Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills


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Overview: Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills

The Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills is named for its format, measuring 124mm in length with a 50 ring gauge. They were released in 2006 and are offered in boxes of 10.

The wrapper is a beautiful Colorado shade with immaculate construction, this produces an excellent draw and the burn is sharp with invisible seams and a perfectly finished triple cap.

They are expertly handcrafted and filled with the finest long filler tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba. Sporting the classic RyJ band, they have a secondary complimenting gold band that displays the ‘Short Churchill’ name.

The aroma off the top is a light chocolatey sweet scent that mixes with a warm earthiness, the cold draw offers a distinctly cedar note mixed with a touch of buttered bread.

Once lit we found a distinct chocolate note to jump out first, with a harmonious blend of caramel and cappuccino that joins the mix around the halfway mark. In the second third a floral note comes into the bouquet and an undertone of creaminess that settles in, the flavours and body hold a solid medium strength from start to finish, the cigar gets steadily smoother as it burns.

You can expect to enjoy this smoke for around 75 minutes.

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19 reviews for Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills

  1. Juziel P.

    This cigar is a teaser. It is loaded with flavor. I found it to be woody at the start and turing to almost a licorice in the middle. The finish takes to the woody and licorice and ads leather. It’s a nice cigar. My only caution is to age it a bit. When I initially purchased them, they were young. Their youth came across as a bit green with a slight amonia tinge.

    I let them sit for six months. Now, they are great and I think they can only get better with time. Give them a try!

  2. David H.

    This was my first time with these beautiful cigars, to my suprise it started with a really tough draw so I figured it to be a wasted smoke, was I ever wrong it loosened up about a quarter of the way down & turned out to be an amazing smoke. A little time in the Humidor will do this smoke wonders. Two thumbs up!!!

  3. Steven A.

    Very nice medium strength cigar. No complaints. Sorry guys I’m not sophisticated enough to use words like; chocolate, woody, licorice or leather when describing the taste. Let me try; It taste GOOD. Buy a damn box from our friends here. That gift you were gonna get for your old lady. Forget her. Buy Cigars instead from Cuban Lou’s. I never thought that I had obsessive compulsive disorder until I found this site.

  4. Fredrick M.

    Normally, I would’ve rated a smoke similar to this as an overall 7 or 8 but due to the fantastic pricing, this scores a perfect 10 for value. Overall apperance of the cigars were above average, a bit too veiny for me and they lack the velvetty touch of the super-premiums like the Siglos. I was particularly impressed that they were good right out of the box. I typically push my smokes for another 3 months in a humidor before trying but these are an exception.

    The flavor is light but distinct, very smooth on the draw and has an enjoyable flavor after exhaling. I would suggest pairing this smoke with either a good tawny Port or perhaps a smooth scotch. Anything stronger and you’ll lose the flavor of the cigar.

    One last suggestion, use a very shallow cut on this cigar perhaps even avoid using a cutter and move to a lighter with a circular cutting blade on the end. I feel that the cigar is a bit too loosely packed and inhalation gets very hot if you cut it too much. Maybe just a bad apple in the bunch.

  5. Ronald N.

    Exceptionally smooth and a hit among friends. I’m ordering 2 more boxes.

  6. Billy P.

    this is one of the best cigars i have smoked. It is full of flavor and has an distinct arouma that can not be duplicated. I have enjoyed this cigar with a cup of coffee and a glass of scotch.

  7. Yunjie L.

    Just writing this makes me want to grab my lighter and head to the pool for a nice smoke. It was exception from first to last draw. Very complex and spicy! Great draw and it held a perfect ash. Didn’t need to keep in humidor long(to tell the truth I could wait) Tell only problem with this cigar is that I will eventually burn out. Thank you Lou!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Yukiko H.

    This robusto is very well made, one of the most gorgeous cigars I’ve seen. It always draws well, and produces huge amount of smoke. It is full of sweet cherry flavors, spicy leather flavors, and again a ripe fruit note on the finish. With some age, it could be a classic. Highly recommend.

