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Overview: Cohiba Behike 56

Cohiba Behike 56 is the final piece of the Behike trifecta, released to the public in 2010 the Behike series has gained international accolades for its elite creations. The 56 is hand rolled in the El Laguito factory and filled with some of the finest tobacco leaves, Volado, Seco, Ligero leaves and the revered Medio Tiempo leaf. Medio Tiempo is a sun grown leaf that appears at the top of only some tobacco plants, largely contributing to the restricted availability of these fine cigars. They are then finished with the signature Behike pigtail cap.

The flavours of this cigar are at first gentler than its siblings, but offers a hefty amount of creamy smoke while it develops. We found this cigar comes to life in the second half displaying a medium to full body with flavours of cocoa, cinnamon and nutmeg to be dominant but also tasted hints of leather and molasses. This complex parade of flavours mingle together for a deeply earthy and luxurious smoke. Being the largest of the series we were able to enjoy this cigar for around 90 minutes.

*Due to the unique blend of tobacco that is exclusive to Cohiba, as well as the carefully hand rolled production the availability of the world renowned Behike series is extremely limited. Most distributors take the opportunity to increase prices whenever possible, so if given the opportunity to invest in these elusive cigars, do so as quickly as possible.

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Cohiba Behike, the most exclusive linea of the most prestigious Habanos brand, arrives in April to the markets with three new formats: BHK 52, BHK 54 and BHK 56. Its extremely limited production incorporates for the first time in the blend of its three vitolas the tobacco leaf called “Medio tiempo” that grants it exceptional character and flavor.

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1 review for Cohiba Behike 56

  1. James R.

    I was fortunate enough to find a few buddies to share a box of Behike 56 with me, normally I would never spend close to $50+ for a stick of cigar, but given the hype, i figured this is a must try in my lifetime. Behike 56 came in a very nicely done black lacquered box, never seen a box that beautiful. immediately upon opening the box, cuban aroma shot through the opening, it smelled amazing. construction was flawless, packed foot, no soft spots anywhere, perfectly done pig tail cap. holding this cigar in your hand is simply awesome with its 56 ring, you need to set aside a good 2 hours to slowly enjoy this beast. flavor was amazaing, sweet background with a tiny bit of spice, as you go through it it become creamier, strength builds up towards the 2nd half, with cocoa, chocolate touches to it, very very complex, balanced flavor without being harsh. it was an wonderful smoking experience, although price per stick is out of the world, but i recommend giving it a try at least once to get a personal taste of the Behike.

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