Jose L. Piedra Cremas


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3 reviews for Jose L. Piedra Cremas

  1. Yukiko H.

    The same thing can be said about these as the Brevas. They are ugly, but perform very well. It has straightforward tobacco flavor, with a creaminess to it. It does have some coffee and some sweet hay as well intertwined.

  2. Hernando O.

    Good burn, good draw and that old world cuban taste. Fine cigar for any time of day.

  3. Alexander T.

    Construction is kind of rough, and I’ve got some plugged ones in the past. But this is a good inexpensive cigar with Cuban flavor profile…what more do you need? Straight up tobacco flavor with just a bit of spiciness. One dimensional, but a great stick to give out to guests, or when you don’t want to have to concentrate on a cigar.

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