Por Larranaga Montecarlos


Overview: Por Larranaga Montecarlos

The Por Larranaga Montecarlos is a Deliciosos vitola, measuring 159mm in length with a 33 ring gauge. There was previously a machine-made Montecarlo by PL, but in 2002 it was replaced by the hand-made Montecarlo which is the model currently in production.

This cigar is wrapped with a beautiful Colorado claro wrapper, decorated with a stunning LP branded gold band and is silky smooth to the touch.

The cold draw on the Montecarlos offered notes of cedar and nut, once lit there was a light sweetness that came through with notes of almond, bread and creamy caramel. The strength began mild, steadily increasing to a medium point but not until the final third. The burn was sharp and the tobacco flavour intensified as this cigar came to a finish, right around the one hour mark.

We recommend smoking this cigar slowly due to the mild profile, if it burns too quickly the flavours may become bitter.

This makes an excellent daytime or pre dinner cigar, try it with a creamy cappuccino or a crisp white wine, Sauvignon Blanc would make an excellent pair.

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1 review for Por Larranaga Montecarlos

  1. Hernando O.

    PL as a brand has a certain complexity that is uniquely it’s own; bold and distinct. This smoke was satisfying and complex, but the range in the complexity was hard to pinpoint. The cigar started out light, airy, and creamy, then developed a chocolate note. Toward the end, I noticed leathery earthy tastes. I usually steer away from anything under a 40 RG, but the burn and draw never let me down.

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