Partagas Serie D No.6


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Overview: Partagas Serie D No.6

The Partagas Serie D No. 6 is a Petit Robusto vitola, measuring 90mm in length with a 50 ring gauge. This cigar was released as part of the Partagas D series in 2014, making it the most recent addition to the D series.

The construction of this cigar is incredible, packed with the ideal amount of fill, your fingers glide over a remarkably smooth wrapper that is finished with a perfect triple cap.

We found this smoke to be the definition of short and sweet, greeted by a warm nutty aroma, once lit large plumes of thick creamy smoke came bursting out of this cigar. The burn was sharp and flavour hovered at medium, offering a delicious blend of nuts, coffee, pepper and sweet spice notes.

The No. 6 is the shortest cigar within the series, depending on your smoking style, this one will last between 25-45 minutes, making it ideal for brief but delicious smoking opportunities. Try to puff this one slowly so it doesn’t become harsh from the heat, you don’t have the time for flavours to unfold like you would with many of its siblings.

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1 review for Partagas Serie D No.6

  1. 8. (verified owner)

    Hands down my favorite cigar of the year. It’s small. Around 45 min to an hour for me but it easily replaces longer cigars for me. It’s a concentrated D4 that wastes no time getting to the good part. At their best, white pepper bomb!

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