Partagas Serie P No.2


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Overview: Partagas Serie P No.2

The Partagas Serie P No.2 is the highly sought after Piramides vitola, measuring 156 mm in length with a 52 ring gauge.

These cigars belong to the historical Partagas alphabet series which dates back to 1930, the Serie P No. 2 was added to the portfolio in 2005 and quickly became a favourite amongst aficionados. They are available in decorated 25 count boxes.

The wrapper is a Colorado colour, hand rolled and filled with the finest Cuban long filler tobaccos they offer mild aromas of floral, cedar and a touch of cocoa. The cold draw offers a brown sugar sweetness mixed with toasted tobacco and a touch of cedar as well.

Once lit the draw is excellent, offering a healthy amount of thick creamy smoke that has a distinct sweet and salty flavour that has become something of a signature for Partagas. In the second third a wonderful complexity develops and more distinguished flavours of caramel and pepper come through, with softer notes of citrus fruit and coffee in the background.

This cigar is milder than expected from the brand, while still maintaining a medium body and medium strength that increases only slightly towards the finish, reaching a medium full. Expect to enjoy this cigar for around the 2 hour mark.

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21 reviews for Partagas Serie P No.2

  1. Juziel P.

    Many compare this to the Monte #2. The only thing that I have found them to have in common is the shape. The Partagas is a more rustic cigar with an earhty punch to it. Being a Partagas, it has that rich tobacco flavor that appears across the whole brand.

    The Monte is unique and this cigar is unique. I think one should try both to experience them. In my opinion, they are both great cigars, and to say thay one could replace the other is an injustice.

  2. Maria N.

    I really enjoy this cigar, as it is truly different from any other belicoso or torpedo out there. From the time you open the box and see the earthy red wrapper to the first smell of these cigars, you know that you are in for a treat. The cigar is certainly not overly powerful, but its earthy and woody character along with a great draw is pleasingly different and sets this cigar apart. A real pleasure to smoke and highly recommended if you want a truly different smoke.

  3. Michael P.

    The Partagas Serie P No 2 is now my favorite smoke on the planet. Picked one up at LCDH in Puerto Vallarta and was amazed. It was not the sunny beach day that I had hoped for, rather there was a tropical storm off shore raining on us. Fortunately, I found a nice covered sitting area at our resort and put this one to the test. Absolutely the smoothest, tastiest flavor I have experienced. It was a little tightly rolled, but did not detract from the taste. I immediately ordered a box from the best Habanos dealer (Lou’s) when I got home.

  4. Steve C.

    This is by far one of the best cigars I have smoked in a long time, the first one I had was good but you could tell it need some time in the humidor. After a few months they got better and I am sure they will only get better over time. The construction is a work of art, when you hold this cigar you will say to your self this is one of the finest cigars ever made by man. If you have a big steak dinner with a good read this is the best dessert I can think of. To bad they dont have an 11

  5. Pini D.

    Took me a while to fall in love with this cigar…always had them a little too green but once i learned to sit on a box for a few months and let them settle down…Wow. So Cuban, so Partagas. love the new tubes.

  6. Paul C.

    Well, it is always hard to fault a Partagas stick. This one proves to be no exception to the overall quality and value that this fine line has to offer. A beautifully constructed cigar, nice even burn, ashes a dark gray, full flavor without being harsh. I generally find that cubans offer me a dark chocolate taste that is appealing, this one was much more of the leather and wood flavors instead. When the box arrived (shipped to my office) I found my co-workers intriqued with this fine cigar and left to office with only 20 of the 25 remaining (there reveiws have been outstanding – “best cigar I have ever tasted”, etc.). I am happy to have added this to my humidor and look forward to the flavors with a little aging.

  7. Leidazu Z.

    A very nice spicy full bodied cigar with a hint of sweetness. I will defiantly keep this one in my cigar rotation

  8. Marco F.

    These are a great smoke that I have smoked many of while traveling over the years. I havent had a bad smoke yet in this format. They are rich and so tasty. I like these better being a tad milder than the D4 but just as good. Highly Recomended!

