Partagas Serie D No.4


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Overview: Partagas Serie D No.4

The Partagas Serie D No. 4 is a classic Robusto vitola, measuring 129mm in length with a 50 ring gauge. This cigar was released as part of the Partagas D series in 2011 and has quickly become one of the most popular Partagas cigars, moreover one of the most popular Cuban cigars, sought after by aficionados across the globe.

The No. 4 boasts immaculate construction, with warm earthy aromas emanating from the richly colored wrapper. We found the burn to be sharp, with the body hovering around medium in the first half and rich with flavours of cocoa, cedar and sweet baking spice.

In the second half a floral note joins the beautifully complex bouquet, the strength increases to a medium full while remaining smooth and creamy through to the finish.

There is tremendous aging potential for this cigar, while it is certainly not required, we found that with some resting time delectable notes of nutmeg and clove join the profile and the complexity deepens even further. Aim for 1-2 years for this effect to take place.

An occasional cigar if there ever was one, try pairing it with a glass of champagne. Be sure to take the time to enjoy this one in peace so you can truly savour this experience. These cigars set the standard for an exemplary Robusto, you can expect to enjoy this elite cigar for around one hour.

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45 reviews for Partagas Serie D No.4

  1. James S.

    For the robusto lover, this cigar competes with the best of them. This is a popular cigar which has a nice ring gage and smoking texture. Similar to Maker’s Mark bourbon, there may be better cigars in its class, but this is the best value per dollar. A must have for any collection.

  2. James W.

    One of my favorite cigars, excellent draw and great overal flavor.

  3. Francis M.

    What a great powerful smoke right out of the box! I cant wait until they get a little bit of age on them. Great appearance, draw and taste straight out of the box. I enjoyed this stick from start to finish. You cannot go wrong with this one. Highly recommended for those that like a good potent and full flavored mouthful of smoke.

  4. Bill C.

    Great size, feels good in hand. Easy smooth draw, smokes itself. Great flavors and complex from start to finish. Many different flavors, spicy at first, they woody, then hints of cinnamon. The red band makes it unique.

  5. Steven A.

    Outstanding. I took everyone’s advice and got a box and the first one out of the box was perfect. So good that I just ordered another box to put in my back up humidor to age for some a few months to a year. This one is a winner.

  6. Charalambos N.

    These robustos pack a punch, I really mean sledgehammer-like punch. Great construction although I did find some minor flaws upon cutting looking at the binder, perfect draw, very good combustion. This is definitely not for the novice cigar smoker, very strong from the first puff. All woody throughout the whole cigar, completely different from the milder, creamier cigars I’m used to so this probably won’t be among my favorites for now, maybe my own palate is yet to become more experienced, I’ll have to find the right moment for them since you do have to pay attention to the development of the cigar for you to enjoy it.

  7. Gavin O.

    This cigar really surprised me. The draw was sensational, and the flavors on the finish just kept going, and going. This is one I’ll definately be buying more of!

  8. Antranig B.

    my second cuban and was expecting a bigger kick ( my first was a montechristo #4)
    and was told this one was the real deal….dont get me wrong i quite enjoyed them but will opt for a different cigar with my next purchase

  9. David B.

    young, but still strong cigar.shipping was great, 4 days!!!

  10. Juan N.

    Consistency is the word that comes to mind with this cigar. I have not been disappointed after numerous smokes. The strength is appropriate for experienced and avid smokers. Price point is great and is an option for those who do not want to or cannot affort a box of Cohiba Robustos, which are overhyped in my opinion. The Serie D#4 is just as good if not better than any full-bodied robusto out there. I have two left that have been sleeping for a little less than two years. Flavors are balanced. There is quite a bit of spice and the familiar earthiness of Cuban cigars. I have had no problems with draw or construction. These have made a lasting impression.

  11. Bryan D.

    A perfect go to Robusto. This is a consistent stick, good size for a shorter smoke with a nice cuban tingle on the lips to accompany the slightly nutty flavor.

  12. Charles G.

    My favorite Robusto. I like this better than the Cohiba Robusto. Very smooth, even draw, even burn, slightly spicy.

  13. Paul C.

    Another great cigar shipped to me by Cuban Lou’s – got to be the number one seller on the planet – great job guys. Now to the cigar – what can one say about a cigar that is as close to perfectly balanced as this – flavor is impeccable, rich spicy smoke, burn that is even, great ash, smokes to the point of burning your lips because you don’t want to put it down. Got to buy another box as soon as I get thru with this review.

  14. Michael G.

    I have smoked several cubans, mostly the top brands. I must say, this is by far the best one. It has lots of smoke, burns nice and even with full body but never harsh. I find it to be woody with a touch of leather. Most of my friends that smoke cubans agree that this is the top cuban and the price is just a bonus. I strongly suggest if your a first time buyer or a veteran, you owe it to yourself to experience this cigar. The construction of these cigars are flawless. Very oily and dark wrapper. Just a beautiful cigar.

