Por Larranaga Galanes


Overview: Por Larranaga Galanes

The Por Larranaga Galanes is named after its Vitola, measuring 120mm in length with a 52 ring gauge. The Galanes is a brand new vitola for Habanos, released in 2021. It is named after the factory it was created in, and was selected for release due to the current trend of thicker cigars.

The Galanes is handmade, filled with a delicious blend of leaves from both the Vuelta Abajo and Semi Vuelta regions of the Pinar del Rio.

The construction is next to perfect, emitting an aroma that is distinctly bready with a touch of cedar that carries through into the cold draw. Flavours of tobacco and a bit of pepper come through first, with the body hovering around medium and the strength closer to mild.

In the second third the pepper intensifies and a creamy element comes into the mix, with some additional notes of caramel and more cedar pushing through, the body increases to a medium full but the flavours remain a mild medium.

You can expect to enjoy this cigar for around 2 hours, due to its mild flavours make sure you puff this stick slowly to avoid any harshness. Try pairing the Galanes with a cloudy wheat ale on a sunny day for optimal enjoyment.

There is tremendous aging potential for this cigar, with 2-3 years inside your humidor the flavours in this smoke will blossom and the complexity will increase.

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