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Named after Edmundo Dantes, hero of Alexandro Dumas' famous novel "The Count of Montecristo", the Edmundo is the first size to be added to Montecristo's standard range since 1971




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Qty of BoxesPrice per BoxSavings
2 $260.00 You Save $18.00
Length5.3 inches (135mm)
Ring Gauge52
Packing CodeSBN-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25
StrengthMedium - Full
Factory ShapeEdmundo
Country of OriginCuba

Incredible Cigar. Smooth, full-bodied, quite smokey (but not as much as a Liga Privada T52), beautiful dark wrapper, and well-build with just the right amount of pull and flavor.

Thank you Cuban Lou's for another great and authentic purchase at an even greater price. For fellow Monte connoisseurs: even though the image of the cigar shows the traditional Montecristo label, the product has the new label on it; i.e., shiny gold fleur de lis (similar to the image of the Doble Edmundo). When in doubt of authenticity, you can always check it on Happy Smoking.



    This stick had the wrapper color that I have come to expect from montecristo. It was rich and chocolatey, almost like a #2, but without the piquant finish that the #2 gives. I enjoyed it immensely.


      wide ring gauge always pretty to look at and to hold between fingers, nice brown wrapper, strength not as strong as i would expect, light to medium, flavor wise woody mixed with coffee aroma. this wide cigar produces plenty of smoke, a good hour smoke to relax your mind from the daily stress. looking forward to seeing it improve with age in humidor.


        Recently I wrote a review on this vitola after three weeks in my humidor; that time I found the taste somewhat lacking in flavor and the typical Monti "twang".
        However, I smoked one after it spent two months in the humidor and the change was quite dramatic. This vitola shows excellent construction with a dark vein-free wrapper oozing with oils; generous volume of beautiful blue smoke, razor sharp burn with a firm pepper and salt ash (I tapped it at about 2 inches).
        This is what you expect from the first class Monti, some sweetnes with the typical Monti "twang"; its taste does not change though entire lenght, and there is no harshness at all.
        It is somewhat pricey so I shall be saving it for some special occasions.
        It is a MUST for any serious cigar smoker!


          Following a mandatory three week rest in my humidor I smoked one from the box of 25.
          Visually it shows perfect construction with a dark chocolate wrapper and perfectly applied tripple cap; burn was razor sharp with beautifull blue smoke. However, taste was uniformly mild throughout the entire lenght, but it lacked the typical Monti sweet "tang"; I actually prefered No.4 from FEB 09. Definitelly needs some more age - I shall retest it after another 3-6 months.
          But let us talk about the value we all get from CL!
          Last year I saved some money to buy some habanos on my trip to Europe. To my surprise there were none available in airport duty free shops neither in Rome, Wienna or Munich.
          And retail prices were unbelievable; one Edmundo sold for e20.00= 30 USD, 3-pack of Monti #4 was e21.00 which equals to about 10.00 USD per stick.
          We all should be thankful to CL for such favorable pricing on the top of outstanding service!


            My main man Kevin sent me the DARKEST box of Edmundos ive ever seen and even though they are young I smoked em one after another until the box was empty. Bold rich tasty flavors of coffee and dark choc. with a long and lasting spicy finish !!! Thanks Kevin !!!


              This is one fine Montecristo! I recently bought a box of the Petite Edmundos and decided to try this version. Although a bit smaller in ring size it is fantastic. Full to medium in strength, it a is smooth smoke with hints of cedar, leather, coffee, and just a touch spicy. Although my favorite Monte is still the #2, this is quickly becoming my second. I recomend all to try this smoke!


                Thanks to kevin he finally found me the best box of Edmundos ive ever smoked. Dark oily and full of flavor! The box he sent me almost looked too good to smoke.Yes they are young but full of that monte flavor we all love !!! I have 10 left and dont see them making it thru the week! Thanks Kevin and thank you cubanlous! The best cuban cigars on the web !!!!


                  First I bought a 15 pack. I was so impressed that I bought 2 full boxes. This is my favorite Monte. Very well made cigar with smooth flawless wrappers. 1 in 5 have an uneven burn. Medium draw that produces a solid white/gray ash. Starts with flowery taste that turns to a coffee nutty taste. Great aroma. With 3 years of age these one of the best cigars I've ever smoked. I will smoke this over a Monte #2 any day.


                    I smoke a lot of different types, and brands, but you can never go wrong with a Monte! I usually smoke #2's or #4's, but just finished an Edmundo. Lovely 'till the end. I truly don't mind burning my fingertips in search of that last puff. I just put a box in my cart.


