Por Larranaga Petit Coronas


Overview: Por Larranaga Petit Coronas

The Por Larranaga Petit Coronas is a Marevas viola, measuring 129mm in length with a 42 ring gauge, available in a striking cabinet of 50.

The aromas that float off this cigar are a delightful blend of coffee mixed with a dash of chocolate. Once lit, a light honey sweetness appeared and intensified towards the second third. We found a rich, dark flavour reminiscent of salted caramel developed in the first third that became the dominant flavour in the second third, where we also found flavours of toasted tobacco, espresso and a touch of new leather.

Strength is mild to medium in strength and medium in body, surprisingly smooth in its profile we detected no harsh or bitterness. This cigar has an average smoke time of 60-75 minutes.

If you can manage to wait, let this cigar rest for 3-5 years in your humidor. You will be rewarded with a rounder, sweeter bouquet of flavours.

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12 reviews for Por Larranaga Petit Coronas

  1. Frederick D.

    What a great sleeper cigar. Smokes more like a 50 ring guage. Needs a couple of 6 months in the humidor. but This is Overall a outstanding cigar. Thanks to Kevin for reccomending it to me. It’s a little powerhouse of a smoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John L.

  2. Antranig B.

    Good little smoke…but…….let them age a little while and WOW
    smooth and tasty, i let a few sit for 3 months and boy am i glad i did!! Recomend you do the same!! and at the low price for 50 am sure you can set a few aside!

  3. Howard D.

    This is a nice looking cigar, but the draw was a little too tight at first. It got much better after 1.5″. The wrapper is a nice even medium tan color, with some veins. The construction was excellent, with a firm sponginess. Examining the foot showed a very well mixed blend of lighter fill and darker ligero leaves. The prelight flavors include aged tobaco, mild leather and fruit. The initial taste after lighting was toasty, mild leather and mild, white pepper. Towards the middle the white pepper moved to a more heavy black pepper taste and a medium-full strength. The smoke had a light, woody smell. The ash dropped off at 1.5″, and had a light grey exterior color with a salt and pepper interior color that mirrored the blend. Overall, a good cigar for the price. I do recommend, as others have, letting these age. As the box code shows, the one I smoked was a little over a year old, and I will probably save some of these for over three years.

  4. David S.

    I’ve enjoyed several cabs of this little cutie and look forward to many more. The magic of this cigar for me is its DEPENDABILITY. Draw is always easy, never hot, plenty of rich smoke. Construction is beautiful, uniformly firm, very even burn with a crisp long ash. Flavor is always medium body clean tobacco, slightly toasty and woodsy, hints of sweetness. At it’s price, this 45-minute stick has become a regular for me. I’ve read that this cigar ages beautifully for decades, but I’m afraid I can’t hold on to one that long. Mine are always gone by one or two years old and they’re great already.

  5. Joseph H.

    I thought these weren’t as good as before when I started gorging myself on this box. Maybe it was the Swiss selection? I have been getting the PL PetCor’s from Australia which were great right out of the box. Another purchase from a year or two from another Swiss vendor they became a favorite, hence a staple. I thought I would keep them around at all times for their quality X value. When I got my purchase from Cuban Lou’s I thought they were not as good as usual. True I could be getting very, very spoiled, but then after putting only a few months on them I became enlightened to a newness in the cigar. The quality at CL’s is mystical. Things can be deceiving. These cigars already dispelled( maybe emitted or blew-off) what I felt was a greeness or coarseness in their early flavor. Maybe they had to breathe a bit or just mature? They became incredible- incredibly creamy, and what I like to call a creamy custardy lemon merangue. They are woody and very creamy delights that got great in only two months. It sounds weird. I examined the appearance also and the wrappers are dark and oily, with glandular hairs, including lovely glistening resin ducts. LOL, I have a degree in botany, and may be a little imaginative. These things are getting fancy!!!

  6. Yukiko H.

    These came from a cab from 2003. They were fragile and thin looking, and were slightly dry. However, the draw was good and it produced a great layer of smoke. It loaded the palate with caramel, sugar, salt, and a nuttiness. It also showed some cedar notes. Very complex, smooth, and elegant.

  7. Hernando O.

    Construction a little rough. The bands started changing color (patches of green). Had me worried it was mold, but it was just a reaction in the ink on the band. Flavor was okay.

  8. Alexander T.

    These have a nice balance of caramel and spice. I really like the PL blend in this size. It’s the one in the marca I feel is not to be missed. Construction is good and I hear they are best out of a cab. Mine was medium to full bodied. Got to be a bit much during the last
    1/2 but otherwise I think I’d look to age a cab of these in the near future.

  9. Brice D.

    Great pc to smoke anytime of day. Nice solid triple cap. Great burn with firm gray ash. The aroma is sweet like the taste. Carmel and coffee are the taste that comes through. I got another box of these that had only 15 months of age that are still very smooth smoking. These can’t be beat for the price.

  10. Robert J.

    I orederd a cab of 50 on 12-26-09 and was affraid that due to the holiday season the shipping would take some extra time – but NO – it arrived about ten days later.
    But back to PL PC. Upon arrival I opened the cab and was instantly greeted by wonderful aroma of cuban tobacco. But I resisted to smoke one at that time as to provide some recovery from shipping.
    After about a month in my humidor I finaly retrieved one and cut it with a bullet cutter. The initial inspection revealed nice dark wrapper without any major veins, nicely applied cap and good bunching at the foot. Upon lighting I was greeted by somewhat sweet caramel taste which lasted for first 2/3, kind of light-medium body with a perfect draw and firm silvery ash which lasted about 1and1/2 inch. The last third picked some intensity, but never there was any harshness and/or aftertaste.
    My only misgiving about this vitola is that I wished to experience same taste in a larger size. Just image this cigar in either robusto or corona gorda size – this would be an ultimate perfection!
    Thanks to CL for this wonderful experience!

  11. George G.

    I love to cook. And this cigar compliments a great meal and dessert. Last week I cooked a meal of filet mignon, small red potatoes cooked in olive oil, and Carrot Cake for dessert. After the meal I smoked one of these fine cigars. This cigar has great sweet flavors that include nutmeg and honey that complimented the dessert I was eating. Purchased two boxes for long term aging. A real classic. A+

  12. John C.

    GREAT CIGAR….FULL OF AROMAS….A REAL CUBAN…. gonna buy a lot more of this kind….Thanks lads,regards from ireland

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