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Overview: Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme

The El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme is the most important cigar of the ERDM brand, with its production dating back prior to the Cuban revolution. This cigar is a Hermoso No. 4 vitola, with a 48 ring gauge with a 127mm length, not to be confused with a Robusto which is just slightly larger in gauge.

The body of the Choix Supreme starts out light but quickly develops into a surprising intensity given its youth, but tops out around the medium strength mark. Rich flavours balance out the strength nicely with sweet honey and light florals that jump out from the start, additional flavours of cream and coffee and hints of caramel came through in the second half.

There is a notable complexity to this cigar and its transitions will keep your full attention for the 60 minutes this one will burn. This cigar is a great smoke for anytime of day, we enjoyed it in the morning with a creamy cappuccino which was an excellent match. While these were excellent right out of the box they would also age beautifully, if you can wait.


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10 reviews for Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme

  1. David H.

    This is one of my “go to” choices for an everyday smoke. This smoke has a great flavor when “young” aka straight out of the box, but just gets better with age. It is a good size for smoking right after work or right after you get up with a cup of coffee before work. It is a great value cigar, not overly priced. If you ask me this should be a cigar everyone has on hand in their humidor.

  2. Milan S.

    Despite having the Churchill selection, Robusto selection, Monte No 2, Trinidad Special Robustos and these, without question these are my ‘desert island’ cigar. Cheap enough so as the price doesn’t taint the pleasure but truly delightful in flavour. The draw for all of them has been outstanding and the smell of the box is just divine. I’ve even gone to my humador to just smell the box. They are so nice, I don’t want to smoke them as that will mean there is one less to look forward to!

  3. Glenn J.

    I was given one of these cigars as a gift and was pleasantly surprised. Nice construction and excellent draw, this cigar is filled with a bold frutiness with some spicy notes at the top. Perfect with a cup of coffee in the morning or afternoon.
    I liked my first one so well I decided to keep a good supply in my humidor.

  4. Henri N.

    I read a lot reviews of the Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme before I decided to buy a box. I favor Cuban cigars on the Mild-Medium or Medium side and that is how they were described eg, a Good Day Time or Lunch Cigar. Well, I was not disappointed. First, opening up the box, I had a whiff of woodsy caramel if that makes sense? Very pleasing. The Cigars are dark, oily and very well constructed. It looks like there is a triple cap to clip, again, very well constructed. Out of the box, the cigar was spongy, but not like a wet noodle, and the gauge feels great between your fingers. A pre-light puff, reinforced the caramel and almost vanilla tones and showed a very easy draw. The first puff of smoke added some more flavors, hard to describe, but perhaps better stated as a floral smell which reinforces the already tasty cigar. I smoked this cigar to the very end. It kept a wonder ash, even burn, and just got better as the cigar progressed. I think I have a new favorite.

  5. Yukiko H.

    This is an excellent cigar. It has a beautiful, oily wrapper, and has top notch construction. Even though it seems hard to the touch, almost overfilled, the draw is absolutely perfect. It burns razor sharp, and has a nice mass of smoke. The mild to medium bodied flavors produce worn leather, some coffee bean, and a sweet nuttiness. It also seems a bit candied in flavor. Delicious.

  6. Marco F.

    This is one of those cigars that is not a top cigar but for whatever reason I keep grabibing them when I see them when traveling. The flavors to me are very light and often dont have the best wrappers on them. If you search for the flavor honey and cedar you will find. give this one a try and you will enjoy it just don’t plan on being blown away and smoke it early in the day.

  7. Hernando O.

    Can be tight. They just pack a lot in. I’m sitting here wishing I had run a poker through the one I’m smoking. Otherwise, Coffee and cream fom the first pull. These are a milder habano, but don’t skimp on flavor. Construction is great, but they run a little tight on the draw.

  8. Bob B.

    These definitely win the award for the most light bodied cigar. For some it’s a detraction, but for me it is an occasional smoke, best before lunch, pool side while finishing your coffee. These are a 89 with the potential of 92 with some age.

  9. George A.

    First thing is that I did not notice the coffey notes as the ones from last few boxes I have had (00, 02, 03, and I think 05). A mild-medium bodied and flavor. A little leather, light oak, and earth now and then, pleasent and not overpowering. The ones from this box I have had so far have been way to tight and one had a plug in the first 3rd. I just hope a year or two will help to open up these.

  10. Chas S.

    I have been smoking this cigar for years. It’s delicious, medium-bodied with leather notes and lingers nicely on the tongue. My last box of 25 disappointed In that 7 of the 25 had a very tight draw and I had to suck hard to get them to produce smoke.

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