Romeo y Julieta Petit Coronas



An excellent vitola by Romeo y Julieta, its strength and aroma surpassing that of Cedros de Luxe No 4. A lively, restless Habano, with the typically well-balanced flavor and aroma of its brand.

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2 reviews for Romeo y Julieta Petit Coronas

  1. Antranig B.

    A very tasty stick!! i purchased a 5 pack to try them out and recommend you do the same, esp if you like the H upman or partagas coronas!! these imo are right in the middle of these two smokes…stronger than the upman but not as smooth…..smoother than the partagas but not as stout. A little pricey in the 5 pack is my only complaint.

  2. Keith F.

    I bought a 5 pack to sample these and found them well worth exploring.
    You are actually getting 3 reviews in one as my two buddies were more than willing to sample the Cuban experience.
    The smell from opening the box filled the room with that great Cuban tobacco smell making the prelight experience a 10.
    All 3 cigars were flawless with no soft spots, noticeable veins or blemishes, I used a punch cut and the other two used a guillotine.
    Draw was easy on all 3
    I found them mild and smooth and my 2 fellow smokers felt if had a slightly stronger taste yet smooth.
    Our baseline favorite is the Cohiba Siglo II so this is a very comparable smoke with a bit more strength and taste.
    Only negative was 2 of us had to relight a couple times mainly after the ash comes off however they fired back up very well with no noticeable change.
    Taster number 3 saw us having to relight and smartly touched his up with the flame. Due to the size they got a little hot at the end however thats was after at least 30 minutes of Havana bliss.
    All three of us agreed there would be more of these in our future and the last two in the 5 pack are all mine!

    Side note we smoked these inside while sipping an excellent new whiskey called 40 Creek Barrel Select while listening to the new Ty Tabor(Kings X) and Guns and Roses cd. The pairing with the 40 creek worked very well.

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