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Overview: Vegas Robaina Unicos

The Vegas Robaina Unicos is a Piramides vitola, measuring 156 mm in length with a 52 ring gauge. They are available in beautifully decorated boxes of 25 cigars.

They are hand rolled into a rich Colorado wrapper that is smooth to the touch and filled with the finest Cuban long filler tobaccos. Delicious aromas reminiscent of freshly baked pastries and cashew float off this cigar and bring an excitement for what’s to come next.

Upon lighting the Unicos that draw is excellent, producing smoke that is abundant and deliciously creamy. We found flavours of chocolate in the first third that are accented by soft notes of leather and clove. In the second third a salty note develops and a warm earthiness comes through with plenty of floral and a cashew creaminess.

Medium in strength and body, picking up significantly in the second half it develops closer to the full mark, remaining surprisingly smooth from beginning to end. The final section offers a dash of spice, the heat is warm like cinnamon instead of the expected pepper.

Pair with a generous glass of red wine and settle in for a delicious smoking experience, expect to enjoy this smoke for over 90 minutes.

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10 reviews for Vegas Robaina Unicos

  1. David B.

    smoked it the day it came,not a good idea bt still a great cigar. burned perfect. spicy and great flavor will get better with time. draw was perfect. cuban lous is the best. fastest shipping had in 4 days thanks again.

  2. Sheldon S.

    These cigars will look and smell beautiful out of the box. A nice cedar and tobacco aroma will begin to linger off the foot when you first toast it. Then a nice tobacco taste will begin mixed in with hints of espresso. The flavor gets real complex and inch down and one will notice a woody-leathery taste that isn’t overbearing. A strong finish but not one that it too powerful.

  3. Joe S.

    VR Unicos:
    Cuban. (Stored in cabinet humidor 70deg/65RH)

    Saturday 01/17/08: Start: 11:40 PM Finnish: 12:45 PM

    Food: Appetizer: Mussels in a white wine sauce;
    Soup: Minestrone;
    Main course: Lasagna with 4 cheese & chicken.
    Desert: Tiramisu

    Drink: Zaya 12 y/o rum

    Location: Garage at my computer with the door 1/8 up.

    Pre light aroma: This cigar was earthy with a ever so light floral bouquet.

    Construction: This cigar appeared to be in great condition. It held an even milk chocolate color. It gave to the touch and was not spongy.

    Pre Light: I made a clean cut with my Xikar cigar. I took a pre light draw and tasted coco and hints of leather.

    Light: I used my new Blazer torch lighter and toasted the foot. It lit perfectly.

    Taste: The initial draw earth and leather. It was clean and had plenty of smoke. 2/3 of the cigar was for the most part the same profile. It was earthy with leather and hints of dark chocolate. It has the smallest suggestion of sweetness and was balanced very well with the choice of rum. The last third of the stick picked up a little steam but never was overpowering. I smoked it to the nub and it was pleasant all the way to the end. It left no residual unpleasant aftertaste and was perfectly clean.

    Synopsis: I enjoyed this stick quite a bit. VR are a stick unto themselves. To my knowledge there is not another torpedo that compares. To me if a BBF and a Dip #2 had a child it would be the VR Unicos. What a tasty smoke and a great day!

  4. Michael G.

    These pyramids are the first Vegas I have ever smoked. An extremely positive experience. Excellent combustion and a smooth, nutty note with good earthiness and a very smooth finish. You can smoke it nearly to the butt with minimal harshness, what the Cubans call ” veneno”. You will not be disappointed.

  5. Jonathan M.

    This torpedo from Vegas Robaina is much more flavourful than the overated, overpriced Montecristo #2. Quality control is the major reason that this cigar is more consistant, more flavourful with a better draw then the infinately better known #2. The Vegas Robaina Unicos is produced in only one factory on the island, the Montecristo #2 in a half dozen. Vegas Robaina produces approximately 200,000 of these babies annually, Montecristo is now pumping out over 2 million #2’s per annum. Vegas Robaina allows only it’s most experienced rollers to produce the Unicos. Out of necessity due to sheer volume Montecristo is forced to use less experienced rollers. This is why the Unicos is much more predictable than the #2. Every box of Unicos are rolled with the same care, quality and experience. When you buy a box of these babies you know what you are getting. They also do not have nearly as bad a counterfiting problem as the #2. The only Cuban that is counterfit more than the #2 is the Cohiba Espandido. The Unicos is not quite as good as the San Cristobal Mauralla (which in my humble opinion is the best torpedo made) but then the Mauralla is considerably more expensive (if you are prepared to sacrifice quality for price) a compromise I personally refuse to make.

  6. James L.

    This is a box that when you open it, it sets you back in your chair. Gorgeous, oily maduro wrappers, majestic appearance. As Edicion Limitadas you would spend $500 for this box and be glad, thinking you had a steal. Now mind you I realize not all boxes are going to look like this but this is what greeted me when I lifted the lid. Old style, old fashioned, deep Habano leather, earth and vegetal tones, including dark cocoa and even licorice, made me think I was smoking a Havana from the 50’s. Where’s my Fedora?

  7. Sergey K.

    This is by far one of the best pyramides I have ever smoked. I bought this cigar not expecting much but the second I lit it up I experienced smooth chocalatly taste with hints of cedar and spice. Goes extremely well with cognac.

  8. James R.

    got a stick from a friend, nicely shaped torpedo, burned evenly throughout, flavor was decent, however not on the strong side, good overall smoke, however would recommend Upmann No 2 if you are looking for a torpedo with stronger flavors and a nice kick at the end.

  9. Paul B.

    I’ve try this one the day it came it was fantastic smoke great taste unbelivable with a pint of beer . I highly recomend this cigar to anyone.

  10. Chris P.

    Well … I ordered a box of these some time ago from CubanLous … after waiting and waiting and paying ransom (ahem, duty) to get them released from customs I was finally happy to see them arrive at my door… cut the box open to stash them in my humi and the aroma was enticing to say the least.
    On a whim I lit one up that same evening just to see how they were … and whilst I know this is a cigar worth the time and patience to give them some age it just blew me away with how good it was.
    The construction was flawless, not a silky smooth wrapper, but deep coloured slightly oily and marbled … the bunch was spot on from what I could see from the foot.
    The flavour was, well, it was amazing … deep choc and coffee bean notes in the first third and not a hint of youth in the profile.
    The second third changed up a note with a hint of spice and earth with an extremely well balanced progression.
    the last third … well … I’m pretty sure I smoked most of it with my eyes closed.
    Every nuance of flavour ramped up a few notches, the combustion slowed and I let the cigar dictate the pace it wanted to be smoked at, and rewarded for it in spades.
    For all the fuss Monty2s get this is by far the king of pyramids in my opinion … and coming from a dedicated passion for Partagas P2s I’m happy to reserve a permanent space in my humidor for these for years to come.
    This cigar embodies everything I ever expected a true Cuban to represent … how good can these get with 2 of 3 years age? well there is one way to find out 😉 Out of the box I’d rate this around a 90, but the potential for the full flaours and strength to develop is staggering.

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