Montecristo No.4 (10) Expand

Montecristo No.4 (10)

Montecristo Montecristo


This Mareva from Montecristo is the world's most-sold Habano. It is the epicenter of all medium-size Habanos, and all other Marevas, since all of them generally use it as a point of reference. Strong and serious, it is without any doubt a big Habano in a small body.



Box/Pack Size:
Box of 10

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Length5.0 inches (129mm)
Ring Gauge42
Packing CodeCB-UW-n-10-n-10
StrengthMedium - Full
Factory ShapeMarevas
Country of OriginCuba
Box/Pack SizeBox of 10

first one out of the box was a failure. it would not stay lit, burned VERY uneven, and the cap unraveled as it was being smoked. is this usual for what is considered a premium brand? having said that, it was an excellent tasting,(when lit)smoke. unfortunately, one cannot attach a photo with this review.

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This cigar was not at all what i expected from a smaller Monte. Having smoked a couple #2's i thought this one would be a slightly less complex version. I was wrong! This cigar tastes great and is what i would call Full Flavor and medium-full strength. I enjoyed every minute of the smoke but maybe next time i'll have one of these "after" dinner instead of before. I did notice the only one ive smoked so far did not have the greatest burn but the draw was spot on. I relit this cigar the next day just to see why people say not to but it tasted the same so i smoked the last inch as far down as it would go. Certainly a stronger cigar - dont let the size fool you. Heavy Monte flavors - ordered a 10 pack of Petite Edmundos and anxious to see the difference between all 3. The monte #2 is still at the top for me in this brand.

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A true classic with that very distinctive Monte flavour. The only gripe is that you will always find the odd tight one

A great way to end the day..........


    While I usually would sing high praise for this little Mareva, the current box has had 3 faulty ones in it. Rather surprised, but more upset than anything. They must have been rolled on a Monday or a Friday.

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    I have been through a many of boxes of these. I have been very lucky with these and can say I havent had a plugged one of these yet. They offer all that great creamy tast that you expect from the Montecristo line. These are a clasic and should be a staple in your humidor


      This has to be the official cigar of just having a cigar: great taste, good burn, excellent value. Uncomplicated, unpretentious stogies at their best. Smoked them for years and have always loved them.


        I bought a 5 pack from a different website but this smoke was great! construction was perfect and it started out nutty and towards the middle became a little sweet. Great for cold weather as it lasted around 35 min. Great value!

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        This cigar was recomended to me from a friend of mine that said it was his favorite. The cigar did not disappoint with the earthy flavor and and wonderful burn, this cigar is a must for those who like a mild to medium smoke.

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          Montecristo No.4 (10)

          Montecristo No.4 (10)


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