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Overview: Cuaba Divinos

Cuaba Divinos offers a fine balance of full body and unique flavors, easily ranking as the strongest in the Cuaba range. Do not let size be your guide here as this Petit Bouquet, the smallest of the Cuaba range at 101mm, offers large volumes of smoke and flavour intensity for such a moderately sized stick. This rich blend of tobacco begins with aromas of sweet florals and once lit offers distinct flavours of sugary sweetness weaved with hazelnut and ripe figs that later combine with notes of warm wood and pepper. Due to these full flavours we would recommend a well seasoned smoker to enjoy this cigar to its fullest, possibly after some rest time in your humidor and definitely after a large meal.

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This cigar is totally unrelated to everything you have seen about Habanos so far. In fact, the smallest of the Cuaba tapered cigars is almost impossible to describe. It finishes too soon, but provides a clear idea as to the future in store for this brand. A future classic.

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6 reviews for Cuaba Divinos

  1. Dino V.

    A very good quick smoke. When you don’t have much time, or want a nice out of the ordinary stick to have with your morning coffee, this is it. A great little stick with nice subtle flavors.

  2. Juziel P.

    I was shocked by this smoke. I wanted to try it more out of intrigued; however, I really fell in love with it. It’s a nice flavorful quick smoke. I never got harsh or too hot despite its legnth. It’s spicy, woody and sweet. My only issue is that it’s a bit tight to start.

  3. James L.

    A pleasant enough smoke, if a trifle dull. Slow and difficult to light, difficult early draw. Fairly mellow flavours once it gets going, but takes its time and not sufficiently interesting or satisfying to make the wait worthwhile. An interesting diversion, but no more than that. Perhaps worth purchasing for the novelty value inherent in the shape.

  4. Bob B.

    These are the ligero bombs of the marca. They have the most flavor of all Cuaba’s Vitolas. I give them a 94 with the potential of a 96. They start slow, but quickly build to full flavor.

  5. Emmanuel M.

    A brother of the leaf gifted me this little treasure a few weeks ago and I hated to smoke it right away. Finally, temptation got the best of me one noight when I was looking for a quick smoke; not the usual hour to hour and a half I usually take. I was really impressed with the pre-light aroma and easy draw after I cut it. First few puffs were lightly flavored but then it moved on to a smooth, woodsy, almost floral taste. I tried my best to smoke it slow ; was afraid it would heat up and turn bitter, but it remained smooth throughout and never got boring. I’m here looking to buy a full box of my own and hope I can turn a few more brothers on to this little treat!

  6. James R.

    these are little gems! althought small, but is packed with flavor, touches of earth, leather, cocoa, medium strength. you get lots of volumous smokes out of these, roughly a 30 min – 40 min smoke, very delicious, makes you smoke down to the nub, at the end of it, only thing you can do it to light up another divino and enjoy!

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