Montecristo No.5


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Overview: Montecristo No.5

The Montecristo No. 5 is a Perla vitola, with a modest measurement of 102mm and a 40 ring gauge. They are hand rolled and filled with the finest tobacco leaves from the Piñar del Rio region of Cuba. 

The numbered series is the founding line of cigars that launched the Montecristo brand in 1935. This range is aged for two years before being released, making them an excellent smoke right out of the box. 

The No. 5 offers a surprisingly diverse array of flavours, thick plumes of mild-medium strength smoke rushed out of this compact cigar, offering a mix of cocoa, toasted coffee bean and vanilla shaken up with spicy notes and a dash of florals.

Given the moderate size of this cigar, you can expect to enjoy it for around 30 minutes, perfect for a morning coffee or mid day break in the sun. The size of this cigar also creates the potential for it to burn hot, so do your best to puff slowly on this one.

The simple yet rich profile is approachable for the novice smoker and aficionados alike, much like it’s siblings in this range it pairs well with any beverage, so pour your favourite and enjoy this brief smoking experience.

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6 reviews for Montecristo No.5

  1. Josh K.

    I did not know how to describe this one before I read the previous review, it is one dimensional. After some lighting difficulty and a burn that needed an adjustment there was only one flavor throughout the cigar. I guess I was expecting more from this cigar and it just didn’t deliver. To top it all off the cigar was squared because it was stuffed in the box too tightly and the band was so tight that i could not remove it until I was finished with the cigar. I was glad that I waited because it ended up being so tight it tore the wrapper as I was removing the band.

  2. Paul P.

    This is my go to smoke when time is of the essence. This little cigar is great with morning coffee, or as I pair it after lunch. The last 40 minutes of my lunch hour was spent with this little gem. It is very easy to light up, and for such a little stick, it really booms out the smoke. It may be the little brother of the mighty #2, but it tastes nothing like, as it is less spicy.

    My only advice, do not puff too fast on this little guy, as it heats up fast.

  3. Andrew B.

    i enjoyed this cigar, it looked tidy, lit well and tasted good all the way to the end. plenty of smoke and an even burn made this very enjoyable, not the best cigar i’ve smoked but certainly a good one to start the day with or early brunch.

  4. Yukiko H.

    This cigar is small and cute. It has a good draw, good burn, and good amounts of smoke. The flavors aren’t too complex, but offer roasted coffee and espresso, tons of spice, and an earthy montecristo flavor. Straightforward, but good.

  5. James R.

    very small stick, but burns very evenly and produces quite a bit of smoke, flavor got classic cuban tang, with hints of spice, coffe, wood, wasn’t powerful, was quite mild, not a bad 30 mins smoke for a quick relax.

  6. JOEL L. (verified owner)

    This is a perfectly serviceable cigar. I like it very well as it smoked evenly and had a good, mild flavour. Its smaller size is good if you’re looking for a briefer smoke and it’s a good item to accompany a drink as it won’t overpower whatever you’re enjoying.

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