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Overview: Vegas Robaina Famosos

The Vegas Robaina Famosos is a Hermosos No 4 vitola, measuring 127 mm in length with a 48 ring gauge. They are available in beautifully decorated boxes of 25 cigars.

The Famosos is wrapped in a beautiful Colorado Claro leaf, hand rolled and filled with the finest Cuban long filler tobacco and proudly displays their traditional gold and brown branded band.

They are a treat for the senses right out of the gate with aromas of hay and a sugary sweetness. The cold draw offered a delicious cashew flavour mixed with a note of toasted wood.

Once lit the Famosos offered a medium to full bodied smoke that was velvety and dense, full of harmonious flavours of milk chocolate, sweet cedar and a fresh baked bread. In the second third we found a delicious roasted tobacco flavour that mixed with a rich, pure cocoa and toffee notes.

These cigars are recommended for more experienced smokers due to their full flavours and bold profile, it would pair well with a creamy cappuccino to complement the similar flavours.

You can expect to enjoy this smoke for around 60 minutes.

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13 reviews for Vegas Robaina Famosos

  1. Thomas D.

    definitlely a touch of class here,very good wrapper,not oily though.beautifull draw on the five i have smoked so far,outer ash almost pure white & holds for good 3.5 cm.medium strength and a sweetness that reminds me of R&J short churchill,but with its own distinctive flavour.a definite buy again.

  2. Yukiko H.

    This cigar is absolutley beautiful. It has a gorgeous wrapper, and is perfectly constructed, which produces a fantastic smoking experience everytime. The draw is even and lush, and the burn is razor sharp. It starts off with a toasted nut flavor, then mellows and and becomes a creamier nutty flavor which has a floral characteristic. It then develops fresh,rich cappucino flavors that stay on the palate for a long time. It is a rich, yet easy going medium bodied cigar.

  3. Pini D.

    I can never understand why this one does not rave reviews that some lesser smokes get. So rich and tasty, been resting for two years now and are smoking very well. what a wrapper!

  4. Marco F.

    When you look at this cigar you don’t know if you should eat it or smoke it being the wrapper looks just that good. I find these a tad mild but there are some sweet flavors and earthy tones. It goes great with a nice cuban coffee.

  5. Hernando O.

    This beautiful cigar was light in the hand with a little give when squeezed. The draw was perfect. Lots of creamy smoke with hints of spice dried fruit. The burn was perfect the entire smoke. The light gray to white ash held strong.

    The spice didn’t last long into the smoke. After that it was a woody tobacco and tangy fruit flavor, with hints of sweetnes, gaining sweetness toward the end. Very pleasant, very tasty!

    Overall, the smoke was not very complex, but it was good.

  6. Grace W.

    Going through the cigar list and ordered these little smokes. Got my Famosos in the mail and loaded 3 up in my carry case, headed for the cigar shop for a smoke. Handed one to a Doctor friend of mine, he lit up and everyone. I mean everyone, wanted to know what he had, so I lit one for myself. Starts really mild, then changes to medium bodied smoke with some hint of sweetness and very toasty nut flavors. I am just sorry I didnt buy more than a box of 5. For all of you cigar lovers, I myself am a medium to full bodied smoker. But you must have a box of these around for an afternoon or after dinner smoke!! Youll love them, the price, construction and taste is really good!

  7. David F.

    Nice construction. Beautiful wrapper, great burn, Starts out mild then built up to a flavorful experience.

  8. R. S.

    Like its been said before what a beautiful stick with an incomparable wrapper. Always a clean straight burn with tons of creamy smoke. And a classic cuban twang that’s fantastic!
    Not a complex smoke, but a great experience regardless. You can clearly tell these are made by a true legend! Don’t let the lack of complexity steer you away, there’s a lifetime of experience behind these beautiful cigars!

  9. Sezer C.

    Received a box of Vegas Robaina, one of the finest cigars, along with the Partagas no.4. (seems to be out of stock for a pretty long time..) 😉
    Has lots of flavours but needs to age in the humidor for a while before smoking, otherwise it’s too sharp flavoured.
    Each centimeter of this cigar seems to taste different untill you burn your lips!

  10. Brice D.

    For a young cigar they are very easy to smoke. The wrapper is flawless, cigars are firm with an great draw. The Famosos start very mild and quickly build to a medium-full body. Lots of nuts and strong coffee flavors. Goes good with an IPA or a stout. I will be buy more of these soon.

  11. Braden H.

    Fantastic box pressed,perfect construction,wonderfull capas,a classic full of aroma,cocoa beans,toasted cafe¨,subtle wood,a “James Suckling’s capuccino ” style.Vega Robaina are going to be my pet cigars,never find a bad box.A smoke trip in perfection.Terrific!

  12. s. (verified owner)

    This is a perfectly constructed, wonderful, full-bodied, medium strength, cigar.
    It was shipped fresh and fast from Cuban Lou’s.

  13. e.

    Vegas Robaino Famosos, leave you wanting more. The slower you smoke it the better the cool smoke has a chance to explode in your mouth. Great wrapper ,fantastic construction builds into flavors that range from nutty to Swiss miss cocoa sprinkled with an almost vanilla flavored cappuccino . Absolutely such a pleasure to smoke, incredibly has a flavor completely all its own. Many quality Cubans can be easily identified by flavor especially if you tend to indulge often enough,but these Famosos can be singled out by their impecable taste almost immediately. The only partly negative comment I’ve experienced is a tight draw which loosens up with the heat and a squeeze of those spongy sticks. Highly recommended, right up there with Partagas D4, H.Upmann Connissuer,and a Monticristo Open Master,and Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure#2 Robustos!!! A real treat,enjoy.

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