  9. Mark H.

    This is a cigar that HAS to be tried. Since each persons taste is different you have to find out for yourself if this suits your taste. But, I will tell you this is the richest, most enjoyable smokes I have ever tried. The wrapper has a rough texture and the construction was solid for the entire box. The thing that really impresses me about this smoke is how it starts great and finishes with a flavor that will blow you away. Order this one and a box of serieD #4 and you will have a humidor of some of the finest cigars in the world.

  10. Hernando O.

    This caramel colored torpedo had good weight to it and pre-light draw was perfect, with a sweet tobacco taste.

    Post-light brought on some spice and cedar. As the smoke progressed, the spice mellowed out and then it was pure cedar and leather. I know it lists as a full-bodied smoke, but I considered this more of a medium-full. Didn’t detect much change in the flavor, though the flavor and aroma remained nice through the whole experience.

    Strong ash and a steady burn with a couple minor touch ups, but nothing major.

    A very satisfying smoke!

  11. Chris L.

    I know I shouldn’t but I couldn’t help myself… I had to try one as soon as I received the shipment from Cuban Lou’s. I love he Monte 2 so was expecting a good smoke. I wasn’t let down. The first draw before I’d lit up enticed me with aromatic tobacco and a tinge of vanilla, reminiscent of the Monte I already cherished. The draw was perfect. Spicieness increased once I got to the half way point, tasting like an entirely different cigar at the finish. I was very satisfied. A week later, after a week for the box to unwind in my humidor, I tried a second and found any slight roughness that might have been there the week earlier was already dissapating. It was even better.

  12. John A.

    I bought a box of these..25 firesticks that Thor himself would be proud to smoke. Now they were a bit dry..that may be more to do with my crappy humidor than CubanLous but needless to say that after replacing one crappy humidor for a less crappier one and a couple of days with some XIKAR solution they were ready to try…Full of flavor and a joy to behold. A solid smoke, couldnt fault the cigar….As I write this I want more….

  13. Denise D.

    Despite its young age, the SP #2 is fullbodied with lots of flavor and qualty. Burns well and with age will become even better.

  14. James R.

    friend pass me one from his sampler pack, find this to be a decent torpedo, feels nice in hand with its wide ring gauge, pleasant aroma overall, good volume of smoke, flavor was decent, but wasn’t blown away by it. worth a try.

  15. Jason G.

    I just LOVE this cigar. Have smoked em from boxes of 25, 10, and AT’s and it never dissapoints. I like the Monty #2 as well but this is just a richer, more complex and far more consistant torpedo. Many flavors to savor here… nuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, exotic woods, cream…. rich and smooooth

  16. Charles L.

    I’ve had the Montecristo #2 and in my opinion this one is just plain better. Richer in flavor and overall was just a pleasure to smoke. If I were to rate a Monte at 9.5, this Partagas P2 is most definitely an 11! Try it and see.

  17. Scott T.

    Great smoke.. after the Monte #2 this is a great cigar full bodied bought 2 boxes smoked one put one in the humidor a year later WOW great.. Im ready for 2 more boxes

  18. a. (verified owner)

    I have bought several varieties of cigars from Lou’s and this is my favorite. Upon lighting , the taste hits instantly, a very smooth and mellow flavor. This lasts throughout your smoke. It is medium-full and lasts almost an hour. The ash stays strong on the cigar as you enjoy it. Great price for a wonderful cigar.

  19. u. (verified owner)

    I have purchased before and they were great. My last order however the wrapper was not that darker reddish color I am used to.

  20. r. (verified owner)

    I have had several boxes from Lou’s and just finished a box of 10. This box was not as well constructed. Uneven burn and some soft spots. Still outstanding flavor and I will order again. Just a subpar box.

  21. Ani K. (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this cigar. The draw is average. Flavor is definitely spicy & full bodied. Due to it’s average draw my rating is 85.

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