Partagas Coronas Senior


Overview: Partagas Coronas Senior

The Partagas Senior is a Eminentes vitola with a length of 132mm and a 44 ring gauge

The Coronas Senior cigars have a classic Partagas flavour, the burn is sharp and the smoke is silky smooth smoke. This smoke starts out with a medium in body and strength, while staying complex and hearty the whole way through.

The flavours begin with a smooth blend of vanilla, spice and a touch of leather, with the classic zing from the background flavour of citrus nestled between the rustic top notes. We found some additional notes of floral and coffee to creep in around the halfway point, and the strength reaching a medium- full flavour by the finish which landed around the 60 minute mark.

The Classic Partagas flavours with a medium body allows this to be an excellent introduction for a novice smoker. Expect a smoking time of approximately 60 minutes.

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5 reviews for Partagas Coronas Senior

  1. Christopher D.

    There is no doubt that you’re smoking a Habano when you’re smoking a Partagas. The Corona Senior is a truly enjoyable cigar. Medium strong complex flavors leaning toward earthy/woody. Great draw, nice even burn, firm light grey ash. Very consistent from stick to stick. One of my favorites, especially complemented with a cold Guinness and a bit of Jameson. A combination that’s a little piece of heaven!

  2. Chris C.

    If You are looking for a nice little cigar to have with coffee in the morning, this is it. The coronas senior doesn’t pack quite the punch the party short does. However, it does deliver. A nice medium bodied cigar that burnt perfect light grey ash that hung on for a good while. Had some spice and nice floral notes 9.5!

  3. David R.

    I knew I was in for a treat form the prelight flavor. No question this is a mainstay in my Humi. The flavor had some earth, wood & floral notes with a tighter draw at first only to open up the 2nd half. The ash was a lite grayish in color, and the contruction was smooth and a little oily. I liked the tubos packaging with cedar wrapper. This would go great with your morning coffee or a Black&Tan. I will be buying another box soon!

  4. Eric S.

    i generally preffer a robust cigar because of size time and taste. i have to say after trying this partagas im not so biased anymore! smoothe mild flavor two mouths full of smoke for every drag and a really decent smoke time. not to mention the fact that its beautiful in design and construction.

  5. Robert J.

    I received these about a week ago; I was hesitating to smoke one as soon after the arrival, but the tubes have provided sufficient protection from any damage caused by transit.
    Good costruction, nice feel some underfill resulting in some uneven(but selfcorrecting) burn with some soft flaky ash. But the pre-light aroma indicated something special – taste -typical Partagas “twang”.
    I plan to stock up on these as soon they become available again.

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