Rafael González Petit Coronas (25) Expand

Rafael González Petit Coronas (25)

Rafael González Rafael González





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A Mareva is a format Gonzalez Marquez, a renowned expert in medium sized cigars, could not be lacking. Mild in aroma and flavor and loyal to all good qualities, it is an obligatory step on the way towards large formats.

Length5.0 inches (129mm)
Ring Gauge42
Packing CodeCB-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25
Factory ShapeMarevas

This is quite a good morning cigar. Light flavours and body. Sweet smelling and tasting with a creamy mouthfeel. Mild spice and very aromatic. Long gentle finish of caramel with some honeyed notes. Burns cool and woodiness towards the end. Slight complexity. A smooth, easy and 'nuancy' cigar. Good effort overall but in my opinion, it is not unique and it will always live in the shadow of the other marques that do this style better, Le Hoyo de Monterrey, La Gloria Cubana, Por Larranaga and El Rey del Mundo. Points for good construction but nothing much else really stands out.


    This mareva is not as attractive as some others, but has that pure cuban quality. It performs well, draws well, and burns razor sharp. The flavor is straightforward sweet hay, with touches of spice as it progresses. It reminds me of Sancho Panza, for high quality cuban tobacco flavor, without the thrills. Good.

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      Rafael González Petit Coronas (25)

      Rafael González Petit Coronas (25)