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Overview: Punch Punch

The Punch Punch is a Corona Gorda format, measuring 143mm in length with a 46 ring gauge. They are available in boxes of 10 in tubes or 25 standard box.

The wrapper on this cigar is a picturesque Colorado hue, aromas of cedar, honey and sweet date delicately float off this cigar, while the cold draw is almost exclusively honey.

The Punch Punch starts slowly with soft flavours of fresh leather, bursts of orange peel and pinch of cedar. Draw on these is absolutely perfect, filling the mouth with a decadent smoke that is as smooth as velvet. In the second third, flavours of gingerbread, pecan and a bit of vanilla come through.

This cigar opens up to a smooth and complex profile once the cigar has a chance to settle into itself, reaching a medium strength and body by the second third and doesn’t waver much from there until the finish.

This cigar makes for an excellent post dinner accompaniment, try it with a scotch on the rocks for an excellent smoking experience.

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15 reviews for Punch Punch

  1. Michael T.

    Tried one the day I received them. Excellent taste, but rather uneven burning. I had to “even it up” several times. The ash was not tight. Band was a bit loose, suggesting some drying out.

    Bottom line… great tasting cigar, which is why you’re buying them in the first place. I would suggest giving them a month or so in your humidor to recooperate, unless like me, you just can’t help yourself.

  2. Eric E.

    Build quality of this cigar was top-notch. Perfectly rolled wrapper, nicely bunched filler, and smells great. It’s somewhat firm, but has a slight kick-back when squeezed. This is consistent throughout the cigar. The triple cap is perfectly applied and almost looks like it’s too perfect to be true! This is definitely one cigar that makes you appreciate the skill of the rollers down in the ISOM.

    Starting it up:
    After a clip with my Palio and toast and light with my blazer, I’ve got a picture perfect burn and very dark ash. As with my previous experience with this particular cigar, the draw was a little on the tight side. I don’t know if this is an issue due to my storage (65% beads in a cooler) or just common with this vitola. It’s not plugged, but a tad tighter than I like. It was nothing that bothered me too much, but it did come to mind.

    Flavors came in as soon as I had it lit. What I love about this cigar is that it’s a great deviation from my regular full bodied, spicy smokes that leave me on my ass. Flavors I noticed were a creamy, almost sweet type of wood. Smoke was plentiful but still very light and smooth on the palate. This is one cigar I can pass through my nose without many problems, yes I’m a wuss.

    As I said before, the woody taste almost had a sweet aroma. I could almost describe it as being a vanilla-esque tinge that I really enjoy. Along with the woody taste of this stick, there’s an apparent hint of leather and maybe coffee. It’s starting to sound like a french vanilla frappachino isn’t it? Well not quite, but it’s still damn good!

    Towards the end, or last third of the cigar there is a slight burst of spice, raw-tobacco flavor and strength. Nothing to make you buzz really but enough to notice that you just had a decent sized cigar. Does that make sense? Didn’t think so… but you know what I mean whistling.gif As I said before, this is by no means a spicy cigar, but the very end of it does have a small hint of pepper that stays on the tip of your tongue. It could be because the cigar burns a little hotter towards the end, or maybe it’s just the blend. But the spice is so slight that I can smoke it at any time I feel I just want a good creamy smoke.

    You’ll have to excuse my noobish palate, I’m not exactly the most descriptive taster out there, but I do know whats good and what isn’t! And if it’s good to me, then it’s a damn good cigar and you should buy it! Joking of course. But definitely pick one of these up if you can. It’s one of those cigars you’ll always want to have a few of in the humidor for sure!

    I can honestly say that this is the only cigar I’ve ever had and could never have enough of with just one. I can seriously light up 3 or 4 of these back to back and never get sick of them.

  3. Anthony W.

    This is a great cigar with light hints of leather, Burns uneven at times but dont let that detract you from buying it. VERY NICE. after meal, or watching sports cigar.

  4. Tom T.

    Cigar’s arrived from Lou’s perfect, a bit of an uneven burn but a very good cigar with some hints of tea, overall a good cigar.

  5. Craig Z.

    What a cigar, this is my benchmark cigar which I measure all others. Punch has a beautiful draw EVERY TIME, beautiful aroma EVERY TIME and is a mouthful of pleasure with cocoa, maple syrup and chestnuts. A wonderful cigar that is a “MUST TRY”

  6. Joe S.

    (Stored in cabinet humidor in a partially closed zip lock bag at 70deg/65RH)

    Food: After a great pizza I retired to have a great smoke. I had a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

    Drink: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale / Arrowhead bottled water

    Location: Garage at my computer with the door cracked slightly for ventilation.

