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This Mareva from Montecristo is the world's most-sold Habano. It is the epicenter of all medium-size Habanos, and all other Marevas, since all of them generally use it as a point of reference. Strong and serious, it is without any doubt a big Habano in a small body.



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Box of 25

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Length5.0 inches (129mm)
Ring Gauge42
Packing CodeCB-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25
StrengthMedium - Full
Factory ShapeMarevas
Country of OriginCuba
Box/Pack SizeBox of 25

Great smoke

All I can say is WOW! I can see why this is the standard for all cigars. Awesome taste with a great burn.


    Yay & WOW! Just received my first box of these, my first Cuban Lou's purchase. I am smokin' one now and LOVE it. I have always been a fan of Feuntes but now, I have a new love. And, as I have usually smoked much larger sizes (big Churchills) over the years, I was wondering how I would like a smaller cigar like this, but have to say it is a nice smoke and I don't feel like I am in a marathon for two hours to finish it.


      Purchasing based on the very favorable reviews.


        There is no doubt why this one is the best selling cigar on this planet!
        Its construction is excellent with medium colored wrapper, double cap, feeling solid in your hand. It provides generous smoke volume with beautiful blue smoke, smooth complex taste with typical Monti "twang", even burn with silvery firm ash and overall consistent quality through the box.


          Ok so i had been a longtime customer of a competing website for cubans to the USA and have never had any issues, however when you can get the same product with superior service & delivery for less $$ you got to go with the lower prices. So I recently ordered a box on Monte #4's from Cubanlou's and within 7 days they were in my mailbox. I just took 1 out and smoked it. Perfect and the box was 100% sealed with none of the stickers cut or opened. I just placed my 2nd order since I am so happy to have a new merchant that I can trust to deliver 100% authentic/sealed boxes and cigars from Cuba. Thanks Kevin you have earned my business !!
          Chris (Las Vegas, NV)


            Finally, my cousin sent me a box of these straight from Cuba!!! I have been buying my cigars from Cuban Lou's because as you might know, it is difficult or almost impossible to get them shipped from Cuba. And they were not good at all. Men, there is not anything like this. The construction, the aroma, the flavor. I tried one even the same day when i got them, and it cannot be compare to anything you buy through the internet. I pre-lighted it and that was it. The aroma from Vuelta abajo Pinar del Rio Cuba!!!. It is very difficult or almost impossible to create a soil with the conditions in that geographic zone. I know that people have tried to create that climate, but without success. They do not need to be aged at all. Of course, they will be much better in a few years. My point is that these SWISS are ok( I bought a box 6 months ago), but not as good as if you buy them in Cuba....Good customer service and shipping..., that is all I can say about it.....It is funny because I gave to a friend one cigar from Cuban Lous's, who had never had a real Cuban before, and he told me that that was the best cigar he had ever had. Then, I gave him the same cigar, but a real one from Cuba, and he was flabbergasted with the difference. I realized now why people do great reviews on these...


              There's a reason this is one of the best selling cuban cigars!
              This was my 1st box purchased from Cuban Lou's, needless to say they have taken my business from another big-time online Habanos dealer. Two reasons; great quality cigars and fabulous customer service!
              Thanks Kevin
              This box of Monte 4's was just perfect! Color, wrapper, draw, and flavor. Even for a 1yr old Cuban and getting better as time goes buy!


                Its easy to see why this cigar generates so much word of mouth. The price to quality ratio cannot be beat. Classic coffee and cocoa cuban twang with just a hint of spice. Construction is always great. I've yet to have a bad one.


                  OMG - this has to be the best cigar in the world. I let them rest after arriving for about a week in the humidor and lit one up. So far I have had 4 and have had perfect draws. The taste is incredible. Starts off light and then gets more complex as you smoke. It ends up with a great taste of chocolate and coffee in my opinion.

                  As I said, it has to be the greatest cigar in the world.


