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Overview: Montecristo No.2

The King of the Piramides, the top selling cigar in the last decade. The Montecristo No. 2 is a Piramide vitola, often referred to as a torpedo, this fine cigar measures 156mm in length with a 52 ring gauge. They are widely regarded as one of, if not the finest example of this vitola. 

The numbered series is the founding line of cigars that launched the Montecristo brand in 1935, they are hand rolled and filled with the finest tobacco leaves from the Piñar del Rio region of Cuba. This range is aged for two years after being rolled, making them a gorgeous smoke right out of the box. 

These are elite cigars, winning the title of cigar of the year in 2013, and going on to become one of the best selling Cuban cigars of all time. This may seem less impressive since they have been in production since 1935, but not when you consider that the formula remains untouched through all those years.  

The No. 2 starts out slowly with a creamy but cool smoke that offers a gorgeous bouquet of flavours including sweet spices like cinnamon and nutmeg mixed with almond, leather and a tangy cedar note. 

They are a wonderful blend of full flavour with a medium bodied intensity that will satisfy an aficionado but won’t overwhelm a novice. While Montecristo No. 2 smokes wonderfully right out of the box, they are also aging perfectly if you can manage to let them rest for a few years.

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53 reviews for Montecristo No.2

  1. Omar K.

    Most of the reviews I have seen say to put the # 2’s away for a couple of years. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait the 8 to 10 days for them to get here. I love them right out of the box. I don’t buy a six pack of my favorite beer and think, this will be good next year. I am probably offending you purists. I buy cigars to smoke and enjoy now.Never know, I might not be here next year. I love the # 2’s today! Louie

  2. James W.

    One of my favorite torpedo shaped Habanos, simply a gem. Wonderful notes of wood/cedar and spice. The cigar starts off slow, then quickly gains steam. Took me about an hour and a half to smoke this bad boy.

    A must try

  3. Francis M.

    I agree with Louis and cannot wait to get them in the mail! This cigar does need some age to enhance the flavor and burn but are still good straight out of the box. It is also the tale of two halves. It does burn and taste better during the 2nd half of the smoke. I am going to have to find some discipline somewhere and let them age in my humi. It is definitely a winner and enjoyable 1+ hour of smoking pleasure. I am always looking for a good medium to full body smoke and am exceptionally thankful to be a part of the Cuban Lou’s family where I can learn and share smoking experiences. Cheers 😉

  4. Papachristou G.

    The #2 was my first cuban. I ordered a box and was excited to try one the first day they arrived. These things smell and look amazing right out of the box. Unfortunately, the first one I smoked was plugged, so I couldn’t tell how good/bad they were. I put the box in my humidor for a few days and tried a second one today. It was very good. Good taste and very smooth. I’m going to let the rest age a while before I try another one.

  5. Gavin O.

    The quintessential, good for all ocassions cigar. Out of all the Cuban cigars I’ve smoked, this one always delivers the most perfect draw. This is truly a cigar to savor!

  6. Charalambos N.

    Got this one from the Selección Pirámides box, it’s pretty much the only one you can smoke if you want to keep the other rare pirámides. The Montecristo No. 2 is a beautiful cigar, excellent construction, oils exuding from the wrapper even in a recent production, perfect in every way, upon lighting you get what I like to call the cuban strength, a great smell from the leaves trying to fight the flame, excellent draw. The burning was a little off at the middle but it corrected itself. The beginning is a little spicy, cedary, but you start to sense the creaminess that characterizes the rest of the cigar, some coffee throughout, unfortunately all these flavors only make a brief appearance and then become almost indistinguishable, this might be due to the early production, I only left it in my humidor for about 90 days before lighting it and it’s from an ’07 box. You don’t get that increasing strength at the end, it’s a balance that can be good when you get through a wide spectrum of flavors but unfortunately this was not the case. This cigar with this age can be taken everywhere and be smoked anytime, I’d even consider it to be an early day cigar.

  7. Tzung-ling H.

    This is an excellent cigar. Very smooth, great even burn. Highly recomended, just buying a box now for myself!

  8. Robert C.

    Highly recommend. My third experience with #2’s…I don’t know about letting all 25 sit in the humidor for a year plus. I am going to try my best to let about 5 of them sit in the humidor for a year. After only a few weeks, 9 are gone…phenomenal smoke. *******Note- had one out of 9 that was a hard draw and could not finish. 8 out of 9, perfectly rolled…otherwise I would have rated a 10 across the board.