    Pre light aroma: There were faint floral traces from the cigar although I had used a scented hand soap that interfered with the sensation of smelling the cigar truly.

    Construction: This was a near perfect cigar, baring one very tiny tear in the foot. Coco brown wrapper and when cut drew very well. It just ever so slightly crackled between my fingers.

    Light: The Xikar cigar made an exemplary cut. It left no jagged tears in the leaf and did not hamper the cigar quality in any way whatsoever. I used a Colibri torch lighter and toasted the foot. The cigar lit perfectly.

    Taste: The initial draw was an immediate flavor of heavy cream and macadamia nuts. No change ¼ ways through the cigar. It had a nice grayish black ash that held tight. There was voluminous smoke upon each draw. I soon realized that the Pale Ale was doing NOTHING for this cigar and I switched to some bottled water. I had set the cigar down for about 5 minuets and it almost went out. Upon relight it was a little harsh so I relit and exhaled through the cigar for about thirty seconds. This seemed to help quite a bit. Half way through and the power started to kick in. It became slightly earthy and more leathery with the same heavy cream and nut flavor but had a slightly unpleasant aftertaste. Almost ¾ through the stick I came to realize that the “aftertaste” was akin to drinking whole milk which leaves a viscous paste lingering in your mouth. I can’t say I liked the aftertaste, but it only lingered for about 5 seconds after the draw. I had to correct the burn twice, but this cigar was rarely if ever rotated and that may be the cause of the uneven burn. I let the cigar expire on its own and the room smelled wonderful even after 20 minuets.

    Synopsis: I enjoyed this cigar and while it may not be my “go to” piece I would not be against purchasing again. On a 1-10 rating with 10 being the highest I would give this cigar a 7.5. I was thinking it would be a perfect smoke for after a light meal, such as fish or grilled chicken. I would not have this after a big juicy steak. I would not reccomend an IPA as a drink pairing.

  7. Suresh H.

    By far my favorite of all cigars. This is the perfect size and taste for the after work relaxation. I usually join it with an anejo tequila or a chivas on the rocks. I strongly recommend this cigar as I have enjoyed it tremendously and will continue to in the future.

    P.S. Shipping was very fast and were delivered in great condition.

  8. James F.

    I’m on my third box of this cigar… A fantastic cigar at a fantastic price! Cigar Afficionado just reviewed it (Oct. 2008) and rated it at 89 points. I would have nudged it to 90. Just buy a box and try it for yourself. I am sure you will enjoy!

  9. Douglas L.

    I received these vitolas extremely moist for an 07 and there were hints of what appeared to be mildew in the box. I found the flavor to be lacking and this was probably due to the over humidification. I hope I can rescue these cigars from the damage because I enjoy the brand.

  10. Yukiko H.

    This cigar is made very well, and smokes like a dream. It carries a cocoa dusting throughout, and is creamy, full of chocolate, coffee, and roasted nuts. This is a good corona gorda, one of the best out there.

  11. Glenn J.

    I lit this one up and within the first couple of draws I experienced the distinct taste of cloves. Not at all overpowering, but perfectly accenting the overall flavor of the cigar. The taste of cloves diminshed as I got further into the smoke, and the overtones of wood, leather, even mocha hghlighted the rest of the cigar. The last third was definately more intense in power and flavor than the first two thirds, but I found myself smoking this one darn near down to my fingers. Honestly, I hadn’t expected to enjoy this one so much. A pleasant surprise.

  12. Antranig B.

    When i first got these i couldnt resist and had to light up immediately. Was a little tight, not much smoke so no real flavors…….thought i had made a mistake purchasing these.
    So put em away……then six months later..WOW i absolutely love them, strong, full rich smoke, tasty!! I will not be so quick to judge now!! Very impressive cigar, i put it up with the bolivar royal corona extra

  13. Robert J.

    I .had these in my humidor for almost a year; I try to save them for some special occasion or after a substantial dinner.
    Visually this is a good looking vitola with a dark vein free wrapper. Construction is superb providing even razor sharp burn with nice firm dark ash. But the taste is which separates this one from the rest, very smooth and complex with some cedar and leather undertones.

  14. Braden H.

    Just bought a few of these from my favorite tobaconist in the UK. They were singles so I’m not sure how old/young they were. The initial inch was a little grassy and I was initially a little disapointed. As the cigar developed it got more intense and better flavored evolving into flavors of earth, leather and a mild sweet spice that could be described as mix between vanilla and honey. By the time it was down to the nub my disappointment was now becuase the cigar was almost gone. I think some age will do wonders for these so I’m going to pack away the others for a while and see what happens.

  15. Danny T.

    A well constructed, good smoking cigar. Nice blend of spice, cedar and leather notes throughout. I would have to say a really good cigar for the price.

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