                      These came to me as part of the recent assorted sampler pack of Monte's. Although my favorite is still the #2's, this one was a great smoke. It's the same ring size in a shorter format. Fine for when you don't have the time for a #2. A mellow cigar yet packed with flavour. Easy draw and an even burn. Again, a great cigar. Thanks to the assortment I got to try this one out without having to buy a whole box, yet that's exactly what I am going to do after I finish this review!


                        Perhaps it was the cut or my lighting style but after a an inauspicious beginning it was smooth sailing, coffee and kahlua wasn't bad either. Good times.


                          I recently got three of these as part of a Montecristo sampler pack (I thought I'dbroaden my horizons beyond the No 4), and I must say that so far it is my favourite smoke from the set. A delightful flavour, not too full bodied, and suprisingly stayed pleasant to the last puff.

                          I think if I were a little richer, this could take me away from my No 4s and convert me to an Edmundo smoker. I can recommend it if you are looking for a relaxing smoke on a sunny afternoon in the garden with a good book and a cool beer.


                            Just had the Monte Edmundo today and I have to say I was very impressed and pleased. Great woody flavor with a hint of spice. Nice crisp draw and beautiful puffs of smoke. This cigar was beautiful looking fat cigar and tasted great! I will buy more.


                              Great smoke. Not harsh but very flavorful. Burns good and feels good in your hand. This is my favorite size of cigar. I also like the Churchill's because I have found the larger ring gauges provide the best flavor. You will not be disappointed with this cigar.


                                I was thinking this would be quite a cigar being my real go to is the little brother the PE. I was expecting the same explosive flavor the PE gives off. This one just never relly kicks in and tends to be a td underfilled. Maybe with a little tie they will get better.


                                  A strange one this...not sure if people were expecting too much because of the size but i find that if you take your time with this one and let the flavours come out in there own time it is a very tasty cigar. Not sure if they have changed the blend but i really like the new ones more.


                                    I read with great interest Anthony's revies on the Edmundo called "The Good, Bad & Ugly. I am a part owner in a retail cigar shop here in Canada and have probably travelled to Cuba at least 15 times over the years to holiday and purchase Cuban's right from the factory and I can tell you this. No matter where you purchase your cigars, even directly from the factory in Cuba you can end up with fakes. Having extensive experience with the Monte Edmundo's and most other Cuban brands for that matter if these cigars were as bad as you describe, they weren't authentic Edmundos and what I would have done is returned the entire box to the retailer for a refund. Even if you are buying directly at the factory I would recommend that in addition to checking for all the regular stickers and markings on the box that you smoke at least one cigar from the box before puchasing. Any legitimate retailer will allow you to do this. As for my rating of the Monte Edmundo I think this is one of the best Robusto's on the market, particular when you take price into consideration. The Edmundo has a nice meaty ring size and while not overly strong, it has pleasent moderate taste. Enother one of those cigars that starts out nicely, burns evenly with no hot spots and it good right to the nub. An interesting cigar which I feel gives the Montecristo 2 a run for the money has the Brand names top cigar.


                                      OK this is not a cigar review. This is a review of a box of cigars I recently bought NOT FROM CUBAN LOU'S!!!!! I bought this unfortunate box of cigars for a local retailer and I regretted it horribly.

                                      I had a few of these from time to time and enjoyed them thoroughly so I decided to get a box. ( I will review the cigars in another posting as they are from a different box) I bought a box, sealed, and brought them home. upon opening them I detected the pleasant smell of fine cuban cigars. Giddy as a kid on christmas I brought the box to my humidor and started to unpack them. I noticed a few had a slightly damaged foot, small crack no biggie. I then found some that had cracks from the head to the band and a few with 1.5" cracks in the foot. In a box of 25 a total of 11 were damaged in some way. I brought the box back and received a new one.

                                      Moral of the story is when you pickup or order cigars always check them before leaving the store.


                                        I had the pleasure of smoking a relatively young Edmundo two weeks ago, and it's still front and center in my mind.

                                        Upon receipt, I was greeted with a set aging beautifully with a nice bit of plume on the wrapper. I immediately added the group to my humidor of No. 2's and No. 4's and tried to forget about them. Around 5 1/2 months I grabbed a glass of old rye whiskey, and sat down for an evening smoke. The next 180 minutes were pure bliss. On appearance, the ring fits my large hand well, and I find the length to be optimal. In general, the smoke had an ideal density, and the whiskey complimented the spice (more leather than pepper in my opinion) and body of the Edmundo to really bring out the flavor. The draw was ideal, the ash firm and even, and the core was well balanced throughout at all phases. I ashed twice, the second about 4 inches from the band, and must've been distracted as I let the core die. After successfully relighting, the cigar still smoked beautifully, although a little hotter, all the way down to the band. Great balance and fantastic smoke. The flavors were already fairly well integrated, but as a fine wine becomes more balanced with age, I fathom this batch of Edmundos will mature even more in the next 1 to 3 years. What a treat.


