Romeo y Julieta Cedros de Luxe No.3




Discreet corona from the Romeo y Julieta brand, with a thin cover of cedar, a smooth flavor and a delicate aroma. In this format, the brand is more interested in attracting new smokers.

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1 review for Romeo y Julieta Cedros de Luxe No.3

  1. Anthony Walega

    You can never go wrong with Romeo’s, just by my luck this cigar was wrapped way too tight. here is the worst part, ive tried 4 already and all of them have plugs! well you cant win them all.
    Outside of the draw, the cigar is absolutely perfect. Has a nice earthy tone with a slight leathery smell to it. great cigar but the draw is/was absolute crap! to a point where I am giving away the cigars to anyone who wants them at the office. SUCKS but it annoys me when i light one up and cant enjoy it.

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