Partagas Culebras


Overview: Partagas Culebras

The Partagas Culebras is named for its vitola, Culebras are cigars made of three panetelas banded together, measuring individually at 146mm in length with a 39 ring gauge. These cigars are made exclusively by Habanos for their LCDH range.

Culebras means ‘Snake’ is spanish, fitting for this unique presentation, they can be separated, or for the most adventurous of smokers, can be enjoyed all together.

Appearance aside, whichever way you choose to enjoy this format, it is a serious smoker’s cigar with full strength flavours and immaculate construction, only the finest rollers on the island will be asked to construct these cigars.

Aromas of soft chocolate and toasted tobacco introduced this cigar, once lit the draw on these were razor sharp allowing thick plumes of creamy smoke to billow out. We found flavours of salt and pepper, leather and cedar notes rounded out by a subtle sweetness.

You can rest assured this will be an incredibly unique experience that is well suited for aficionados. Expect an individual smoke time of 75 minutes

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3 reviews for Partagas Culebras

  1. Frank L.

    First off I absolutely LOVE Partagas cigars, they have to be my overall favorite line for consistency & the price. That being said I found this to be another example of a great Party. The presentation of this latest encarnation from LCDH is 9 cigars to a box, wrapped 3 each in 3 cedar coffins. I have to say, that the presentaion on these was unique but magnificent. Even though once you get them unwrapped they look uglier than a mud fence, they smoke great. Amazing! These are great fresh and burn even & with a dark hard ash. Classic med/full flavor & with all that Partagas spice you expect. My only negative would be what I feel is the rediculously high price. Though the tabacco is high quality, I suppose you’re paying for the novelty.

  2. David H.

    I was able to partake in a Partagas Culebras cigar at a herf with a friend who purchased a box. I have to say I was a bit worried about how the cigar would burn with it’s twisted styling. I was pleasantly surprised at how even it did burn. The flavor was outstanding. Overall, I would say that I loved this cigar and look forward to smoking many more.

  3. Paul P.

    I just received a box of these last week from CubanLou’s. There are 3 cigars packaged in 3 individual coffins. An unique presentation. Not being able to control myself, I liberated 1 from the coffin, and after some untying and twisting, freed the cigar, clipped it and it lit perfectly. Even though the cigar was twisted about, it had a great draw, and a very full flavor. What you would expect from a Partagas. Even on the cold draw I knew this was going to be a treat as the tingle on the lips was there.

    A great cigar, a great presenatation, the only draw back is a bit expensive but you are paying for a unique experience.

    All in all fantastic.

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