Sancho Panza

Sancho Panza

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  • Sancho Panza Belicosos (25)

    Nothing to do with those of the same name from Bolivar. These pointed cigars from Sancho Panza allow no mistakes; sober and strong, coarse but with an excellent manufacture, they are Habanos for real men. Magnificent if you like strong emotions.

    (5/5) on 7 rating(s)
  • Sancho Panza Non Plus (25) Sancho Panza Non Plus (25)
    Sancho Panza Non Plus (25)

    It is obvious that the Non Plus does not need to “go further”, nor is that its intention. This Habano from Sancho Panza merely covers a need within the size range of its brand. Sober, strong and direct, this Mareva is one of the best of the modest cigars.

    $129.00 $147.00 -$18.00

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