                    I haven't had one of these in years. It is one of the most perfect cigars every made. Light in the first third then getting more spicy as the smoke goes on. My wife and I smoked them yesterday on our 24th wedding anniversary and loved them. Excellent smoke!


                      It's hard to beat this cigar in price and value. A very delicious, even burning, medium to full body smoke that turns any occasion into a special one! My sons and I have gone through 3 boxes and only had 3 that were rolled so tightly that we had to give up the effort. No complaints, though, and will be buying more, as this cigar is a great everyday smoke, especially when you only have about 45 minutes.


                        Believe it or not, I know people who wont smoke this classic cigar just because it is so popular! This is the one that always reminds me what I want from a Cuban cigar. When they are good I have to say that they are very hard to beat for taste and flavour. My cigar.


                          Well here it goes. This is my first Monte no.4
                          I was expecting the golden child and it was disappointing.
                          Out of the first 10 I had 3 no draws.
                          This is probably a fluke but I have found inconsistency in
                          construction. Some smoke very very nice. Others turn me
                          blue in the face from puffing so hard. I will break out my draw
                          poker and keep it handy.
                          A tip that helps is to hand role the cigar on a table top feeling
                          for hardness from one end to the other. Most of mine were tight
                          around the band area again probably a new roller or something.
                          The ones that had no trouble burning were delicious and extremely
                          smooth and will make your mouth water just thinking about them.

                          I had some of the limited 2006's from Monte and let me tell you that
                          they are great if you can find them.


                            Wow!! I could not be more pleased with my first experience purchasing from Cuban Lou's. Customer service is a 10+, Kevin was great in helping me out. Smoked one of these right out of the box and was in heaven! It has such a great rich cuban tobacco taste while being extremely smooth. I enjoy cigars from all different countries, but cuban tobacco is the top of the heap. Such a clean, rich, smooth, pure flavor. I highly recommend the Monte No. 4 for a great 20 min. smoke.


                              Very mild and easy smoke. For the price you can't beat it.


                                I just received the box of Monte #4's I ordered 5 days ago and couldn't wait to dive right in. After 5 min of aging I looked longingly at the stog and could tell that it wanted me. I cut off the end with a cheap pair of scissors my kids used when in kindergarten. I took a pre-light draw and it was FANTASTIC (as Arnold would say). It took a while but I finally got one of the lame matches my friend Mark brought over to light and lit up that succulent stick. Immediately I was transported to a place and time only imagined in dreams. The sweet cedar sap of the cuban seed was evident in the rich, bellowing cloud of vapor that enshrouded the entire patio, (registering a crisp 310 degrees Kelvin). A gentile swig from the Maccallan 25 further enhanced the moment and brought me to orgasm. After that I was tired and had no interest in the rest of the cigar which I quickly extinguished and threw into the garden graveyard where all good cuban cigar stubs go to die.


                                  Just receive the box few minutes ago. the smell of cuban excites me every time I open one. the first one was young and fresh, but the flavor and draw was perfect. I made a perfect cut just before the cap ends (a good cut could solve difficult draw problem, in my opinion). I'm down to last third right now, the flavor was smooth and peppery with little cidar note. I would recommend to anyone who wants to enjoy a good cuban.


                                    These are by far the best cigars I've ever smoked... They're smooth yet flavorful. The only problem I've had is that a few (maybe 2 per box) are so hard to draw that they're not enjoyable. However, for the price you can't go wrong for a good box of cubans! I've noticed that the longer they sit in the humidor the better they get!


                                      This little smoke is outstanding! I say little because it is a great cigar when under time restraints, but its flavor is anything but miniscule. Your pallet is treated to creamy, coffee notes that resonate throughout the entire medium-full bodied experience. The quality is always consistent and they all seem to burn perfectly. No wonder this is one of Habana's top selling cigars.