  9. Jorge R.

    WOW! Another superb Cuban Cigar. Very Well constructed and very good taste. I`m smoking them till they burn my finger. The best one I have smoked so far. I will definitely be buying more real soon! A must have cigar in your Humidor! Absolutely Fantastic!

  10. Anthony T.

    One of the best poited cigars. I will continue to add these to my humadore every year. The burn is consistant. The flavor is well balanced. This cigar like all Montecristos needs 3-4 months seasoning.

  11. Jeffrey L.

    The Monte #2 is a standard in my humidor. They are very smokeable soon after arrival. A relatively quick smoke – an hour or so, and extremely consistent in quality. Nicely veined, a very nice spicy smoke. Only complaint is they don’t come with a clip to finish the last 1/2 inch. Their finish is that good. Honestly gets better to the end in contrast to the bitter end that many of the Dominicans seem to develop.

    A definite must have in a well stocked humidor.

  12. Phillip D.

    This is my favorite smoke. The chocolate brown, toothy wrapper is supple and the toothy texture has a great feel in the mouth. The flavor is earty and consistent with each cigar. Loads of smoke with a nutty taste. My go to cigar when I want an absolutely great smoke.

  13. David S.

    Received #2 Monticristos. Smoked two, and enjoyed them as much as any cigar that I have smoked in the Past 30 years. I will place them in the humidor and let them sit for a month. I reordered another box, Lou is the greatest.

  14. George G.

    Smoked one after having a big meal and dessert in the evening. Great construction, perfect draw, loads of flavor. Tasted alot of pleasent dark chocolate and coffee flavors while smoking the cigar, no bitterness. With such a strong flavor profile for such a young cigar I cannot imagine how good these would be with some long term ageing.

    Montecristo No. 2 is one of the highest and best selling Habano’s cigars in the world. Thanks you Cuban Lou’s for your great service! Try a box Montecrito No. 2., you will not be disapointed.

  15. Juan N.

    I think 5 years of rest is ideal for this cigar. I smoked one that was two years old a few days ago. Each #2 improves with time, but it still isn’t quite there yet. I have faith that these can improve even more. This is a med-full smoke, but more on the medium side. It is well balanced in flavor and slightly complex. The overall and common flavor notes on this cigar are earth, charred cedar, and spice. You may be awarded with hints of cream as well. These are one of my favorite smokes and will always have a place in my collection. Next to flavor, the consistency of construction, draw, and burn leave a lasting impression on any smoker.

  16. John C.

    i got this box because i’m down to 2 form an older box. i agree with the last review. these ideally need at least 5 years. that said, it is so hard to not smoke them. when young, they are very strong annd unbalanced. if you have the patience to wait, you will be rewarded with a much more balanced smoke with a lot of complexity.

  17. Michael G.

    Very nice construction and good draw. Even though these are young they still are my all time favorite. Its know mistake why these are always ranked so high. Lots of rich smoke and the taste is a medium to full with hints of spice. Anyone who enjoys cuban cigars owes it to themselves to try the monte #2. I will never be without them in my humidor. Thanks Cuban Lous for the speedy shipping and such awsome service. Your #1.

  18. Sheldon S.

    …but a very consistent top dog. There are countless reviews online about all the different flavors people taste off this cigar so I won’t go there. All I have to say is that in the 13 years I’ve been smoking cigars, Montecristos have always been consistent between sticks and boxes, and are always great right out of the box. The No.2 is at the upper-mid end of this brand so a well stored one of these wont disappoint.

  19. Eric E.

    Having long loved the pyramid shape, No. 2’s have always been a strong attraction, I was however, disappointed with my last box of No. 2’s. The construction was less than stellar and the flavor was noticeably harsh. The cigar was not a dense as I rememebered from previous experiences and the wrapper did not maintain it’s integrity for the full smoke. The harshness in taste continued to build during the smoke and was never supplanted by true flavor at anytime. Perhaps a bad box or perhaps Bolivar Belicosos Finos are just a better cigar these days.

  20. David H.

    The Monti 2 is a superb cigar great for those special occasions. The Monticristo # 2 is a cigar that goes great with a nice single malt out on the patio or on the golf course. The construction of this fine cigar is second to none. It has a great bold flavor and has a very consistant burn. If you are looking for a cigar that will only get better with age this is the cigar for you.

