San Cristobal El Principe


Overview: San Cristobal El Principe

The San Cristobal de la Habana El Principe is a Minuto of Petit Corona format, measuring 110mm and a 42 ring gauge. They are offered in boxes of 25.

The El Principe is from the original line of 4 cigars from this brand, being named after the fortress used to defend Havana during Spain’s rule of Cuba in the 16th to 18th centuries.

This cigar begins with delicious aromas of nutmeg and cinnamon that float off the wrapper, once lit they are marvellously smooth from the jump with rich flavours of cedar, coffee and a creaminess from the thick smoke.

The burn is sharp and the draw is easy, as this stick progresses into the second third there are notes of citrus, leather, coffee and baking spices as well as a more intense pepper flavour.

The strength is a medium level from the start, increasing only slightly in the final third to a medium plus strength and develops a healthy dose of musk flavour.

Make sure to smoke this one slowly to avoid the cigar burning the soft flavours. A fantastic example of a Petit Corona, this is an obvious choice for short breaks or when you’re on the go. When smoked at a leisurely pace you can expect to enjoy this smoke for around 30 minutes.

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5 reviews for San Cristobal El Principe

  1. Yukiko H.

    This is an excellent looking minuto. Fabulous darker, silky smooth wrapper, especially for the previous SCdLH. It draws well, and burns razor sharp. It absolutely loads the palate with a fresh and refined mild-medium bodied smoke, full of floral nuttiness, roasted hazelnuts, cappucino, and burnt sugar….molases. It will only get better!

  2. Hernando O.

    These are good smokes. Creamy and medium. Make for a nice smoke any time of the day. They only improve with age!

    Cuban Lous delivers again.

  3. George G.

    I purchased 5 boxes of these small format cigars. The service From Cuban Lou’s was great as always. However I am very disappointed with the smoking profile of this cigar. I cigar has very dark and harsh flavours and doesn’t have a clean mouth feel. I have smoked 3 boxes so far and all have been the same. I will definitely put down the two other boxes for long term aging.

    A small format cigar should be an every day cigar that is enjoyable and can be smoked young. It seems that the EL PRINCIPE cigar while young is almost unsmokable in my opinion, but could get better with age.

    If you are looking for small format cigars go for try Partagas or Ramon Allones Shorts, or Montecristo #5 or #4’s. All these small format cigars are good quality flavourful smokes.

  4. Robert J.

    I am on the second box of these and I like them very much!
    This cigars exibits perfect construction, firm in hand with a medium vein-free colored wrapper and expertly applied tripple cap.
    Tastewise it is a medium strength with some creamy chocolate undertones, slow burning with some firm ash.
    My only pet peeve is that you cannot remove the band without damaging the wrapper.
    Good tasting Minuto providing 40 minutes of pure pleasure especially when accompanied by some cafe latte – good morning cigar.
    I plan to stock up on these as soon they will be on sale.

  5. Paul M.

    Flavor bomb!
    This little gem is a perfect morning cigar, it provides about 40 minutes of pure pleasure

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