  9. Marc S.

    This is the best tasting cigar for me. Looks good, burns good and tastes great. Many flavors come out and it smokes well down to the lips! Hate to put it out.

  10. Keith F.

    Pre light aroma is distinctly Cuban.
    To me the Robusto size is the best it can get.
    50’s just seem to burn right.
    Smooth but very flavorful so any beginner or experienced hand will find something to love about it.
    Double band puts it over the top.
    This has become one of my first choices when opening the humidor and I actually have to make myself smoke something else not to burn right through them.
    If you have the means buy 2 boxes….one to smoke and one to age….if you can keep your hands off them.

  11. Jake M.

    Very well made with a slight box press. Good draw and plenty of smoke volume. Looks fabulous and on a nice summer afternoon, it is my choice with a light Campari & Soda. They have a great feel in the hand and are very smooth with a great aroma. Burn in excellent. I just wish they were an inch longer. I hate to see it go so soon.

  12. Grant N.

    I experienced the Short Churchill for 1st time in Sept with purchase down in Cabo at J&J’s. This was the finest and most enjoyable smoke I’ve ever had, so I ordered a box from Lou. I can’t give these an absolute perfect 10 because they are just a touch harsher than my initial experience, however, it hasn’t prevented me from enjoying every one of the four I’ve had from this box. The price was less than half of what I paid in Mexico and probably 65% less than similar Canadian purchases I’ve made. Although not an expert, these are probably the best value per smoke I’ve encountered. Expect that they won’t last long enough to see if added aging smoothes them out just a ‘touch’ more. I love the even draw and long lasting pleasure of this R&J cigar. The price and speed of Cuban Lou’s delivery is also incredible.

  13. R. S.

    Classic fantastic medium smoke!
    Perfectly smooth wrapper & delicious looking wrapper, even better all around construction. Firm white ash, almost 2 1/2 inches before I knocked it off.
    Tons of smoke starting with a nice bit of spice, then moved to a classic cuban smoke, then moving into a sweet floral bouquet. Flavor lingered quite some time, what more could you ask from an approx hour long smoke?
    I always try & order a few singles when I place an order from Cuban Lou’s, and I highly recommend it. Especially if there are brands and formats you have yet to try. Lou’s singles are what attracted me to the site and the service from Kevin coupled w/quality cigars has me loyal!

  14. Brice D.

    I have always smoked the tubed chruchills, but these are even better. the onl bad thing about these is when you burn your fingers trying to get one more puff. Medium taste with a great aroma. Starts with mild cedar and builds to a sweet coco and dark cherry.

  15. Eddie C.

    Cuban Lou’s does it again! These are fabulous smokes. Normally I wait at least a week to fire one up. After opening the box and smelling the rich aroma as I transferred them to the humidor, I couldn’t resist the temptation and I was not disappointed. Once lit I was rewarded by an easy draw, volumes of silky, smoke with a hints of cedar and leather. The experience was so magical I closed my eyes for the most part of the cigar. I was amazed that the ash stayed intact until I had finished half the cigar. There was not a biter note the entire cigar. I can’t wait for them to age a while if they make it that long. I’ll be ordering more of these. Kevin, Thank you. These are awesome!!

  16. Robert H.

    Smoked this right out of the vacuum packaging and it was outstanding. Have smoked the cohiba robusto as well and this one is not quite as bold but still very nice. Classic cuban cigar taste.

  17. Richard M.

    Excellent draw and wonderful Flavor, one of my favorites for sure. Perfect out of the box and even better with some age in the Humidor.

  18. e. (verified owner)

    In my opinion, it is quite simply the best cigar out there. Flavor, strength, burn, construction, draw – it’s all there. Maybe they are a little veiny, but that is the only negative. I found out about these 8 years ago and order a box almost every time. This is what a cigar is all about.

  19. Ani K. (verified owner)

    First time buying the shorts after smoking the regular Churchill for years. Amazing cigar for after lunch smoke. 100% match to the regular Churchill. Great draw and flavor.

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