  21. Thomas K.

    This is the second order of these cigars. The quality is great and I enjoy this smoke much better than the Cohiba’s. It’s smother and burns nicer. And thanks to Cuban Lou’s for a great selection of fine cigars.

  22. Mark R.

    I bought a box of Monte #2s in november 07. I let them sit until about a week ago. I’m glad I did. The experience was most enjoyable. The perfect way to top off a good grilled steak and a fine Merlot. The smoke was smooth with just the right bite. The flaovor got better as it burned. No hot flavor at all.

  23. Vincent L.

    For consistency you cannot beat a Montecristo #2. I have smoked them for years and never had a bad one. At one time I had to drive up to Canada and sneak them across the border but now I can just have them delivered at a great price. I agree with other reviews that say this cigar is better with age but I never can seem to wait that long to enjoy them. I say they’re great at any age.

  24. Alf M.

    This is in the top 5 of my favourite cigars. Loveley balanced cigar, great burner. I really enjoy this at a BBQ after i have had a good feed.

  25. Keith P.

    I purchased a box of these from Cuban Lou in February. This was my first experience with the No. 2, and I am glad I tried it! So far it is my 2nd choice among the coigars I maintain in my humidor, just behind the Montecristo No. 4- This has more to do with the fact that I am a casual smoker (1-2 week) than anything else. These cigars are best following a good meal and go great with a Merlot or a Bourbon (my old man prefers Scotch), and deserve time and attention. You will not be dissapointed!

  26. Daniel M.

    Este es uno de mis habanos preferidos ya que le tengo un especial cariño por que fue el que regalamos el dia de mi boda para los invitados.Es un puro que nunca defrauda aunque para saborearlo en su plenitud hay que ser algo experto ,ya que el corte que le hagamos dependera mucho el sabor de la fumada.Una gran fortaleza , un gran sabor y una apariencia magnifica, que mas se puede decir,en fin a disfrutarlo.

  27. Michael S.

    The smell after breaking the seal is just divine. So rich and wonderful. After snipping part of the pyramid top, the unlit draw is magnificent. The cigar is constructed well with very little variance in shade. The flavor is neither mild nor harsh, leaving the room smelling pleasurably scented.

  28. Paul C.

    As I am sure you have noticed, the reviews for the Montecristo No. 2 is always positive and the cigar is consistently a popular choice. Upon lighting this cigar I find a faint taste of ripe cherries that diminishes as it is smoked. As the mild fruitiness diminishes a very faint dark chocolate flavor is detectd. This smoke is very mild to an experienced smoker yet it is still considered to be full of flavor. It is not overpowering and the construction is excellent, no draw problems with this cigar. I just received another box to put in my humidor for aging, though it is good right out of a fresh box as well.

  29. Michael P.

    My first experience with Monte No. 2s was when I picked a couple of them up at LCDH in Puerto Vallarta. Beautiful looking, well constructed, one of the best Habanos around. However, the taste was a little too strong for my pallet. The wrapper was a little less than perfect. I definitely prefer the smooth, flavor filled taste of the Partagas Serie P No. 2 over the Monte. No point in arguing opinions. Personal preference is all I can say. I will let the other one that I have sit for a while in my humidor and re-evaluate it in a year or two.

  30. Stephan C.

    The best cigar around. I have never had a better cuban than the monte #2. Highly Recommend. To all cuban cigar buyers.

  31. Brandon O.

    I think more and more that these are the overall best cigars in my humidor. The construction seems very relable, draw and burn tend to be excellent, and they are a great size. The torpedo format is convenient to smoke and also I feel easy to cut.

    I would love to see how they age, but, unlike many reviewers I do not have the restraint to leave them in the humi…….

  32. Jonathan M.

    This cigar gets more air time than any other Habanos because quite simply the Cuban’s produce far too many of them (2 million per year according to Cigar Afficiando). The biggest problem with the Monecristo No. 2 is quality control. They are produced in half a dozen factories on the Island and this makes it extremely difficult to produce a half way standard product. Some boxes are excellent others very mediocre. For you true cigar enthusiasts I would recommend either the Vegas Robaina Unicos (a better smoke at a smaller cost) or go all out, get off the porch and play with the big dogs and buy the larger, more expensive, but infinately better San Cristobal Muralla’s. When you buy these two brands in Cuba, the Cubians nod knowingly at you, when you line up with the tour bus crowd to buy your 50 Montecristo No. 2’s they can tell that you probably read about them in a cigar magazine.

