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MONTECRISTO OPEN is especially well-suited for newcomers to the world of Habanos or those who like mild premium cigars from the Caribbean. But the MONTECRISTO OPEN also expands the range of options for Habanos lovers. Be it as a cigar for the early hours of the day or as an especially adaptable companion for elegant wines and spirits.

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3 reviews for Montecristo Open Eagle

  1. Hutch Beach

    This is one of the best cigars I have ever smoked in my life. Great, full-bodied mild taste with wooden and coffee touch for it. Once I’d laid my hands on the first box of these I couldn’t stop smoking and burned two in a row. Great for everyday smoking. Try it and you’ll enjoy every second of it. Going to order more since I’m sure this first box won’t last me for very long 🙂

  2. James R. Davis

    Nice looking wide stick, i love the appearance, hold very firmly in hand, if you are a lover of wide cigars, this is a must try. Flavor wise was decent, wasn’t as strong as i would have liked, burned very evenly, plentiful of smoke given its wide ring gauge. It wasn’t too complex though, flavor was pretty consistent through out. A solid cigar which i would consider repeated smokes.

  3. Dennis Falkowski

    I tried one of these when I was in South America a year ago so I was looking forward to buying a box. The only good thing I can say about the box I received was that it was good tasting tobacco. The construction was amature at best. I smoked 8 so far, most of them were spoungy and had a horribly uneven burn. Only 2 of the eight were even burners and all of them burned very fast. I would expect a cigar like this to burn more like the Edmundos but not the case. I would never expect a box of this quality to make it out of the Montecristo factory. This is by no means a reflection on Cuban Lous. I have been doing business on this web site for many years and will continue to patronize.

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