Montecristo Puritos


Overview: Montecristo Puritos

The Montecristo Puritos is a Purito vitola, with a 27 ring gauge and 109mm in length. 

The cold draw of the Puritos offers a light flavour of hay mixed with a touch of leather, once lit flavours of sweet cream,  coffee and toasted tobacco are up front with a dash of spice coming in halfway through. The body hovers around the medium mark, while the flavours are strong, hovering around full. These little smokes have many characteristics of the classic Montecristo flavours packed into a much more approachable size and price point. 

The draw is excellent on this cigar, being that they are machine made, this makes them very consistent in their production, while they still have the rustic appearance of their hand rolled siblings. 

These cigars resemble a cigarillo in size, perfect for an everyday smoke, they are individually wrapped in cellophane inside a handy little pack. They are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee in the morning, offering around 30 minutes of smoking pleasure.

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