Romeo y Julieta No.1



This Corona from Romeo y Julieta turns out to be more a Juliet than a Romeo – suave, discreet and with personal charm.

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4 reviews for Romeo y Julieta No.1

  1. Hernando O.

    This cigar is smooth, with rather complex flavors of caramel, vanilla, and butter. I did think the wrapper was a little on the rough side, with prominent veins jutting down its length. Otherwise, it was a very enjoyable experience, with an even burn and smooth palate.

    Don’t pass these up while they’re on sale!

  2. Faris H.

    This is one of my all time favorites!!!!
    Can talk this one up enough,,, it has all the old school charm of a timeless cuban and the creamy mildness that is compared to none.
    I must always have a box of these on hand,,, and so should you.

  3. Jorge C.

    this is a nice cigar, … i love the service provided by cubanlou’s…arrived after 8 days….
    cigar medium strenght …perfect for beginners ans also for experienced habana lovers.
    i will buy more of these. regards from dublin,rep of ireland.

  4. Janet M.

    This is by far my favorite cigar at the moment. It’s is flawless looking, smooth, clean, and not very complex, some may even call this slightly boring (personally, I love it). Sometimes it burns a little crooked but usually recovers on it’s own. I typically enjoy this cigar when I have a quiet hour to kick back drink a Bacardi 8 year and coke. Nice draw, with big plumes on blue/grey smoke. You can’t go wrong with this cigar at this price and the tube makes it easier to take it on the go without worrying about damaging it. I generally smoke at home so the tube is pretty useless but when I give them to friends or work associates the tube comes in handy.
    Appearance: 10 – Flawless in it’s appearance
    Construction: 8 – A few of them burn a little crooked
    Flavor: 9 – Very mild but when I want a mild cigar I turn to this
    Value: 10 – No explanation needed
    Experience: 10 – As I mentioned above…this is my favorite cigar at the moment

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