Rey del Mundo Choix du Roi RE Benelux 2016


Overview: Rey del Mundo Choix du Roi Regional Edition – Benelux 2016

The El Rey Del Mundo Choix Du Roi is an exclusive selection by Habanos for the Belgium and Luxembourg region, offered in very limited quantities with only 9000 boxes of 10 available for purchase.

Choix Du Roi is a Montesco vitola, with a hefty 55 ring gauge and a length of 130mm. The wrapper is a beautiful warm claro color that boasts a flawless construction and gives off the luxurious earthy aromas of Cuba.

Once lit the smoke released from this cigar was rich and creamy while the flavours within were an elegant bouquet of light florals mixed with the nuttyness of cashew and hazelnut. The first half of the smoke flavour and body were light but steadily progressed into the low medium range of the scale.

This cigar is quite young and while it is a delightful smoke now there is huge aging potential for this stick. Given its light-medium body and easily detectable flavours this is an excellent cigar for novice or aficionado smokers alike.

If you like an accompaniment to your cigar try a cloudy wheat ale to compliment but not compete with the profile of the Choix Du Roi.


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