H.Upmann Coronas Minor


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Overview: H.Upmann Coronas Minor

H. Upmann Coronas Minor are a lovely cigar in a moderate size, known as a Petit Corona or Coronoitas vitola, that measures at 116mm with a 40 ring gauge.

We found earthy flavours of wood and light pepper to come up first, while new leather and hints of baking spices came through after the first third offering a rich sweetness to the experience. We found the flavours to mellow out as we puffed through this stick, and the profile stayed below a medium strength until the end, which took approximately 45 minutes.

If you find that H. Upmann smokes are generally too strong for you, this could be an excellent solution, with its smooth flavours and mild/medium strength and body.

An excellent brunch smoke alongside a creamy cappuccino to complement the subtle flavours of this cigar.


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5 reviews for H.Upmann Coronas Minor

  1. Josh K.

    I was surprised at how long this cigar lasted. I tend to do the same thing with each cigar so when I rate their burn it is consistent. This one shocked the heck out of me. It lasted for over an hour, I grabbed it thinking it would be a quick smoke but wow. The flavor was consistent with a cedar type throughout, nothing really special. Burn was even and the draw was excellent with lots of smoke. Grab one if you can, you will be surprised.

  2. Stephan C.

    Cigar stated ok but draw what not to great. I did not prefer the taste of it that much and some friends said the second hand smoke ranked. I might be a little harsh, I guess Ill stick to Montecristo and cohibas

  3. Bob B.

    Great 30 minute smoke, meant to travel with you anywhere. The Coronas Major and Minor series were not meant to provide any meaningful depth. But definitely provide the marca signature flavors.

  4. James R.

    this cigar came in a pretty looking Upmann tubo with a screw cap, construction was decent for the small size, no obvious soft spots, flavor was straighforward, earthy, woody flavor, quite consisitent. good smoke when time is short, not too strong and would be a nice gifts to friends in the nice tubo.

  5. h. (verified owner)

    Tight draw, and uneven burn. Taste was as good as the first time I tried these cigars, but the quality is not what it used to be. Every cigar needed a draw tool inserted to get a half decent draw.

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