Trinidad Reyes


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Overview: Trinidad Reyes

The Trinidad Reyes is named for its vitola, measuring 110mm in length with a 40 ring gauge, making one of the most compact sized cigars within the brands portfolio. They are offered in classic semi boite nature boxes of 24 cigars.

The Reyes are hand rolled, filled with the finest long filler tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba, and finished with Trinidad’s signature pigtail cap.

They begin with a delicious chocolate aroma, with a cold draw that is easy and flavoured with cedar. The draw on this cigar is perfect from the jump, delivering a thick, creamy, medium bodied smoke that effortlessly flows out with each draw.

The flavours from the start are a harmonious blend of pepper, fresh bread and Hazelnut. In the second half we found additional notes of coffee with a healthy dose of spice, and a sweet retrohale reminiscent of brown sugar.

This cigar makes for an excellent afternoon cigar, the smooth yet complex blend will pair perfectly with a coffee or whiskey alike. You can expect to enjoy this delicious smoke for around 45 minutes.

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7 reviews for Trinidad Reyes

  1. Kyriakos S.

    This cigar is an exceptional cigar to smoke when you don’t have much time.
    Small, Discreet and exceptional tasteful, this is the cigar i personally smoke when i go out for coffee with friends

  2. Marco F.

    I don’t have much of a drive to the office so this does the trick really well. It has some great flavors of leather,earth,nuts and cream in a short package. You do need to leave them in the humidor for 2-3 years and you will be rewarded.

  3. Andrew B.

    bought this as a single so no box code – sorry. i loved the flavour, was very pleasantly surprised. although it was quite a short smoke it crammed in lots of flavour, quite strong but not overpowering. if you’ve never tried these before, definately worth a couple of singles to see if you like them. i love them!!

  4. Alexander T.

    These cigars have an attractive appearance. Pigtail caps. Cigar burns even and taste is creamy with notes of honey and tea. Just enough spice to make it interesting but not overwhelming. A bit more balanced than the Partagas shorts. This smoke is about an hour long. Buy some to keep on hand.

  5. Braden H.

    I heard these needed age, but the first stick I smoked had 9 months box age on it. I have smoked 4 more from the box. The cigar is fantastic with subtle spice, very subtle floral and smooth tobacco notes. There is a smoothness to the smoke that is evidence for very high quality tabacco used. Long finish with espresso and sweet undertones. Great anytime of day, but great with coffee, with a clean palette.

  6. Gerald F.

    I think the Reyes is the best example of a small cigar that is an accurate representation of the flavors offered by the larger sizes in the line. While they benefit from at least a year or two of age, the creamy, floral, woody and lightly spicy flavors I associate with the Fundadores are all present in abundance. Short, maybe too short, but for the money it is truly a solid representation of the brand.

  7. Austin C. (verified owner)

    I been smoking these for years now and absolutely love them. However, this box I’m not sure what these are. They are lighter brown than I’m used to and fatter than normal. Also, when I opened up the box the cigars were not lined up as I’m used to with cuban cigars. Either these are fake or the quality control in Cuba fell off a cliff.

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