  33. Josh K.

    I just smoked one of these cigars, fortunately I only bought one, but I don’t know the box code or year. I found it to be one of the worst cubans I have tried to date, and that is including the very first I smoked which was a Guantanamera crystal. If Marc is indeed correct (and after experiencing this cigar I would say that he is) the quality control just is not there for these cigars. It had a very pleasant smell and taste to start with and looked to be very well constructed. as it burned down though it canoed AND went out several times despite relighting and frequent draws in order to keep it burning. I could not put it down (not in a good way) if I let it go for more than 30 seconds without a deep draw (often 2 or 3 in a row in order to get a good smoke) it would go out. It was quite annoying. needless to say I would not buy another one of these. And for those who would say I got a fake and I have no idea what I was talking about It was a real one, I watched the guy open a brand new box (cutting the Cuban seals and everything) and take it out of the box and hand it to me. It was a genuine Cuban, just a very poor one.

  34. Robert M.

    This Cigar is fantastic from the time you lift the lid on the box until you finish and you will take the time to finish it. Had a nice dinner and sat out side with a nice Scotch. Outside temp was approx 71 degrees. Took it out of the box and just kept looking at its perfect construction. This Cigar is good from the begining, you will need some time as it is a good size cigar. The draw was perfect. This will be a cigar that I will always have in the humidor!

  35. Paul P.

    I have had about a 3/4 box aging in the humidoe for the last 2-1/2 years. I finally lit one up after a fantastic dinner at my wife’s and I favorite steakhouse. We retired to the patio where the temperature was in the upper 60°’s the air was still and still some heat radiating from the day from the concrete.

    As always, this Monte #2 was well constructued, however it did have a little larger than normal veins on the underside of the cigar. I clipped the tip with my Xikar cigar scissors and made a perfect cut, the cigar lit beautifully, although it took some time since this is a big stick.

    Almost immediately you could see large bellows of smoke boom from this stogie. It was mellowed out very nicely after the years in the humidor. This was even more pleasant as a deep cedar taste was imparted into the well know Monte 2 taste of floral, mineral, and nuts. The burn line was near perfect, as the burn was razor sharp. This was alomst a 2 hour stick and was wonderfully paired with several glasses of Grahm’s Six grapeds port.

    I have ordered additional boxes and hope they age as well as these ones today.

  36. Kenji P.

    very smooth smoke. consistant throughout. has a strong punch the last half. even burn, overall a wonderful smoke.

  37. Brian G.

    I usually smoke cohiba robustos, but my son recommended montecristo #2. Boy, what a great cigar throughout. Everything they say about this cigar is true. Great tasting, very good draw, and great appearance. I would recommend this cigar to anyone who has not tried it yet.

  38. Afzal M.

    Went in to work for a few hours this morning to run some reports and check out the year-end numbers. Oh yeah, looking good! Came home and decided to fire up a Montecristo No. 2 to celebrate a good year! This was one very oily cigar with a golden brown wrapper that was silky smooth except for a few veins that ran the length. I clipped the head and found a very nice draw with taste of pure tobacco.

    I torched the foot getting a good fire going, and the smell of the smoke was incredible before even taking a draw. After a couple good puffs, I took a long draw and was greeted with a medium smoke and mild, white pepper spice. I’m not sure if it’s because Christmas just passed, but the first thought that popped into my head was sugar cookies. Yes, sugar cookies along with notes of citrus zest and vanilla. Oh my was this good!

    The burn was sharp through the first inch or so, and smoke flowed perfectly with the resistance spot on. The ash was strong, a mottled light and dark gray that I ashed at the inch mark. Halfway in and delicious roasted nuts and just straightforward, rich tobacco came through in the perfect, medium smoke. The burn did get a little crazy on in, however corrected itself just fine.

    There was a perfect spice in the smoke and an incredibly lasting finish of delicious tobacco with that Monte twang. Fantastic! Towards the end the strength increased a notch and the flavors of strong tobacco continued with worn leather and hints of chocolate. What an amazing smoke, one of the best Montes I’ve had to date!

  39. Pini D.

    How could i be so stupid? Not had a monte No2 for about two years, not sure why but i totally forgot why these have such a good reputation. Things are usually considered to be a legend for a very good reason. I just forgot…ah…a monte No2.I remember now.

