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Juan López

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  • Juan López Seleccion No.1 (25) Juan López Seleccion No.1 (25)
    Juan López Seleccion No.1 (25)

    This cigar was Havana of the year in 1998, in both Spain and France. Awesome texture, great taste and a balanced aroma. An easy to smoke cigar. If you have never smoked one, try one! Need I say anymore.

    (5/5) on 5 rating(s)
  • Juan López Seleccion No.2 (25) Juan López Seleccion No.2 (25)
    Juan López Seleccion No.2 (25)

    Together with the Seleccion No. 1, these are undeniably the two best cigars from Juan Lopez. These cigars have propelled Juan Lopez from a 2nd class manufacturer into the league of great cigar makers. The "robusto size" smoker will really appreciate this cigar.

    $189.00 $209.00 -$20.00
    (5/5) on 14 rating(s)

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