  15. Lev G.

    When I think of Consistency, The Partagas No.4 compliments the very meaning. This Box was received within 7 days of its order, thank you again CubanLous. I have finished the first row of 10 over the last 3 weeks, the bottom row I will leave to age a few more months. The cigars were flawless upon receipt and are such a pleasure to smoke this season. Each thus far has been nothing shy of perfect. Excellent even burn. From lighting the foot the rich oil left on your lips combined with the already aware finish was such a preview of how great these cigars were to be. The first third was viscus smoke with hints of mild coffee, leading to the increasing strength and spice in the middle. The last third is pepper and butter. This cigar will be in my humidor at all times.

  16. Elliot K.

    My awesome brown box from Kevin arrived in my mailbox 5 days after purchase.
    I of course was giddy as a schoolchild to crack them open and look and smell them. Appearance is good and smell is cuban barnyard(nice). The next day I couldn’t resist. It was a balmy 25 degrees Fahrenheit outside so the wife and I made fire in our portable fire pit inside of the screen-porch . I lit up the lil Partagas to see what the hype was all about. Accompanied with a glass of 12 yr old Balvenie double wood, the lil Partagas was smooth but with some power, with hints of chocolate, did I already say smooth?
    I loved it and needed a roach clip at the end. I WILL be getting more of these!
    Highly recommended.
    Thank the heavens for Cuban Lou’s..

  17. Don B.

    I have read a lot of great reviews about this cigar; bought a box to try. One of the best smokes out there..

  18. Sylvain M.

    I have been smoking cigars for about 6 months and this one, by far, is in a league of its own. The appearance of this one is a reddish-brown with a fairly tight roll. The burn was even and uniform. For the price you pay HERE at, it is almost criminal to sell something so wonderful for such a small price. My experience with this particular Partagas, as with most the others, has been WONDERFUL. I can’t wait to get some age on the rest of them and see what they become. Thanks Cuban Lous.

  19. Geoffrey M.

    Quite easily one of the best value for money cigars going around. These cigars come beautifully presented, burn evenly and pack a tonne of smoke with every draw. Could just about be my favourite Robusto. In my opinion far better than the Cohiba. Smoke these outside in the sun so you can see the golden brown marvels that thay are. A great smoking experience.

  20. Yukiko H.

    This one had a lighter colored wrapper than I’m used to. However, it smoked like a dream. It imparted a rich earthy flavor, surrounded by roasted coffee, and tons of spice. The spice is so complex, that it sets this robusto apart. Fanstastic.

  21. Marco F.

    This is a staple that needs to be in the humidor. This is a classic from day one and will only get better with time. This is one in your face cigar that if you like strong cigars this is one you need to look for. This cigar is kind of one dimensional that packs quite a punch with hints of coffee& mocha taste that will give you a nice buzz if you smoke to quickly.

  22. Anthony W.

    this cigar came close to a 10 for me. (never given out a 10) the construction is perfect and the draw is even better. Make no mistake about it for a short cigar this one is up there in the entertaining factor. Starts off mild within the first half inch (or I should use the Euro term 2.5 centimeters)lol the cigar brings out the spicy taste of leather and cappucino. absolutely awesome with some coffee or just hanging out in the sun.

  23. John H.

    I tried these based on word of mouth and was not disappointed. Excellent construction and appearance. The draw was as good as it gets with hints of leather and spice. All the above coupled with a very reasonable price made this a fantastic experience. It will be a true test of patience to leave the rest in the humidor.

  24. Yang W.

    I first tried this cigar 8 years ago. It is the perfect smoke. On the golf course, I take a hit and it relaxes me to play the hole. After a couple of holes you notice the cigar changes its taste. A great treat with hints of pepper & erotic spices!

    If you are like me and only smoke once or twice a week, give these a try – like I said before a vevery rlaxing smoke! Enjo

  25. Alexander T.

    Nice robusto with classic Partagas twang and profile. Copious amounts of smoke and long lasting. Great construction and appearance. Would definitely recommend a box of these.

  26. Solomon K.

    As I am new to Cuban cigars, I was a little sceptical at first. I ordered a box of Cohiba Siglo VI, Cohiba Genios, and Partagas Serie D No. 4 in the middle of November this year. By far I am more impressed with the Partagas D4. Maybe the Cohibas need to age more. I just don’t know. I’ve smoked 6 of these now, and they have become one of my favorites. The flavor of butter, pepper, molasses, coffee. Oh man, these are awesome. Truly a well made cigar.

  27. George G.

    This is a very good cigar. Strong earthy flavor profile. Strong powerful cigar, it gave me a buzz when smoking it. Purchased 4 boxes for long term aging. I look forward to these robusto cigars evolving over time. A+

  28. Fred V.

    For the price, very good. Delivery, = 10. Would recommend it to anyone. Good after stake dinner and a good red wine. Or just a very cold beer (Fat Tire beer).

  29. Peter Z.

    So I have always been a huge fan of the Cohiba Robutos, due to quality and consistency, but have never tried a Partagas SerieD No4. That being said This robusto blew my socks off right out of the box. The quality,color,taste,burn,and aromas from this cigar were of the best I have had to date. I have been smoking quality cigars from age 18 to now. I would have to rank the SerieD No4 as one of my top 3 cigars. I cannot wait to get some age on these last 24, the issue is going to be not smoking them all this week !!!

