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Overview: Trinidad Fundadores

The Trinidad Fundadores is a Lonsdale or Laguito Especial format, measuring 192mm in length with a 32 ring gauge. They were released in 2017, and come presented in a semi boite nature box filled with 24 cigars.

These cigars are expertly handcrafted, filled with the finest long filler tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba wrapped inside a flawless Colorado claro leaf, then finished with a delightful pigtail cap.

The Fundadores are deliciously inviting as soon as they are unboxed with soft aromas of cedar and bread that seamlessly carry into the cold draw, which also offers additional notes of honey and milky chocolate.

The cold draw flavours pop up again immediately upon lighting and blend with complimentary notes of almond and creamy coffee. The draw is easy and the burn is sharp, allowing a creamy smoke full of complex flavours to flow through effortlessly.

In the second third the strength intensifies slightly from a mild up to a mild medium, and additional flavours of walnut, light floral notes and a touch of baking spices come through. In the final section there is a dash of pepper and a long finish.

These cigars are an excellent choice for afternoons or evenings, pairing perfectly with a creamy cappuccino or an aged whiskey. You can expect to enjoy this smoke for around 90 minutes.

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8 reviews for Trinidad Fundadores

  1. Janet K.

    Very Floral cigar with beautiful construction. The aroma is second to no cigar I have ever tried. Brilliant blend. I highly recomend making room for these cigars.

  2. Jonathan M.

    At one time the Trinidad Fundaores were considered to be one of, if not the best Cuban cigar available. In my mind there are a few Cubans that have exceeded the brillance of the Fundadores but not many. This cigar draws extremely well and the construction is brilliant. It is a flavorful cigar with a creamy thick smoke. For such a small ring size it lasts quite a while and is the type of cigar that tastes as good as it’s beginning right down to the nub. The only complaint I can think of is that the ring size is a bit smaller than I prefer. It is a medium smoke and some may think it is not strong enough but in this size and price range you will find nothing finer.

  3. Brandon O.

    I love these cigars. I always thought a smaller ring guage was less likely to produce great plumes of lovely rich smoke, but these beauties seem to manage it. Also they are wonderfully long-lasting, I belive the last one I smoked burned for the best part of two hours. Also, I would note that they are very consistent all the way to the band, it is really hard to give them up as they are so enjoyable.

  4. Pini D.

    I have only smoked two of these so far but i can already tell that given enough time these are going to be something to savour. Smooth and creamy.

  5. Marco F.

    What a beautiful rolled cigar that is firm and no soft spots to be found. I have tried a few from 2007 and they have been all on. The draw has been perfect. They have a taste I would associate with Cohiba. Maybe I just think of this as a special cigar to be smoked on special times. It is nice and long and needs to be enjoyed and not rushed. When smoking this size it is often very easy to rush the smoke making it hot. I would call this a mild smoke with hints of nuts leather and cream. Great morning or after dinner smoke.

  6. John J.

    I tried one of these as part of the Trinidad sampler on Cuban Lou’s. Let me make this short and sweet; it was the best cigar I have ever smoked in my life! I love the size. I love the construction. And, by god, I love the taste!

  7. Joseph M.

    the T-Lancero is one of my favorite cigars. But this FUNdadores is almost equally as good. Loved it!

  8. a. (verified owner)

    I got a box of these from Lou around December 2019.
    First smoke out of box was good but not great. A little tight and thin on smoke and flavor. I put them away in the humidor and did not touch them until today. What a treat! Perfect draw with full creamy smoke redolent of cedar and spice. Perfect burn to the band. Cigars teach us the value of time and patience in so many ways. Patience in the growth and construction, patience in aging, even patience in lighting and smoking. The Fundadores is a superb smoke and worth seeking out for your humidor.

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