Romeo y Julieta Regalias de Londres


Overview: Romeo y Julieta Regalias de Londres

The Romeo y Julieta Regalias De Londres is a Mareva vitola, measuring 117mm with a 40 ring gauge. These cigars come beautifully presented in dress boxes of 25.

The Regalias De Londres starts slowly with notes of soft floral, walnut, pepper and a distinct oak woodiness to the profile. In the second half additional notes of soft cocoa and bread come through, the profile remains straightforward. The body of this smoke is mild to medium and a true medium in strength of flavours.

This selection from RyJ is by far one of the best value for cost cigars from this brand or potentially from any of the cuban brands. Previously these cigars were machine rolled, but the current production cigars are handmade and filled with the finest long filler tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba.

These pair perfectly with a cappuccino or espresso, you can expect to enjoy this fine cigar for around 60 minutes. These are an excellent choice for all levels of smoker.

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