  30. Jay D.

    What an exceptional cigar the Partagas is. Right out of the box this smoke provided a smooth and creamy and a subtle complexity that can only be found in a great cigar. I have to salute Cuban Lou’s also for the quick delivery, and the freshness of these great smokes. I have purchased other Cuban’s and found them to be dry and somewhat suspect in their origin. But the Partagas from Lou’s are the real deal and a great bargain considering the price you would pay for some high quality Dominican’s. I can only assume that with age these will become even better then they are right out of the box.
    Great job Lou, I will be ordering these frequently.

  31. James C.

    The box I received was from Nov 2010, roughly 8 months old. upon arrival I had to smoke one, and it was great right out of the box. A friend of mine ordered some Cohiba Robustos and after smoking two I still prefer the D4. The construction was great, lots of rich smoke after each puff, it had a creamy flavor early on with some spicy notes, followed by a pleasant woody taste. The ash grew long and the cigar stayed ready to smoke even after minutes of neglecting to draw. I knew this cigar was gonna be good so I also ordered some Partagas #2s.

  32. Donald W.

    Fairly new cigar smoker here and just wanted to say these are very, very good. Tasty and lots of wonderful smoke and easy draw make this my favorite. It has displaced the MC #2 as my favorite. These are a little strong for me but i am working my way up so to speak. Do yourself a favor and pick up a box, you will not regret it.

  33. Dr R.

    I purchased the series D in a combo sale. Though I had experience with Partagas in the past I had not tasted the D #4. Let me preempt this by saying the finest cigar I ever smoked was a Partagas 150 AA which I have three left in my humidor for special occasions only. But having said that I had never had a Cuban Partagas before. So I get them and couldn’t wait to sit down to embrace it but I had to let it relax for a couple of weeks in the humidor first. Finally I sit down on Thanksgiving with my brothers and give them each a stick. The first puff was light and caramelly and the draw was smooth and perfect. As the smoke progressed a greater depth of flavors unfolded that reminded me of earlier Cubans before the bad harvests attacked the island. I think the they are now past those bad years and are definitely back on top of their game in Havana. As I came to the end of the cigar I had to let my fingers feel the heat of its glow because i didn’t want the joy and experience of the smoke to end. My only regret is that it didn’t last longer. What a smoke!

  34. Robert F.

    This used to be one of my favorite sticks but I have not had regularly for a few years not. I recently ordered a box and intially I was a bit disappointed. The construction was average and the burn was inconsistant. The draw was easy (maybe a bit too easy) and the flavor was great. After a few months in my humidor there has been significant improvement with the cigar. Burning more evenly. Also seem to be burning longer. I expect that they will only improve. Still my favorite Robusto. Had a great experience with Cubanlous!

  35. Robert J.

    This cigar is what a good havana should be!
    Perfect construction with smooth spongy feeling wrapper without any major veins.
    But the flavor – smooth tasting, medium strength- tastes like some LE well aged cigars.
    A must for any serious cigar lover.

  36. Ollie O.

    Maybe I have not let them age long enough or maybe it is not my cup of tea, the Partagas SD#4 does not do it for me. It’s a good enough cigar, construction and appearence is top notch, value is great and the flavor is good but a bit “meh”. Will let it rest a couple of months longer before I’ll try it again, have tried them at 3, 6 and 13 months age.

  37. Edward D.

    For me this is an outstanding value. Nice burn, terrific construction and the distinctive heavy flavor only Cuban Partagas D delivers. This smoke gets so good, I almost want to eat the end as a finally!! haha

  38. Charles R.

    While I LOVE a Cohiba Robusto, prices are out of control and saved only for a special occasion. The Partagas No.4 is the next best cuban robusto and at a great price! Wouldn’t mind a slightly stronger blend, the smell of these and the taste is wonderful and shouldn’t be missed!

  39. Tom Q.

    This is my favorite robusto. Complex and delicious, never overpowering, I give myself a one hour vacation when I like one of these up.
    I taste leather, cedar, vanilla and coffee.

  40. Shawn S.

    This has always been my most favorite Cuban cigar. Flavor, construction, and size have always been perfect for me.

  41. Matthew M.

    I bought a box of 10 and have enjoyed every one. They smoke very smooth, light with great taste.

  42. r. (verified owner)

    No doubt my favorite smoke. Consistent quality in construction and flavor. Just a treat to enjoy. Get them while you can.

  43. a. (verified owner)

    Just got these and right out of the box they are exceptionally smooth, creamy, with excellent draw. Notes of spice, leather, coffee as it progresses. Terrific value. I can fully appreciate all the positive reviews. ThIs Partagas is softer On the palate than the comparable Cohiba, but richer and creamier than a Davidoff Special R.

  44. Ani K. (verified owner)

    One of my favorite daily cigars. The flavor is certainly spicy and woody. I give it 95.

  45. Joseph A. (verified owner)

    Perfect in everyway. I highly recommend to anyone.

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