                                          These are excellent cigars, but basically are the No. 2 without the topedo format. I would say I prefer the No2 , simply because of the convenience of the shape. however, as something different to try, I hightly recommend these.


                                            I bought a box of these when they were first released in 2004 and then after tasting them, bought several more boxes and put them in my humdor to age. After three years of aging I brought a box to a great dinner and then the remainder on a hunting trip. I think everyone who tasted them went out and bought them. The newer ones require some aging to reach their peak but they are fine cigars at a very reasonable price. This cigar also comes in a shorter version - the petite edmundo.


                                              Que maravilla¡¡¡
                                              Esta caja que he recibido es casi perfecta ya que tiene el color que tanto me gusta(maduro) y por si fuera poco los puros estan magnificos,tienen una esponjosidad y un sabor dificilmente igualables por eso mi calificacion va a ser de 10.
                                              Un placer.


                                                Parece que no sea un Montecristo ya que es algo diferente a los clasicos Monte nº 2 o nº 4.Tiene un aroma especial para esta marca,tiene un dulzor persistente hasta el final de la fumada.En conclusion realmente bueno


                                                  Montecristo Edmondo:
                                                  Cuban. (Stored in cabinet humidor 70deg/65RH)

                                                  Food: Grilled chicken sandwich with Provolone and mushrooms.

                                                  Drink: Pellegrino & Glanmorange 15 y/o

                                                  Location: Garage at my computer with the door ½ up.

                                                  Pre light aroma: This cigar was sweet with a hint of cinnamon and barley detectable earth. .

                                                  Construction: This cigar was flawless. It held an even milk chocolate color. It was accented with a few tiny veins. When rolled between my fingers it made a lovely crackling sound that usually means proper humidification. It gave to the touch and was not spongy. I had received this from Cigar One and had stored it in my humidor for exactly one week.

                                                  Pre Light: I made a cut with my Xikar cigar cutter. It was a cut that a surgeon would have been proud of. It cut with no tears, or even loose bits. I took a draw before lighting and could taste all the spices. It looked to be perfect in construction as I received just enough resistance.

                                                  Light: I used my pebble torch lighter and toasted the foot. It lit perfectly.

                                                  Taste: Fair amount of smoke and fair amount of earth. Through the entire cigar it provided a balance of slightly sweet earth and very tannic flavor.

                                                  Synopsis: . This was a very earthy cigar toward the end. It was quite tannic and at the end had quite a bite. This young cigar shows good potential for aging nicely. While very different from the Monte #2 it shares the sense of strength and balance between power and a rich flavor profile. I will revisit this in six months.


                                                    Great Cigar,good construction,nice thick guage.A big smoke ,but not overpowering.Easy Draw,spongy feel.This is a real nice thick Monte for the afternoon.Nice woodsy flavor, without any aftertaste.A good choice if you like Monte's.
                                                    Worth having in your humidor!!


                                                      This is my second box and I will continue to add these to my humadore every year. The burn is consistant. The flavor is well balanced. This cigar needs 3-4 months seasoning.


                                                        These cigars look great and smoke nicely; however, they need some time for the flavors to infuse. I think they have much potential, but I can't give them a 10 yet.


                                                          I've been searching for others who have acquired this box code and can't find any info. The box packing and presentation are second to none. Very nice. The cap on one of the Edmundos had a few green, grassy blemishes. Under a magnifying glass, it definitely wasn't mold, but was embedded in the leaf. My first smoke was very tightly rolled, hard to draw. I re-clipped the end and began losing the wrapper. Kind of a disappointment. I will let them soften a little in my humidor before trying the second one. The taste was had a great, medium body and will improve with time, I imagine. Any info on box code RTO May 06 would be appreciated.


                                                            This cigar has exceptional appearance, with great construction, smooth woody taste throughout the cigar.


                                                              Very smooth cigar and does not finish harsh or hard. The draw and burn are good as well. Not as strong as a #2. I now have another favorite cigar.

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                                                                Montecristo Edmundo (25)

                                                                Montecristo Edmundo (25)


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