Partagas Shorts


Overview: Partagas Shorts

The Partagas Shorts D is a Minuto vitola, measuring 110mm in length with a 42 ring gauge.

It is surprisingly rich in profile, a floral mixed with warm tobacco scent floats off the wrapper, the cold draw is distinctly spicy cedar, these notes carry through as the top flavours once it has been lit.

In the second third the body settles around a medium strength, with flavours of chocolate, nuts and vanilla joining the bouquet, while cedar remains dominant and a final dash of spice pops up towards the finish.

Despite the name, you will still need at least 45 minutes to fully enjoy this cigar, try pairing this with a creamy cappuccino to offset the rustic flavours at the top.

This cigar needs some time to rest for its profile to fully develop, try for 2-3 years in your humidor for it to reach its full potential.

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13 reviews for Partagas Shorts

  1. Donald C.

    I agree with Tony. What a smoke. I did find it to burn longer than the 15 minutes mentioned in the discription which was nice. This little guy has everything to offer from a larger size except the committment. Really huge on flavor. So for you non-committal types this is the one for you.

  2. Thomas W.

    I was surprised with the body and flavour of this cigar given its smallish size. Overall a great short smoke (about 15-20 mins) with the highlights being: 1) medium body, 2)good draw, and 3) mild flavour.

  3. Chris C.

    Wow what a great little smoke for the value. Imo a wonderful introduction to the partagas line. Nice spice and that twang that everyone always talks about. A cigar that will definitely benefit from age. An excellent go to smoke!

  4. Antranig B.

    great smoke for a shortie!! long on taste and packs a punch. i like it over all as a great start to the evening!! still looking for the followup… problem…..right after i bought it it went on sale!! oh well better order another box

  5. Yukiko H.

    This little minuto is packed with flavor. It is made exceptionally well, with a dark, luscious wrapper. The draw is slightly firm, but is ok. It delivers a ton of very, very dark earthy flavors, full of dark roasted coffee grounds, spice, and a dark earthy sweetness. It should age great!

  6. Marco F.

    This sick always amazes me with all the flavor this stick has to offer. This is good for about 20 min or so. It kind of reminds me of a little PSD4 smokes much quicker. Being the size you would think they would heat up but that wsn’t the case I have had. The burn was razor sharp and perfect.

  7. Hernando O.

    Slightly coarse wrapper, with one vein runny down one side. Pre-light draw seemed a little loose.

    Post-light produced lots of creamy-smooth smoke with strong spice and a good bit of power. Hints of vanilla and toasted almonds with a tiny amount of citrus flavors. The strength was on the full side of medium/full.

    The finish remained smooth and clean with a nice aftertaste throughout. It was a little strong for a morning or breakfast smoke.

  8. Alexander T.

    The construction on these is always good. Taste is classic Partagas “twang” and spiciness. Very smooth and creamy. Medium to heavy body. Would recommend again and again.

  9. Gregory V.

    This cigar has a nice firm draw with nice firm grey/white ash. Full of taste from beginning to end. A great mix of nuts and wood taste. It even finished with a taste of cream. This is an excellent cigar, even young.

  10. Jason G.

    This is a go to smoke for me. Great in the winter, and great while rowing or fishing the river.
    I have never had a bad one… a couple of tight ones once in a great while but that is the norm. Just love the flavors of spice, cinnamon, bean, and very smooth… never a harsh note. I call it the Party 898 mini-me!
    If you want a great little smoke that will last you 40 minutes you gotta try this guy! You deserve it. If you find it a little to strong for you, then try the SC principe….

  11. Gerald F.

    In my opinion, for the past few years the Partagas Shorts have been some of the most consistently well performing and tasting cigars in production. I don’t normally think of a cigar this size in the "thirds" detailed in most review of larger formats, but from start to finish it develops exactly like its bigger counterparts. Such a full body in a small package, I think this is the smartest purchase a lover of the leaf can make right now. For the money, guaranteed big return on investment.

  12. Danny T.

    A nice cigar for a 30 – 45 minute smoke as noted in one of the other reviews. Flavors consist of spice, wood and a hint of mocha. Another solid cigar for the price. I would rate it a 4.5 but will go with a 4 since there are no half stars.

  13. Paul M.

    Recently I opened a SLB of 50 (dated AUG 2013)which has been sitting in my humidor for several months and smoked a first one – the smoking experience was better than expected.
    In some reviews it was described as the best cigar coming out of Cuba and I am in full agreement with that assessment; it absolutely delicious with typical Partagas flavors, excellent construction and good draw.
    IMHO it is better than D4 and/or RASS.
    Yes, it is a short smoke about 40 minutes but what a smoke!
    Too bad it is difficult to get SLB of 50, but I plan to stock up on these!

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