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This Corona from Montecristo Turns out to be an intermediate step between the world’s most-sold Habano (the Montecristo No. 4) and the large formats of the brand. It occupies a very outstanding place, althought more as substitute for the No. 1, or as expansion of the No. 4. The surfeit of this brand has challenged its undoubted prestige, but those who are Montecristo Smokers are faithful to all its formats. A Habano that never lets you down.

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2 reviews for Montecristo No.3

  1. Afzal M.

    After several days of miserable clouds and rain, the sun is finally peeking out over top the distant tree line this morning. What a grand sight. I decided to smoke a Montecristo No. 3 from 1999. I find the cigar very light in the hand and no give at all when squeezing. The wrapper is a dark brown and somewhat coarse with a single, prominent vein. I carefully punched the cap with the smallest ring, tested the draw, and found it to be perfect. I went ahead and punched the cap more using the medium ring. This cigar had one tough, thick cap on it.

    With the foot good and toasted, I took a couple of good puffs and the cigar came to life. A long, slow draw and a very mild smoke came through with very good flavors of roasted nuts, wood, and dark earth. Although the smoke was very mild, the finish was very good and lasting on the palate. I was hoping the strength would pick up after a bit.

    About a third into the cigar, the strength did start to pick up a little and a very small amount of spice appeared. Tastes of vanilla, cocoa and a hint of citrus came through with dark earth and old, worn leather undertones in the lasting finish. I picked up coffee and a semi-sweet caramel too. Delicious!

    The halfway point is where this cigar really started to shine. A perfect strength came through with just the right amount of white pepper spice. All the flavors mixed and mingled to produce an incredible smoke that was very smooth on the palate and heaven when exhaling through the mouth and nose. The finish continued to be long and lasting, and paired with the coffee I’m drinking, delicious.

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this morning’s smoke. The burn was perfect the entire time with a strong, light gray ash forming that I knocked off every half inch. Tons of smoke was produced from beginning to end and a very good fit for my palate, especially once the strength came in. Excellent cigar!

  2. Hernando O.

    Perfect pre-light draw, full of fresh tobacco flavors.

    Post-light produced flavors of earth, wood, and roasted nuts from this mild smoke.
    Around the half-way point the body and pepper started picking up along with notes of vanilla, cocoa, worn leather, caramel, and citrus. This never reached a high level of strength, but ened up somewhere between mild and medium bodies.

    The finish was long and the burn was perfect. These are really delicious smokes.

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