Rafael Gonzalez Panetelas Extra


Overview: Rafael Gonzalez Panetelas Extra

The Rafael Gonzalez Panetelas Extra Cigar is a Vegueritos vitola, measuring at 127mm by a 37 ring gauge. They are offered in Boxes of 25.

The Panetelas Extra offers a sugar floral aroma to start, light bodied smoke pours out at first, with delicate notes of floral, almond and chocolate off the top.

The draw is exceptional and the burn is sharp as we move into the second third, with some additional flavours of spice, cream, and espresso coming through and the body increases to a medium strength. In the final third there was a full serving of rich nuttyness.

These cigars are an excellent price to quality ratio, they are machine made, then finished by hand, offering an elite flavour profile without breaking the bank.
You can expect to enjoy this cigar for around 60 minutes.

We recommend aging this cigar for at least 3 years, 4-5 would be best.

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3 reviews for Rafael Gonzalez Panetelas Extra

  1. Peter A.

    Appearance & Construction: Great construction, especially on this box. Wrapper toothy. No big veins, bumps or lumps. It’s the same type & size like th PL Panatela that. The last couple of boxes have been tight on the draw. But still they’re so cheap you can just toss it and take another if a draq correction tool doesn’t do the job. This one is the first from my new box and NO problems at all. Perfect draw.

    Taste: Well it sure got that woodsy RG taste to it. I’d say it’s a fairly mild, medium bodied. Not boringly mild, just perfect for the mornings. Taste seems to be consistent from box to box – the woodiness combined with fresh spring cloves. Midway through it’s still excellent, picked a little up in strength, which actually suits it very well. Hints of toasted almonds and fresh hay add a nice touch to the wood theme. Considering this is only ½ a year old it’s bang on.

    Smoking Characteristics: Burns surprisingly evenly. No touch-ups needed. I’d say that the ash is not the prettiest, muddled grey at best. It’s surprisingly firm though, considering it’s a TC. Not tonnes of smoke, but I actually find that rather nice in the morning.

    Overall: An absolutely excellent value smoke!!!

  2. Eric S.

    now here’s a light but tasty cigar. a really good draw and slight chocalty taste. well if your sitting with friends and want a good time have one of these guys handy.

  3. Braden H.

    These are the best of the pantelas i have tried. Starts off fairly mild bit nutty in flavour with fall barnyard wafts of smoke. The last half really kicks in typical Cuban tobacco flavours. Great handmade little cigars, quick smoke for these Canadian fall/winters.

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