  40. Allen C.

    I am sucking on one right now…just had a BLAST of chocolat….truely an amazing smoke. Not my favorite..believe it or not the Fonseca Corseco is my favorite!! But this may be my 2nd!

  41. Sven J.

    Absolutely amazing! I had forgotten how well this stick smokes. If I had a “roach” clip, I would not have burned my fingers.

  42. Richard P.

    To my opinion this Monte was too tight. Everything else just perfect as always.

  43. Marco F.

    I smoked one that was given to me by a bud and this was a very good cigar. It had all the Monecristo flavor that sticks with you after the cigar is gone. I was told this was a 2008 so it needs more time in the old hunidor that is for sure. I was also given a Upmann #2 and I think I enjoyed that a tad more. This smoke had more leather taste where the Upmann had a musty great taste to it.

  44. Hernando O.

    This was an oily cigar with a golden brown wrapper. Silky smooth and only a few veins running down the wrapper. Pre-light draw was nice, with taste of pure tobacco.

    After lighting I was greeted with a medium-mild white pepper spice along with notes of citrus and vanilla.

    The smoke flowed perfectly and the ash was strong. Delicious roasted nuts, a perfect amount of spice, and rich tobacco remained through out the experience. This was a good smoke! A real classic.

  45. Michael P.

    The color and the wrapping is perfect.the draw is wonderful from start to finish.I enjoy the smoke with a good glass of port. the delivery was very timely and all the cigars were fresh. I also smoke only these cigars in the morning and evening.

  46. Jake M.

    Before I started smoking Cuban’s, I knew the status of the Montecristo #2. I tried a Dominican one that I purchased for $12. retail. As a beginner, I thought it was good. But now that I have been smoking for several years and have had the opportunity to smoke every good cigar on the planet, there is no comparison between the two as far as flavor, construction, and burn. The Cuban Monty #2 is simply one of the best most consistant cigars I have smoked, and I smoke top tier cigars. It has become my personal favorite and I often recommend them to my friends that haven’t had one. The first box of 10 I ordered from Cuban Lou’s were perfectly aged with a little flowering. I am seriously addidcted to Cuban Lou’s for your quality and prompt delivery. Thanks Kevin and staff, Len B.

  47. R. S.

    I always try & order a few singles when I place an order from Cuban Lou’s, and I highly recommend it. Especially if there are brands and formats you have yet to try. Lou’s singles are what attracted me to the site and the service from Kevin coupled w/quality cigars has me loyal!
    So the Monte #2 single I got was fantastic, tasted as if there was some good age on it. The smooth chocolate coffee & a hint of vanilla surrounded by great clean tobacco flavors. Oh and of course the great clouds of thick smoke pouring out of this awesome format!

  48. Marcos R.

    the problem i usually have the montes is the draw. they look beautiful and smeel divine but not enough darn smoke!! thats not the case with the 2 . just amazing!!

  49. Denise D.

    This cigar needs lots of aging. Great construction, even draw
    and burns well- but I dont feel it lives up the hyped ratings.
    Exhibits nice aroma but plain tabacco, a hint of spice and and
    tad of wood can be tasted. Intensifies as it burns- but expect
    a single flavor thru out.

  50. Robert J.

    This stick was given to me by a friend of my who acquired it somewhere in Caribenian, therfore I was somwhat skeptical (lots of fakes come from this region), especially that the pre-light aroma was almost nonexistent. But, upon lighting – WOW- great typical Monti taste and aroma of well aged cuban tobacco! Construction was perfect, razor sharp burn with firm silvery ash that lasted well past mid point (OK I cheated smoking it holding vertically).
    I think I found my new favorite; I would almost give it a perfect rating, but I am saving it for a 10+ year old Cohiba Esplendido which has been sitting in my humidor for some time.

  51. James R.

    good experience with a Monte No2, wonderful flavors and burns, personally prefer Upmann No2 over Monte though, but can never go wrong with this smoke, definitly worth a try if you havn’t experiene one yet

  52. Kelly C.

    I have just ordered again. You cannot go wrong with this Cigar. Great smooth flavor, good draw, and consistent. It never disappoints. This will be a main staple in my collection for years to come.

  53. Jeff F.

    I loved this cigar. I can’t say enough good things about this cigar. One of my favorites.

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