                                        This box of Monte's was both fantastic and disappointing at the same time. When the draw was good these little gems are hard to beat, but unfortunately 6 cigars out of this box were completely plugged. Even using a correction tool did not improve the draw to the point of smokable. I still love Montecristos but this just wasn't the best box. Maybe the guy rolling that day had too much rum in him.


                                          wow, love these!! i am new to the cigar world and am blown away by the great flavor!!


                                            I just today recieved a box of 10 that arrived here in the U.S. in 5 days. I know i should let them sit a while but after a cold winter today it reached near 70 degrees in the norteast part of the country so i could not resist. Upon opening the box that wonderful smell that only Habanos cigars produce hit me. I quickly put 9 in the humidor and went outside for the experience.

                                            Before i start i did not have high hopes as they are very young and were out in the elements during shipping. Pre-light was good the aroma was not what i had hope but still nice. This cigar had a beautiful chocolate brown wrapper and i noticed some fur on it(reminded me of a RASS. The first 3rd of the cigar was tangy but pleasent and the second 3rd had a nutty flavor i tasted almond and nutmeg very nice. The last 3rd got very spicy and peppery and it was a little stong.

                                            Overall i was quite pleased give it about a 7.5 overall i really thought it was going to be lower. The rest will sit in my humi till the summer of 09 and i will try a couple of them then and the rest will be aged another year or longer if these improve like i think they will it is going to be a outstanding cigar in 2 years


                                              As soon as you open the box and smell them you can tell the quality is much better than the norm. I left them in the humidor for 5 days and then couldn't resist. Smokes very well; not too heavy and a great tasting cigar. Would recommend these to anyone.


                                                This is the first time I have purchased a box of Cuban Cigars. After I had gotten over the initial bewilderment of actually having a box of true Habanos, I found very little wrong with them. They were a nicely packaged and moist when they reached me. Some of the cigars looked a little rough, but all together looked great. The first cigar out of the box that I smoked was rolled way too tight. I was exhausted after smoking it. But, I gave it another shot and the next one was perfect!. They definitly need some more age on them. I dropped them into the lower shelf of my humidor to age with a few other choice cigars in my collection. Thanks for the fast service and the great cigars!


                                                  Without a dobut the finest habano cigar I have ever had the pleasure of smoking!!!! From the minute I opened the box I was very pleased, Beautiful is the best way to describe them to you. As for the flavor its unmatched, have had the box for about 3 weeks & have eight smokes left. As for value well let just say if Cuban Lous decided to double the price I would still be a buyer!!!! - Carlos


                                                    Good tasting cigar. Ideal for a beginner like me. Great out of the box


                                                      Really great looking cigars and the construction is outstanding. I have only smoked two out of the box of 25 so far, but both of those burned absolutely perfect. I do feel however that these smokes will improve flavorwise with some time in the humidor. They still have the bite of young tobacco, and they have yet to develope that rich earthiness that you usually associate with a montecristo. Hopefully they will continue to improve with time.


                                                        i was contemplating how i could smuggle cubans from canada to the usa... until i found cuban lou's!!! i ordered a box of montecristo #4's and just a few days later i had a box in the mailbox. these things put the other cigars in my humidor to shame! thanks cuban lou's!!!!!!!!


                                                          I have been smoking cigars for approximately 3 years, while on a trip to Negril Jamaica a dive buddy introduced me to the PLEASURES of a real CUBAN dream....The Montecristo No.4 it's not to big in size (Great for new smokers) and the Flavor is HEAVEN...I am and will be forever hooked on these cigars..have tried others but none compare,Only problem i have is my GOVERMENT (USA) makes it impossible to get these i guess i'll have to keep forcing myself to goto Jamaica...LOL..I put a 3 in experience because like i said i have 3 yrs experience smoking.If you get a chance to get your hands on a Montecristo No.4 DO IT!!!!! you won't regret it

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                                                            Montecristo No.4 (25)

                                                            Montecristo No.4 (25)


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