the new Vegas Robaina brand. Compared with the "Clasicos" (Cervantes Format), it apparently has greater strength and concentration of flavor as it gets smoked.

  • Vegas Robaina Famosos (25) Vegas Robaina Famosos (25)
    Vegas Robaina Famosos (25)

    This format which, to date, has mainly existed as "Choix Supreme" by El Rey del Mundo, is enriched with this size by Robaina. Having a medium-to-strong flavor and a very good structure, we have a Habano which shall become increasingly esteemed amongst cigar smokers of thick, short cigars, who sometimes lack the time to smoke them.

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  • Vegas Robaina Unicos (25) Vegas Robaina Unicos (25)
    Vegas Robaina Unicos (25)

    Like Montecristo and Upmann, we have a Habano which is robust, compact, strong and highly flavored. In the future, it may be the perfect counterpoint to the Montecristo No. 2 when it comes down to choosing between two Habanos of the same format.

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