Juan Lopez Seleccion No.1


Overview: Juan Lopez Seleccion No.1

Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 1 is a Corona Gorda Vitola, with a 46 ring gauge and 143mm in length. This easy smoking cigar has previously won Habano of the year in both France and Spain, yet it is still flying under the radar as one of the lesser known but elite cigars still on the market today. 

The Seleccion No 1 is hand rolled in a beautiful colorado wrapper that emits earthy aromas of warm wood and a dash of cinnamon. Once lit we found flavours of cashew, cedar, honey and a pinch of nutmeg that was rounded out by a richness reminiscent of red meat. The body of this cigar was medium with the flavour and strength hitting the medium full mark. 

These cigars will respond well to some resting time to bring out its full flavours, 2-3 years would be ideal. We do not recommend this smoke for a novice smoker, this cigar packs a punch that will be best enjoyed by an experienced palate.

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5 reviews for Juan Lopez Seleccion No.1

  1. Afzal M.

    Whew! What a day! Wind gusts up to 50 mph, clouds rolling, and I do mean rolling, overhead. Sun in and out. I know earlier this morning it was a little on the warmer side, say mid 60’s (F). However, by the time I grabbed this smoke and headed out the back door this afternoon, the temps had dropped to the low 50’s. With the wind…brrrr.

    Construction was a little rough with a number of veins throughout. Firm but yet a little give when squeezed slightly. Triple cap on the head, nice bunching in the foot.

    Punched the cap and pre-light was of mild matured tobacco. Draw was a tad bit on the loose side, which was perfect for me. I toasted the foot and then put fire to it. First draw was medium bodied with pepper on the back of the throat. Lots of earth, wood, and spice in this one along with an abundance of smoke. Started out with a nice white ash that quickly turned to dark gray.

    On into the first third, still woodiness with tastes of spicy cedar as well as some dark cocoa. Possibly a strong espresso coming through. About the halfway point a flavor of overly toasted Melba came through. Rather good if I may say so. Also, a dark nutty flavor intertwined with the toast. All the while the woody earthiness was there with the perfect amount of spice on the back of the throat (and through the nose).

    I had to take it much slower towards the end as the draw really loosened up and the smoke heated up a bit. Still lots of smoke with the melba, wood, and cocoa. Was very good down to the nub.

  2. Juziel P.

    This is a different breed. It most closely compares to the H. Upman Mag 46; however, it has far more cedar tones to it. It’s smooth and well constructed. It delivers tons of smoke that isn’t harsh and finishes well. It’s a rustic cigar, and it has its own personality. Try it!!!

  3. Marco F.

    When it comes this size I just seem to really like it. I smoke more of these guys and the Mag 46 then anything else. This is a great price and a great quality. This one has the earthy,spicy with lots of leather. Pick some up you will not be disapointed.

  4. Robert J.

    After having some major issues with SLR Serie A of the same size I approached this one with some trepidation.
    But what I found out that this is a different animal! Also in light-medium colored wrapper without any box press it had a good feel in hand and showed some sheen and good construction. The smoke provided some leather and cedar taste; light-medium strength in first half followed by almost full body in the second half; nice firm ash indicating good construction; very slow burn, but no draw issues, lasting almost 1and 1/2 hour.
    IMHO I am not quite sure that it deserved to be a “Cigar of the Year”, but it is definitely the cigar for a connoisseur.

  5. James R.

    i had high expectations on the Juan Lopez #1 after reading all the rave reviews on it, decided to split a box with friend, we were both impressed with the construction and appearence, nice dark oily wrappers, pre light smelled tasty, upon lighting, the aroma of the cigar was out of this world, its got the classic cuban aroma that you would die for, a mix of choclate, earth, coffee, leathery, cedar flavors. however the downside is the strength was particular as strong as i liked, the aroma was wonderful to the nose, but flavor and strength wise it wasn’t evident in the mouth, felt it was lacking something in the mouth after taste. non the less, this was a wonderful smoke, wished it was just picked up in strength, a definitely must try.

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